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Hey there No Dramians,
we hope your Sunday is going well! While we are knee deep in the auditioning process for She Kills Monsters, we still have a rocking workshop coming for you this Tuesday!

Mr. Johnny Shortall, aka chairman of No Drama Theatre, will be delivering the goods this week, in a workshop entitled
“The Gift: Working with others on stage”.

We will be exploring the fundamental nature of taking and receiving ideas from our fellow actors, as well working as a collective towards a common goal. In addition to his workshop, he will be bringing another one of his infamous carousel variations: IRON MAN CAROUSEL! (we honestly have no clue what to expect).

If this is your first time visiting our workshop, we’ll start with giving you the gift of the free workshop. It’s on us!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7:00 (Sharp) | Synge Street CBS.

We look forward to seeing you there!


It is workshop time! And we have quite the workshop lined up for you this week! Former chairman, future main production director and all round swell chap Dave McGowan will be preparing us all for the upcoming production tryouts!

In the run up to auditions for She Kills Monsters, we’re going to have a little run through a couple of key aspects of the play:

– Monstering! 
– Combat!
– Scene Transitions!
– Comedy!
– Dungeons and Dragons!

So if your at all interested in starring in or doing back stage work for the upcoming Smock Alley show, we highly recommend you come down and learn the ropes from the master! And if your new this is the ideal time to come down and find out what this group is about from one of our most long standing and beloved members (you also get in for free, hurrah!)

Synge Street School CBS Tuesday 6th of March from 7 PM sharp! See you there!



Ladies and Gentleman! It is time.
It is your time to shine!

Dave McGowan and Krate Cosgrave are directing a wonderful piece  called She Kills Monsters, that will be on in the Main Stage of Smock Alley Theatre from the 3rd of July till the 7th.

And you can audition for it NOW.

Auditions will be held on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of March. If you want to audition, please send and an email to express your interest to: and we will send you on the audition pieces.
Location TBC.

In your email, please include:

  • Name.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Audition day preferences? (if you are unable to make either of  these days, we may be able to accomodate an alternate time.)
  • Is there any dates during the rehearsal period you will be on vacation/absent?
  • Role preferences.
  •  Any other relevant training/experience, e.g. stage combat, theatre, D&D etc.

Note: We intend to double up roles Narrator and Farrah are likely (but not guaranteed) to be played by the actors playing Gabbi/Tina. Similarly there’s a number of scenes with various types of Monsters with brief non-speaking stage combat appearances currently Gabbi/Tina/Miles/Steve are likely to cover these as well.

Agnes Evans – is the protagonist of our story. She’s strong, determined, but sceptical. She lost her family some years ago, but is only finally packing up their stuff because she’s moving in with her boyfriend. She never knew her sister Tilly very well, but she sets out on a new path to get to know her, through Dungeons & Dragons. She works at her old high school.

Tilly Evans/Tillius the Paladin – is Agnes’ younger sister, now deceased. The two never had much in common. Tilly was into experiments, adventure and roleplaying games while her sister was into boys and pop music. She’s what society would call a “tomboy” and the play calls a “girl-nerd”. She was famous around town for her Dungeons & Dragons skills, and even though life wasn’t always easy for her being different, she stayed tough, loving and kind.

Lilith Morningstar – Demon Queen and high school student. The strongest adventurer, loyal friend of Tilly’s and gruff with others, and tough as nails in the biggest battle- until you mention telling her dad something she doesn’t want him to know! She’s hiding a couple of secrets.

Orcus, Demon – Orcus is a bit of a slacker and has kind of had it with the whole big bad demon thing. After a while having adventurers stomp into your place demanding this and that just wore thing. He just wants to sit back and enjoy some quality t.v.

Kalliope Darkwalker, Dark Elf – Graceful, agile and thoughtful. She is the quieter adventurer, knowledgeable and stoic. Sister of Orcus in real life, with a few secrets of her own.

Chuck – is our Dungeon Master (and no, that’s not kinky). He is a self-proclaimed massive nerd and wears it as a badge of honour, throwing himself into the game with theatricality and aplomb. He is very awkward outside of D&D, especially with the ladies, trying to cover up his insecurities with arrogance, but we see his kind nature as he helps Agnes play the game.

Vera – is Agnes best friend and colleague, a no-nonsense school guidance counsellor. Fiercely loyal, moral, calls you out on stupid behaviour and not willing to let you drop out of your classes.

Steve/The Great Mage Steve – is a high school guy who can’t seem to catch a break. Be it getting caught in disastrous battles or disastrous conversations.

Tina/Evil Tina – is a cheerleader by day, succubus by night, and really mean by both. She and her bff Gabbi are a couple of popular kid high-school bullies.

Gabbi/Evil Gabbi – is a cheerleader by day, succubus by night, and really mean by both. She and her bff Tina are a couple of popular kid high-school bullies.

The Narrator – male or female, steers us through the story with gravitas, good humour and (sometimes lame) jokes.

Farrah – is a fairy, but touch her and she’ll rip your hand off. She is a certified badass, you can keep your dainty fluttering and fairy dust to yourself.

Play Announcent

We hope you’re all safe and stocked up on bread!
‘Cause we have a whole new kind of storm coming your way!

We are super excited to announce our summer production!
Directed by Dave McGowan and assistant director Krate Cosgrave, this summer production will be…..

Keep an eye on the site, for more information regarding the auditions or Dave’s workshop next Tuesday!


This Tuesday we have a new facilitator for you! One that you may know from our past one act production, Five Kinds Of Silence.

The wonderful Martin Casey is going to put on the facilitators hat, and boy, does he have something for you!!

Freeing ourselves as actors.
This workshop will involve exploring the various obstacles that hinder our ability to perform at our best. By facing these various fears through a number of exercises and games, we will hopefully gain a better insight into how and why we tend to hold ourselves back.

A brilliant workshop for young and old, newbies and veterans!
Only new members get their first workshop for free 🙂

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7:00 sharp | Synge Street CBS.


It is nearly Tuesday!

Which means another workshop is coming our way and our Head of Education, Renée van de Schoor, will facilitate tomorrow’s workshop.

In this workshop, we will be focussing on conflict.
Conflict! Huh! What is it good for, y’all? (Actually quite a lot)
As our very much-loved, Bernard Shaw once said: “No Conflict, No Drama”. Conflict is the basis of nearly all theatre and should therefore be researched.
So, what kinds of conflicts do we have and how does one deal with these?

Get your boxing shoes on; we will be fighting some demons along the way.

Door 6:45 | Workshop 7:00 sharp | Synge Street CBS.


Love is in the air, everywhere I look around!!
lts valentines week! And we found a facilitator who damn well knows what love is about!

Malcolm Bolton will be facilitating, this Tuesday, in a workshop about character relationships.

Strong relationships are the building blocks of great theatre. However, finding chemistry, and creating relationships that work on stage can prove to be challenging. The aim of this particular workshop is to learn how to create a convincing backstory for your character and how to develop that into a believable relationship on the stage. In particular, we will discuss the development of chemistry between actors and methods to “find” your character in parallel with a partner.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Your first workshop is free!

Door 6:45 | Workshop 7:00 sharp | Synge Street CBS.



We are so so proud to announce the directorial team for our upcoming Summer Production!

For our ten year anniversary play, we have decided to hand the reigns over to one of the founding fathers of this here drama group and there could be no better choice than Dave “Level 7” McGowan! And who could be a better side kick than his Harvey compatriot Ms Kate “Chaotic Good” Cosgrave!

Together they will be taking on Smock Alley Theatre’s Main Stage, in the first week of July.
Auditions will be held in the second half of March.

More details on the auditions and the production will be announced next month.



Oh yes, looks like there’s another workshop Tuesday in the stars for you!

Tomorrows workshop will be facilitated by no other than Improv Maestro and No Drama Stalwart Dan McCormack !

In this workshop, we will be looking at the subject of “Long form Improv”. Sustaining a plot, character arcs, set ups and pacing. It’ll be a feedback driven, hands on workshop by one of the best in business, leading up to the next Craic House Comedy Event; Friday Night Live
(event details here: )

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!
And if it’s your first time, you get in for free!

Synge Street CBS | Doors 6:45 | workshop 7.00 PM sharp