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Curtain Call – PODCAST

Well….WELLLLLLL folks today is the day, we can’t believe it….would you be able…cause we are N’ABLE…okay big breath.

No Drama Theatre is thrilled that we can finally PROUDLY announce and present to you (Drumroll please) :

Our brand new No Drama PODCAST Curtain Call is now LIVE & STREAMING on all major platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts & Podcast Addict.

Curtain Call is an exciting brand-new podcast from No Drama Theatre that talks all things drama, theatre, acting, and production. The ups the downs, the highs the lows, do’s and dont’s, we will exchange knowledge, and dive into all things theatrical. A podcast for theatre lovers, practitioners, and beings.

In the podcast’s first-ever episode, Sean Coyle (our host) speaks to No Drama’s Club pro, Mr Good-looking himself, Actor Shane Robinson about the craft of acting for the camera. We discuss advice and methods for participants submitting short films for No Drama’s online showcase this October.

Curtain Call is a podcast designed by Dublin’s No Drama Theatre. A Drama group based in the City Centre of Dublin, Ireland. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with all thing No Drama!

Tune in, Plugin Like and Share, Let us know what you think!

But most of all sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Bring Your Own From HOme – 28 September 2020

Calling all performers, monologuers, poets and chatterboxes. It’s time for the first Bring Your Own From Home night of the term!

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday, 28th of September at 7pm, through zoom.

If you want to participate (which we highly encourage) hit us up on If you want to participate, but you don’t have anything to perform… We have a wonderful Scribblers group and an amazing selection of monologues for you to choose from.

If you’re more of the observing kind, we’d love for you to come along and support our performers. We will happily provide you with the Zoom Link!

New Chair of No Drama Theatre

We are thrilled to officially announce that Renée van de Schoor will be taking over the reigns as Chair from Louise Dunne!

Renée joined the group 5 years ago as No Drama Theatre’s first ever intern. Since then she has been involved in numerous productions, facilitated uncountable workshops and has served on the committee for the majority of her time with us.

With her passion, creativity, and love for all things theatrical, we could not ask for a more capable pair of hands to lead the way through the pandemic, and onto a land of more opportunities, productions and performances!

Please join us in giving her a very warm No Drama welcome!

Annual General Meeting

The No Drama Theatre Committee would like to invite you to this year’s virtual AGM, which will be held on Wednesday, 26th of August, at 7pm. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this AGM will be held online and through zoom.

The AGM is your opportunity to have input into the workings of the group, pitch ideas and ask the committee questions. Your chance to peer under the hood of its management. We will reflect on a dynamic year and look ahead on the terms to come.

If you would like to attend, please do shoot us a private message or email, and we will provide you with the Zoom link for this year’s AGM.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

No Drama Theatre believes in equality for all. We stand with everyone in the fight against racism and show solidarity to all in the battle to achieve equality and justice.

We welcome all of our members and extended community regardless of race. We strive to support each other and everyone through our love of theatre and are committed to the inclusion of all races and nationalities.  

At No Drama Theatre, everyone is welcome and everyone is equal. 

Bring Your Own From Home

Is there anyone out there…er…er…

Yes. There is. it’s us! Hi!
While your voice may echo the empty Dublin streets as you self-isolate, No Drama is here to make sure they don’t disappear into the ether.

We invite you to send us on a recording (preferably mp4 format!) of performance you’re working on, to by Tuesday 24th March at 21:00

We’ll then compile and upload to our social platform for your peers to enjoy, if you want!

Standard BYO fare: monologue, poetry, a bit of singing or movement. No need for polished or off-book submissions! Your imagination is the limit! We advise we do not want you not to break any of the current gov health guidelines in pursuit of this challenge.

Love from ND HQ x

All in-person activities on hold.

Good afternoon all you wonderful members,

I hope you are all well and staying safe and sane during this anxious and uncharted time.

First of all, I wish to acknowledge all the good work and adherence made by all the members who attended the past few workshops. It is a testament to you all and the consideration you all hold for each other. With that in mind we, the committee, are implementing a suspension of all No Drama Theatre activities for the foreseeable. In line with Government and health authorities instructions and from our own concern for the health and welfare of you all, we feel it is the only way we can assist in the prevention of spreading this virus. 

What that means realistically for you all is the cancellation of the Tuesday workshops for the next 5 weeks, up until the 21st April. We will re-access after this when we have more information at that time and in compliance with Government restrictions of the movement and gathering of people. I have put this preliminary date in place as it will allow for Easter break but again all subject to change. With regard to any payment you have made as a member participating in the workshops, if you have paid for the month of March this will carry forward as of when the workshops resume. Elaine has a record of everything because she is amazing and diligent and we are thankful to her because of this.

The Monologue nights are also on hold, this means the March Monologue due to take place on the 23rd is cancelled and the one on the 18th of May is on stand by as of today. I would propose an alternative to this, that members could record, self-tape videos of themselves performing monologues and post them to our page on the day the night was due to take place. I think this would be an alternative way to keep you all as a group going, engaged and connected. 

Ok gang, that’s all from me. I hope you all remain calm and well during this, keep up your theatrical threads by reading some scripts maybe, watching classic old films, learn some monologues, try out different movement techniques or skype another member in to run dialogues. I think you are all brilliant and will get through this with kindness and compassion.

Big Love,

Louise and all the No Drama Committee, Elaine, Renée, Kate, Declan, Kieron and Sean.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Good morning all,

This post is with regard to measures for safeguarding No Drama members. The committee have undertaken the following steps and commitments to safeguard our members. 

1. Before a workshop, all door handles, posts, bathroom surfaces and surfaces in the meeting room and workshop room will be cleaned down with sterilizing solution.

2. This process is repeated after the workshop closes.

3. All members are required to wash their hands thoroughly upon entry to the school. Antibacterial wash is available in both bathrooms. This is stored in our press during the week and the school members or other groups using the school have no access to our cleaning products.

4. Money handling to be conducted with disposable gloves.

5. Greetings to be verbal rather than handshakes and hugs, a wave or air kiss is encouraged. Non-tactile warm-up exercises to be deployed by facilitators. Workshop scene work to be non-tactile.

6. Please ensure, as a member, if you cough or sneeze that you do so into a tissue that is disposed of properly. please provide your own tissues, we will en devour to have tissue available also.

7. If you, a member, have a low immune system, an underlying health complaint, are in close contact with an elderly person or person of underlying health concerns or young children please consider them and yourselves before you make the decision to attend a workshop.

No Drama is a voluntary society, we would ask that everyone practices good informed choices whilst attending the workshops. We will continue to operate our weekly workshops but as outlined in the points above, if a time comes where we are required and requested to suspend the weekly workshop we shall do so in accordance to health authority specifications.

As a group, we are committed to our duty of care of all our members and will enforce the above points strictly. If you feel unwell we would ask that you exercise the appropriate caution and not attend the workshops.

Kind Regards and the best of health to you all,

Louise and the No Drama Committee. 

Workshop – 10 March 2020

The theatre maker’s inspiration.

Directing for theatre on location, or site-specific theatre.

“Site-specific theatre is any type of theatrical production designed to be performed at a unique, specially adapted location other than a standard theatre.”

In tomorrow’s workshop, we will be researching and examining space as a source of inspiration for site-specific theatre. You will be invited to research the qualities and possibilities of a non-traditional stage and will be encouraged to create pieces inspired by the location.

Renée van de Schoor​ is a graduate from the University of the Arts Utrecht, with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Education and currently working for the prestigious Abbey Theatre.

Before joining No Drama Theatre, Renée has been active as an actor, director and assistant director, and has appeared in over 20 productions since 2007.

She has been extensively involved in No Drama Theatre, since joining in 2015, and has been director, actor, producer, production- and stage manager for numerous productions. After directing a sell-out production of ‘And Then There Were None’, she produced ‘Closer’. Furthermore, she appeared as Woman in ‘The Virtuous Burglar’, Lilly and Lilith in ‘She Kills Monsters’ and in performance piece ‘Heed, to the Mound’ as part of Fringe Festival Dublin. Renée was production manager of ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ and directed ‘Haven’ as part of Scene + Heard Festival 2019.

Most recently, she directed ‘Mistaken’ as part of Short + Sweet Festival Dublin and was nominated for a price in the category ‘Best Director’.

Doors 6.45pm | Workshop 7pm
€10 per workshop | €25 for the month

If it’s your first ever No Drama workshop you can attend for free!!