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Hey there No Drama Queens!

We are delighted to introduce you to the cast of She Kills Monsters, our upcoming summer production directed by Dave McGowan and his assistant director Krate Cosgrave.

This ingenious comedy is promising to be the highlight of this No Drama term, and oh boy, do we have one amazing cast ready for you (aren’t they cute?).

Please give them a warm No Drama welcome (from left to right):
Tamryn Robyn ReineckeTonya Swayne, Martin Casey, Matthew James HeywoodEllen Nolan, Matthew WhiteheadErin BarclayJessy Danner, Darcy FeverRenée van de Schoor and Aaron Fever.


No Drama presents: Neil+1 & Bill and Bob

We are thrilled to invite you to this very special Improv Night.
Back to Back improv, where not one, not two, but three (+1) very talented people will take the stage of Smock Alley’s Boys School.

Founding member, Neil Curran will be blowing us away with his show Neil +1 and on top of that, we welcome the extremely handsome and talented Bill and Bob, aka Shane Robinson and Tamryn Reinecke.

All these festivities are only a few sleeps away! So get your tickets (here) while they’re still hot hot hot!!
29th March | 19:30 | Smock Alley Theatre | The Boys’ School

Neil +1 is a unique improvised theatre show starring Neil Curran and a random audience member. Completely unplanned and improvised, an audience member is invited up on stage and becomes a leading performer in the show! There are no tricks, plants or gimmicks; everything is made up on the spot. What unfolds is an alternative view of the life of the audience member, unfolding through improvised narrative.

Bill and Bob are the improvising duo of Shane Robinson and Tamryn Reinecke. They perform a specific style of improv creating real characters from the quirks of human nature. Exploring these relationships on stage can result in boundless hilarity and other times a melancholy undertone either way it’s always in pursuit of the truth of the moment.

Play Announcent

We hope you’re all safe and stocked up on bread!
‘Cause we have a whole new kind of storm coming your way!

We are super excited to announce our summer production!
Directed by Dave McGowan and assistant director Krate Cosgrave, this summer production will be…..

Keep an eye on the site, for more information regarding the auditions or Dave’s workshop next Tuesday!


We are so so proud to announce the directorial team for our upcoming Summer Production!

For our ten year anniversary play, we have decided to hand the reigns over to one of the founding fathers of this here drama group and there could be no better choice than Dave “Level 7” McGowan! And who could be a better side kick than his Harvey compatriot Ms Kate “Chaotic Good” Cosgrave!

Together they will be taking on Smock Alley Theatre’s Main Stage, in the first week of July.
Auditions will be held in the second half of March.

More details on the auditions and the production will be announced next month.



Tomorrows workshop will be facilitated by our chairman, Mr. Johnny Shortalland is titled “Igniting your Creative SPARK!”

Everyone has a well of creativity in them, that they tap into on a daily basis, but how do we draw from it at will?

We will be looking at challenging your creative side, working with limitations to force you to think outside the box and learning some fundamental tools to generate scenes and ideas!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

If this is your first workshop, it’s free!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7 pm (SHARP) | Synge Street CBS.

Important Announcement:
Please note that our workshops will now start at 7.00 PM SHARP. No entry will be allowed for members arriving after 7.15 PM at the very latest, arrive any later than this and you will be turned away. We apologize if this is disruptive to your usual schedule.



You read that right my peoples, the shindig is all grown up, is strapping on its most tightest skirt and is hitting the Project Arts Centre!
This Saturday the 2nd of December no less!

And we have a line up fit for our new location. The improviest of improv, the dramatiest of the dramatic and the rapiest of rap (you heard us!).
So please please come along and show you support for newbies, veterans and everyone in between who will be showing what No Drama is all about in 2017!

Tickets: 10 Euro flat free
Where: The Project Arts Centre (we told you about that right?), 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
When: This Saturday doors at 7:30 PM, show starts 7:45 PM sharp


No Drama Theatre is delighted to invite you to the 2017 winter production!

This time around we have not one, not two, but three (!!!) plays going back to back to back for your viewing pleasure! We have the intense and haunting Five Kinds of Silence, directed by Tamryn Reinecke, the riotous Virtuous Burgler, directed by John Fox, and last but not least the intriguing, ever twisting Problem, directed by John Lawler!

This wonderful One Act Event is taking part in the Teacher’s Club, this December. And is truly a show not to be missed, whether you’re a No Drama newbie or a seasoned veteran, we hope to see you all there, to support this amazing talent!

Date: Tuesday 12th – Saturday 16th December

Time: Doors from 7:15 PM with plays starting at 7:30 PM sharp!

Location: Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1

Concession tickets available for OAP and unemployed.

Tickets here!

Winter One Acts

Hey.. Psst!

You, yes you, we saw you reading our message. You wanted to put your name forward as a director? You wanted to be one of the three right?

Because No Drama Theatre is taking it to the Teacher’s Club to present a series of 3 One Act plays, back to back in one night!


Please email contact at nodramatheatre dot com for more information and an application form.

Applications are closing on Tuesday 26th September!

Don’t miss it!

Scene + Heard is back

Smock Alley’s Scene + Heard is back baby!

Running for its third time next year between 13th February – 3rd of March this, is an excellent opportunity for writers and directors to get their work seen and…well…heard.
From our past experience, members from No Drama have had a blast staging their productions, and we’d like to motivate you to continue enjoying that!

Therefore, this year, we will support 2 or 3 pieces for the Scene + Heard festival.

We are looking for a team of a director and a writer to put forward an application together, but we will be happy to match up interested parties if you didn’t find your dream team yet.
Please email contact at nodramatheatre dot com for more information and an application form.

Deadline for submission of the completed application to No Drama Theatre is the 29th of September 2017.
Deadline for submission to Smock Alley is 6th of October 2017.