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Final Curtain on Me and My Friend / Old Saybrook

Our run of Me and My Friend and Old Saybrook in Smock Alley has wrapped.

Big thanks to everyone who was involved in making it the success that it was.

The Cast and Crew, everyone who got involved in doing promotion and production work, our directors, the very helpful staff at the Smock Alley and of course the audiences without whom it would not have been possible.

Sad to see it end but rest assured that we’ll start work on the next production very shortly.


Couple of Big Announcements

1. My and My Friend/ Old Saybrook

starts Next Wednesday in Smock Alley Theatre on Exchange st. Lower.

Show starts at 7.30pm Sharp.

All ticket enquiries to 085-2108866 Or Book Online

The show is running Wednesday through Saturday of that week

We are still looking for volunteers to help out backstage, drop a mail to if interested.

See the Cast List.

**EDIT** now see the cast!

2. Improv at the Kilkenny Fringe!

No drama are performing ‘Improvlova’ our comedy improv act in the Kilkenny Fringe Festival this weekend in the Springhill court hotel.

Show starts at 7.30 this friday!

3. No Workshop next week.

Because we’ll all be committed to the play next week , there are no workshops next Monday or Tuesday

Shindig Performance

This weekend we’re putting on a little thing we like to call the Shindig, our little showcase of the talent that can be found in no drama. It’s an opportunity for folks to put on a show for members friends and family.

The final touches are now being put in place. And we’re proud to announce the acts you will be seeing (in no particular order)

Cha Cha Cha – Dearbhla Lawlor , Joseph Kearney

He who gets slapped – Shane Robinson, Harry Walsh, Noel Murphy

The Sleeper in the ruins – Dan Scanlon, Neil Curran, Dave McGowan

The Moves – Laura McGovern

2 Gays and a Stray– Joe Kearney, Nigel Connor, Sean Markey

Clowning and Bank Holiday Update.

May Day!, May Day!

Another quick update to let you all know there is no nodrama workshop on this coming Monday 3rd of May as it is a bank holiday.

Also Jamie Carswell’s Clowning Workshop has been rescheduled to Saturday 29th of May, put it in your calendars folks!

Places are still available for the above, no drama members can book their place by paying the discounted rate of 15€ at any of the upcoming workshops. Anyone else interested in booking a place should e-mail to arrange a booking at the standard rate of 30€.

Clowning Workshop

Announcing our next specialised workshop. Clowning with Jamie Carswell on 22nd of May, Jamie is returning following last years very interesting workshop.

Jamie is a man very passionate and knowledgeable about his craft, as you can see from this interview with‘s Darragh Doyle

Bookings for the workshop can be made via

anyone can book for 30€ , members of nodrama get a discounted rate.

Next ‘Shindig’ Performance night.

shin·dig (shndg)
1. A festive party, often with dancing.
2. An platform for drama members to demonstrate their talents and put on a show of their own making. Composed of several 10-15 minute performances. Almost certainly without any dancing.

We might need to work on the name but the date for this terms multi-piece event have been decided.
and it is : 8th of May 2010.

For those of you not familiar here is how it works.
1. You find a group of no drama members to collaborate with or go solo if you so choose.

2. Decide what you want to do. It can be tragedy,comedy,horror,romance or whatever just as long as it is drama (no variety acts please!) , you can write a piece, you can direct, you can act, it doesn’t even have to be complete. If you think you have one great scene put it together and show everyone.

3. Put together a proposal and send it to us (

4. If the piece is suitable we’ll assign you a mentor to help put things together and you can start work!

If you do not have an idea ready but would still like to participate let us know. We can provide scripts if you would like something pre-prepared (or have a look for ten minute scripts on the net, there are many public domain works out there). We will also help people find a group to work with.

Tickets: Ticket sales will not be directly available to the public (subject to change, depending on venue size) , each performing group will get an allocation of tickets to sell as they please. Ticket prices TBD.

Eligibility: Unfortunately those who are rehearsing for June’s production are not allowed participate (Directors orders!). Finally only no drama members (people who have paid their fees ) can participate

Get your thinking caps on and lets put on a show people.

Membership benefits.

Just to give a taster of the kind of opportunities that come up for no drama members:

Areaman Productions contacted the group to conduct interviews to be used in a short film, you can see the results of that here.

(no drama members can be seen at numbers : 18, 27,36,45,56,59,62,65,69,99,113,116,123,133)

Recently the group members have also been offered the opportunity to take part in a D.I.T final year fine art project. More details here.

Last year the group also appeared on RTE’s nationwide programme.

Opportunities for screen and stage come up pretty regularly for no drama, come along and see for yourself!