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Workshop – 11 February 2020

Huzzah! Tomorrow is Tuesday! Workshop day!!

This week’s workshop will be facilitated by the fantabulous Theo Dennis.

Theo’s workshop will be based around experimenting with status on stage and exploring the spectrum as a group and interviewing some of those characters.

Theo Dennis has been experimenting with acting, directing, writing, improv, tango shows, music and stand-up comedy since 2004.

Theo studied method acting and improv at the Epi Kolono theatre in Athens (2009-2011). His acting experience includes playing Michael in Karolyi Sakoni’s “We now interrupt our programme due to technical reasons” (2004) and Mr Sirelli in “Right you are (if you think so) by Luigi Pirandello (2005).

Theo directed and played the assassin in Sergi Belbel’s “Morir” (2006) and also held 3 out of 9 roles (magician, Santa Claus, priest) in 2011’s Epi Kolono theatre’s original script production (2001).

In 2011 Theo was an actor and lead singer in “you are what you do” (international street theatre production, Linz, Austria, 2011).

In 2015 he worked on lights in “Harold and Maude” (Collin Higgins) with InPlayers Amsterdam and played Liberty Valance in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” with No Drama Theatre in 2019. Legend has it he was operating lights and music for the latest NoDrama production “Gaslight” but, since he was supposedly in the lights booth, nobody saw him so we cannot know for sure.

Theo has been doing stand-up comedy in Dublin since 2017.

Doors 6.45pm | Workshop begins 7pm
€10 per workshop | €25 for the month

If it’s your first No Drama workshop, you go for free!

Workshop – 04 February 2020

We are delighted to announce that this week’s facilitator is John Fox.

The aim of this workshop is to help each actor understand the who, where, when, and why helping them to create and play a character. “Working on these can help actors to gain a deeper understanding of their character.”

John Fox has been involved in theatre for over 15 years.  Following a theatre performance course in Marino College he went on to receive a B.A form Swansea Metropolitan University.

John has previously appeared in several No Drama Shindig pieces and was cast in the No Drama production of ‘Rope’. He directed ‘Rules of Authority’ by Enya Reilly for a No Drama Shindig, assistant directed the No Drama project ‘Symbiotic’ with Sarah Lynne and also directed the one act play ‘The Virtuous Burglar’ for a No Drama Theatre Winter Production.

Outside of No Drama, John has appeared in several productions that include ‘Men are from Stoneybatter, Women from Phibsboro’, ‘Hunting Cockroaches’, ‘Attempts on Her Life’, ‘The Birthday Party’, ‘King Lear’, ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. John was the Assistant Director on the piece ‘Shakespeare lol’ by Sarah Lynne.

Most recently John appeared in the ‘Ranelagh Toy Boy’ with the Ranelagh players, directed ‘Under Colours’ by Dominik Domresonki for At Large Theatreand the one act play ‘Streuth’ for the Ranelagh players.

Doors 6.45pm | Workshop begins 7pm
€10 per workshop | €25 for the month

If it’s your first No Drama workshop, you go for free!

Workshop – 28 January 2020

We are fricking delighted to announce that Richie Wilson of Stunt Register Ireland will be facilitating tonight’s workshop.

Stage combat, let’s be ‘avin’ ya!

Doors 6.45pm | Workshop begins 7pm
€10 per workshop | €25 for the month

If it’s your first No Drama workshop, you go for free!

Workshop – 21 January 2020

We are pleased to announce that this week’s workshop facilitator is Siobhan ‘Shivvy’ Hickey.

Through various exercises, both improv and script based, Siobhan will guide workshop participants on how to give/get the best to/from your acting partner.

Siobhan Hickey is a writer and actor who has been involved with No Drama Theatre for over 10 years.

Throughout her time with the group, she has performed in various No Drama main productions in a variety of different roles and taken part numerous times in the now well established No Drama Monologue Nights (now known as the No Drama Bring your Own Nights).

Siobhan also developed and performed a one-woman stand-up show, ‘Dear Diary… and other notions of a romantic nature’, based on her childhood diaries and romantic endeavours which was well received by its Dublin audiences.

As well as performing onstage, Siobhan has also directed (‘Closer’ by Patrick Marber), produced and performed all marketing duties for 3 sell out runs of No Drama Theatre productions (‘Harvey’, ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’, ‘Gaslight’).

Some of Siobhan’s poetry can be seen on both the ‘Whispered Words After Midnight’ Facebook and Instagram pages and next month will see the debut performance of Siobhan’s spoken word piece ‘Voices’ as part of the Smock Alley Theatre Scene + Heard Festival (February 12th & 13th).

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7 pm | CBS Synge Street

€10 per workshop | €25 for the month | Free if it’s your first No Drama workshop

Workshop – 07 January 2019

It’s a hideous Monday out there but here’s a little something to cheer you up… Workshop info!

Tomorrow’s workshop will be facilitated by the immensely talented Shane Robinson.

“The workshop shall cover the importance of being available to your scene partner and how to make them look good and in return it’ll do the same for you.

Creating an environment of play and discovery is vital to keep the work interesting so we’ll be working on exercises to take your out of your head and into whats truly happening in the moment with your scene partner. The present is a present to yourself so allow yourself to fail spectacularly and you’ll discover there is no such thing when you’re free from judgement. Sounds very biblical doesn’t it? I promise it’s not and it’ll heaps of fun so dive right in.”

Shane Robinson has been a professional actor for nearly over a decade. He teaches improv in Bow St., where he graduated from the full time programme for screen acting back in 2015. He’s been a member of No Drama since it’s very inception back in 2008 and has had the privilege of being cast in eight main productions.

His recent credits include ‘This Nan’s life’ starring Catherine Tate, Boyz on Top (a web series about a failed boy band produced by failsafe films), ‘Vikings’ Season 6 and ‘Jack Taylor’.

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7 pm | CBS Synge Street

€10 per workshop | €25 for the month | Free if it’s your first No Drama workshop

Workshop – 10 December 2019

Tomorrow’s workshop (10th December 2019) is going to be facilitated by Megan Carter.

“Body Listening”

Megan will lead participants through several exercises designed to get actors out of their heads and into their bodies. Participants will explore auditory learning and abstract movement techniques to help them fully access and embody emotional resonance and rich imagery in text.

Megan Carter is an actor and writer originally from Kansas City in the United States. She holds a BA in Theatre from Loyola University Chicago and an MA in Classical Acting from LAMDA, and has also studied at the London Dramatic Academy. Megan recently played Kate in Kate Crackernuts with No Drama, appeared as Emer in He Said / She Said as part of the inaugural Short + Sweet Dublin Festival, and starred as Patty in the short film Going Steady. She has previously taught workshops with Asterisk Arts Collective in Chicago.

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7 pm | CBS Synge Street

€10 per workshop | €25 for the month | Free if it’s your first No Drama workshop

‘Gaslight’ – Review

By Ciaran Milton

No Drama’s Gaslight at Smock Alley is highly recommended.

In one sense the staging of this play could not be more timely, given that its title has now become a byword for gender-skewed manipulation and bullying. In another sense it is a treat to watch a straight up stage-thriller from the forties performed so adroitly and, in a wise choice, without any ironic winks to the modern audience.

The cast are so game and committed that Patrick Hamilton’s plot mechanics are allowed to ratchet to their inevitable conclusion.

Elizabeth Ann Doyle is excellent as Bella Manningham, vulnerable to the exploitations of her husband – a schemer of mysterious intent who from the outset undermines her sense of worth and sanity – but maybe not as vulnerable as we think.

Philip Arneill as her gimlet eyed husband (and our evening’s antagonist) eyes his surroundings and anyone in his orbit with the right balance of entitlement, greed and, inevitably, fear.

Declan Ryan brings levity and charm to the occasionally oleaginous role of Detective Rough, the spanner in Mr. Manningham’s works.

The production is a huge success, and a wonderful thriller to be engrossed in for the evening.

And No Drama stalwarts Helen McGrath and Siobhan Hickey make sure-footed work of the roles of the maids caught in the proxy snares of the house – Elizabeth meaning only to work for both their benefit, but Nancy clearly eyeing the sides for her advantage.

Tickets: €15 | €12 student/OAP/unwaged concession

Tickets available from

No Drama Theatre presents ‘Gaslight’ by Patrick Hamilton

​The lights go down…the truth comes out!

Set against the backdrop of Victorian London in the late 19th century, Gaslight tells the tale of Bella Manningham: a gentle, devoted wife who believes that she is slowly going mad.

Each night, as her husband leaves the house to attend to business, she hears strange noises in the attic…

A gripping tale of suspense, thrills and the pursuit of truth!

Written by: Patrick Hamilton
Directed by: Malcolm Bolton, Corinna Reichle

Cast: Declan Ryan, Elizabeth Ann Doyle, Helen McGrath, Philip Arneill & Siobhán Hickey

Producer​: ​Elaine Carroll
Production Manager​: ​Jonathan Shortall

Tickets: €15 | €12 student/OAP/unwaged concession

3 – 7 Dec | 8pm | Boys’ School
3pm Matinee | 7 Dec | Boys’ School

Tickets available from

Workshop – 26 November 2019

Tomorrow’s workshop will be facilitated by none other than No Drama Theatre Chairperson, Louise Dunne!

Louise’s workshop will be centred around putting into practise our storytelling techniques for theatre.

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7 pm | CBS Synge Street

€10 per workshop | €25 for the month | Free if it’s your first No Drama workshop