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Workshop – 19th January

SEX IN THEATRE: An introduction sex’s strange position on the stage.”
This week’s workshop will be ran by Noel Cahill!

Here’s a message from Noel…

“Ooooooooh! Yaaaaaaa! You’re going to have a wonderful time. We are going to just do it all. We’ll start off with some foreplay – trying to make the director and actor more comfortable with sexual and physical contact on stage – then on to third-base funfun with a look into ways of giving the illusion of sex on stage – next we’ll get our pants off and down to the business of more experimental and mime-based ways of portraying sex in any scene and finally we’ll round it off with the real thing, the big O, the money shot, the roll over (out of breath) and say ‘I fucking love you’ – the subtle development of genuine sexual tension in an original piece made by you. You’ll have your fun and that’s all that matters, No Drama wants to satisfy you.”

Workshops take place 7 PM every Tuesday at CBS school Synge Street. First timers get in for free so no excuse to not give it a go!


Tomorrow the wonderful Claire Cassidy is going to show us the ropes of the world the drama.

This week’s theme is

“It aint what you say, it’s the way that you say it”

We’re starting at 7pm sharp Tuesday at CBS Synge Street.

We are always open for people to come along and join in the fun (we don’t even charge for the first workshop)
See you there

5th Jan We’re Back!

We are back with our first workshop of the year this Tuesday 5th of January with soon to be national TV superstar Shane Robinson giving the workshop.

For anyone new to acting or looking to join an awesomely amazingly brilliant drama group this is the ideal opportunity. And to all our current members, you know how much fun the first workshop of the year is so get yourself down!

Workshops take place 7 PM every Tuesday at CBS school Synge Street. First timers get in for free so no excuse to not give it a go!

What are our workshops like?
Take a look:

How do I even join?
All joining and hazing detail can be found here

Hope to see you all there!

Workshop – 8th December

Regular No Drama programming is back tomorrow with two Workshops!

The first will be facilitated by Dan McCormack.

“Justification turns facts into experience. Each person justifies according to his talent, and the justification is his talent.” – Stella Adler

An actor has their choices and their imagination; therein lies their talent. This will be a feedback based session and is aimed at our more experienced members and those looking for a challenge.

The second will be facilitated by Claire Cassidy.

“Integrating Passive Anger into your Performance”

Using different shades and subtleties on the anger spectrum makes all the difference to the impact of your performance. Through some deadly games we will examine a variety of ways to mine those seething rage feelings; from our own experiences and then, through these discoveries, how we can enhance our performance, with tone and body language choices.

N.B. We’re starting at 7pm sharp Tuesday (8th Dec) at CBS Synge Street.
See you there!

The Workshops of Tomorrow – TUESDAY 20TH OCTOBER

Tomorrow’s 2 workshops will be facilitated by Patrick O’Callaghan and Kevin O’Flynn!

Patrick’s workshop will be “Using your Body’s Working Centre” – Through a series of exercises we learn to prepare our minds to be ready for a performance and explore how our bodies inform and communicate without the need for dialogue.

Kevin’s Workshop will be “Working on cold reading scripts, using duologues and monologues.”

N.B. We’re starting at 7pm sharp tomorrow (Tues 20th Oct) at CBS Synge Street.

See you there!