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No Drama Theatre – “It’s all fun and games ‘til someone loses a line!”

Every once in a while some like-minded individuals with a certain vision cross paths and something spectacular happens.No Drama Theatre is one such spectacular thing. Conceived in dusty old rooms and bar snugs back in 2008 with a view to providing a welcoming, easy-going environment for people to practice drama in Dublin city centre, No Drama Theatre, since a toddler, has strived to avoid the ordinary and nurture the extraordinary.

Workshops that delve into everything from characterisation, improvisation, physical theatre to script work take place in Synge St. CBS, Synge St. on Tuesdays from 7PM – 9:30PM. There are also structured courses on offer covering various aspects of acting and improvisation.

If you want to find out more drop us a line at contact at nodramatheatre dot com or find us on facebook or twitter (@NoDramaTheatre)

After 8 years, in double digits for productions, numerous Shindigs and festival appearances later, with hundreds of workshops held and enjoyed, No Drama Theatre’s passion, vision and momentum is stronger than ever. You can read for yourself what we are all about in our official Mission statement:

We are inclusive
Membership is open to all adults, regardless of experience, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability or religion. Anyone can come to one of our workshops and join us there and then.

We encourage participation
We want our members to contribute and have a voice in deciding what we do and and how we do it. As well as getting involved in all aspects of our theatrical productions, either on stage or behind the scenes, we also want our members to have an opportunity to select plays, facilitate workshops and serve on the committee.

We are alternative and open-minded
We find our own ways of organising and developing work and devise our own solutions to the challenges of creating theatre. We are open to all forms of performance.

We plan, one day, to have our own place
We want to provide a long term home for No Drama, a creative space and theatre that we can call our own.

We seek interesting material
We look to produce plays which are not already seen frequently and produce them to the best of our ability.

We aim high
We strive to be the most professional ‘Amateur’ theatre group out there. We want to have fun but we want to be great too.

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The Committee

The day to day running of no drama is handled by a committee who meet on a regular basis to discuss programming, workshop content and the general crossing of T’s and dotting of I’s required to keep a group this size running efficiently.

  • David Breen
  • Johnny Shortall
  • Kate Cosgrave
  • Malcolm Bolton
  • Renee van der Schoor

Roles rotate frequently but you can contact the committee at the following emails:

Chairman – chairman@nodramatheatre.com

Secretary – secretary@nodramatheatre.com

Webmaster – webmaster@nodramatheatre.com

Members liaison – members@nodramatheatre.com

We’ve also recently completed a first draft constitution for No Drama, it’s available online here:
No Drama Constitution


No Drama’s very existence gives the lie to the dismissive canard that online social contact is somehow antisocial…”

Kathy Foley (The Sunday Times).

“Terry Pratchett surprised an amateur theatre group in Dublin last night by dropping in on their rehearsals”

Phantom FM

“Maybe it was the atmosphere – the opening night was sold out and there was a real excitement to the crowd. Or perhaps it was the play itself…………Whatever the reason, every few minutes I’d realise I was grinning like an idiot”

Dave Madden (DublinCulture.ie)

“From the very very start all 3 witches….had me hooked…and the three of them put something often missing from plays – a bit of divilment into their characters – a feistiness and personality that Pratchett has written into them but that the animated film of years ago just couldn’t capture”

Darragh Doyle (Blogger).

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