The Man From Earth

The Man From Earth

Production: Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth
Date: May 7th – 11th 2013
Venue: Sean O’Casey Theatre,East Wall, Dublin 3
Directed by David McGowan.
Assistant Director: Shane Robinson


The Man From Earth Poster




John Oldman- Daniel O’Brien

Sandy – Aisling Morgan

Will Gruber – Arni Haraldsson

Harry – Tom Hughes

Dan – Joe Feldpausch

Edith  – Paula Madden

Art – Stephen Graham

Linda – Sara Magee

Mover1/Paramedic – Mairead Heffron

Mover2/Cop – Conor Taaffe



Some of the Crew

Production Manager – Ruairi DeBurca

Producer  – Christine Leonard

Director – Dave McGowan

Assistant Director – Shane Robinson

P.R – Saskia Carroll  & Maria MacMullan

Promotional Materials – Rebecca Pitt

Set Design – Nollaig Molloy

Stage Manager – Ruairi De Burca

Props, costume, sound operator  – Alan Rogers

Lighting Design – Adam Lowe

Sound Design – Adam Lowe

Hair/Makeup Team- Sarah Moloney, Maria Dillon, Mathilde Scialom

Front of House  – Sarah MacMullan, Patrick O’Callaghan, Maria McMullan





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