As part of the Smock Alley Theatre’s festival of new work Scene + Heard, No Drama Theatre’s official entry into this wonderful festival is a unique piece written by one of our own. Due to the content of the play they have requested that their identity remained undisclosed.

Synopsis: Fags, Skags and Sleeping Bags

Straight from your favourite music festival beside a miscellaneous body of water. No cans to spare, scarce tobacco and the music won’t start again for several hours. Could the deranged ramblings of the irredeemably degenerate provide a path to salvation? Sure, all you know is you’re not missing the headline act for the world.


BLACK: Alexandra Stamati
RED: Megan Kelly
WHITE: David O’Hagan
BLUE: Shane Robinson
GREEN: Fintan Ryan

Staged in Smock Alley Main Space on the 28th February to 2nd March 2017.