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No Drama Theatre at the Body & Soul festival, June 2011
No Drama Theatre at the Body & Soul festival, June 2011

HUGE round of applause to the cast of Heart Shaped Vinyl who ripped the Rose Garden apart at the Body and Soul Festival last weekend. People cried, people laughed and children asked their parents really awkward questions!

Now it’s time to clean off your festival wellies and straighten your ties for this year’s Shindig and Annual General Meeting…..


Date: Saturday 25th June

Time: 7:30PM

Venue: Teachers’ Club, 36 Parnell Sq West, Dublin 1

A chance for over 25 No Drama Theatre members to show off their skills in roles they may or may not have tried before…acting, directing, and scriptwriting. A place where dreams are made and barriers are broken!


Date: Tuesday 28th June

Time: 7PM

Venue: Synge Street CBS (Primary School Hall)

We’ve called in the heavies this year just in case there’s any egg throwing / heckling / storm outs so be warned that bags will be checked at the door!

Even though the AGM replaces the usual Tuesday night workshop, we encourage everyone to attend. It’s a great way to find out the nuts and bolts of No Drama Theatre… where we get our money, what we do with it and the direction we should be going in over the next twelve months. During the AGM the committee will review the year September ’10 to June ’11 and discuss any future plans so don’t be shy to raise your hand.

The Agenda is as follows:

1) Reading of Notice Convening Meeting

2) Apologies

3) Minutes of 2010 AGM

4) Secretary’s Report

5) Chairman’s Report

6) Finance Report

7) Any Other Business

If you are unable to attend please inform us by contacting no later than Sunday 26th June.

No Drama Theatre’s Music of Life at Body and Soul

Ever think there’s a soundtrack to your life?

The track you went on your first date to……

The track you broke your heart to……

Heart Shaped Vinyl by John Morton plays its way through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s posing the question:

Do our lives direct these soundtracks….or do these soundtracks direct our lives???

Find out by meeting in The Rose Garden of Body & Soul Festival at 2PM on both Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June.

Wearing the DIRECTOR’s wellies is BRIAN QUINN


Here are some other reasons to look forward to Body & Soul Festival:

Dancing under the Stars.
Sparkling Conversations in the Hot Tub.
Gramophone Grooves.
Acoustic Sessions.
Electronic Symphonies.
Marshmallows on a Bonfire.
Glitter Balls.
Pop-Up Performances.
Lakeside Massage.
Twinkling Pathways.
Violins in the Rose Garden.
Disco Yurts til Dawn.
Candlelit Opera.
Four-Poster Picnics.
Funky Parties in the Woods.
Tea Cups at Breakfast.

Weekend camping tickets only €99 available from



To those who have already registered their interest in taking part in June’s Shindig, we have extended the date by which you must have your cast, director and drama piece chosen by to midnight on Tuesday 24th (this Tuesday). This gives participants one last workshop in which to make friends and tie their team together. This is a very strict deadline and the director of each piece must email Brian with all relevant info to secure his/her group’s spot. In the interest of fairness everyone registered to take part must be cast first and only after this may any late arrivals be cast. N.B. make sure that all cast members have registered for the shin-dig, closing date was Midnight 8th May (i.e. refer to the list of registered members for the shin-dig)

No Drama Theatre Presents: Ecstasy by Irvine Welsh, Adapted by Keith Wyatt

No Drama Theatres Production of Ecstasy by Irvine Welsh, Adapted by Keith Wyatt
No Drama Theatre's Production of Ecstasy by Irvine Welsh, Adapted by Keith Wyatt

17th – 21st May 2011
Doors 7:30PM, Show start 8PM sharp (please note traffic restrictions due to Queen’s visit).
T@36 Theatre The Teachers Club
36 Parnell Square West

Tickets :

Adapted by: Kevin Wyatt

Directed by: David McGowan

Assistant Director: David Fleming

Patrick OCallaghan as Lloyd
Patrick O'Callaghan as Lloyd

Ecstasy, Three Tales of a Chemical Romance is Irvine Welsh’s most high profile work since Trainspotting. Released in the wave of publicity surrounding the film, it consists of three unconnected novellas. Adapted by Kevin Wyatt and directed by David McGowan, No Drama Theatre brings the third chapter, The Undefeated to the stage in the Teachers’ Club, Parnell Square from the 17th to the 21st of May.

Resonant of many of Welsh’s other works, the story is set in Edinburgh against the backdrop of the early 90’s rave scene. It can be described as a sly, subtle romance between Heather, a young woman dissatisfied with the confines of her suburban life and Lloyd an aging club goer.

Edinburgh born Welsh is an acclaimed and often controversial contemporary novelist, best known for his novels Trainspotting and The Acid House. His work is often characterised by raw Scottish dialogue and a brutal depiction of the realities of Edinburgh life. To date, Welsh has published seven novels and three collections of short stories as well as writing and directing several screenplays. Shooting for a film version of Welsh’s Ecstasy, Three Tales of a Chemical Romance has also begun and it is due for release later this year.

Warning: Strobe Lighting used.


Declan Ryan as DJ
Declan Ryan as DJ

Patrick O’Callaghan – Lloyd
Tracey Diamond – Heather
Ruairi De Burca – Hugh, Woodsy, Nukes, Mr. Moir, Eric, Restaurateur
Angela Carlin – Marie, Moll, Veronica
Joe McCarthy – Ally, Drewsy, Vaughan, Mr. Case, Bill, Reverend
Brian, Robert, Mrs. McKensie
Caoimhe Cooke – Hazel
Ellen Nolan – Amber, Victim, Polis
Declan Ryan as The D.J.


Director Dave McGowan and Assistant Director Dave Fleming
Director Dave McGowan and Assistant Director Dave Fleming

Director – Dave McGowan
Assistant Director – David Fleming
Producer – Maria Dillon
Production Manager – Alan Rogers
Stage Manager – Rhiannon Dawson
Technical Director – Sheila Dooley
Set Designer – Tom Murphy
Props Coordinator – Maureen Burgess
Costume – Lynn Harnedy and Alan Rogers
Hair & Make-Up Coordinator – Ann Hogan
Hair & Make-Up Crew – Maria Dillon, Nicole Meehan, Sarah Maloney
Sound Designer – Christine Leonard
Lighting Designer – Shane Robinson
Lighting Assistant – Paula Madden
Graphic Designer – Gráinne O’Sullivan
House Manager – Brendan Dalton
Front of House – Rachel Byrne, Ellen Hallinan
Box Office – Alan Rogers
Stage Hands – Yvonne Durran, Sarah Bowie, Damien Holmes
Publicity Laura Jackson
Special thanks to Brian Quinn

‘NoDramies’ winners list and Summer Break

You love me! You really love me!
You love me! You really love me!

Hopes and emotions were high as the nominations were read for the first ‘NoDramies’ awards ceremony. There were smiles, there were tears, there were laughs and there were cheers! There may also have been a lot of flaunting of rear ends, but that’s a Declan different story for another day…

And the winners are:

1. Favourite Workshop Moment.
“Really dead” Tom Murphy, for playing a perfectly inanimate corpse in the… er… corpsing exercises!
2. Best Male Rear!
Declan “Oops I appear to have dropped something…” Ryan
3. Best Female Rear!
Angela “The Wiggle” Carlin
4. The Alan Rogers Participation Award.
Alan “Ubiquitous” Rogers
5. Bravest Carousel Performer.
Vonnie “Don’t make me do it” Durran
6. Best Accent (performing accent!)
Kate “Coifee” Feeney
7. Most Likely to take their top off!
“Almost naked” Shane Robinson
8.Least Punctual Award.
Barry O’Donovan… when he turns up to collect it…
9. Best on-stage kiss
Ruairi/Noelle in Old Saybrook
10. Best Laugh.
Brendan “Chortle” Dalton
11. Most Likely to end up in prison after a night out.
Shane “It wasn’t me!” Robinson
12. Most Likely to be the next James Bond
Dave “Suave” McGowan
13. Most Likely to be the ‘next’ Cate Blanchett.
“Ethereal” Sarah Moloney
14. Most Likely to appear in Fair City.
Neil “I hate you all for this!” Curran

And that…

as they say, is that! Another term over. Queue everyone missing one another (and the workshops!) like crazy over the summer break. But fear not people! The workshops will return with a bang on August 16th, when everyone will be re-invigorated and raring to go, when we’ll all be slightly more tanned* than before, and looking even more lovely than before!

There will of course continue to be the Laughalot Improv nights in The Duke, on the last Thursday of the month, and we’ll post more on that nearer to the time of the next show.

*Hey, I’m allowed to HOPE for more sun, aren’t I? 😉

Laughalot Improv Comedy

When: Thursday, 01 July 2010, 21:00 – 23:00
Where: The Duke Pub, Duke Street
What: No Drama presents: Laughalot Improv Comedy @ The Duke!
NoDrama presents: Laughalot Comedy Improv

The first of our soon-to-be regular shows with our new format Improv Comedy Shows which run monthly in the Duke pub!

Come watch as our improvisation comedy performers play a series of unrehearsed games based around suggestions from the audience!

Show starts 9pm sharp, doors open 8:45pm.

Seats can be reserved in advance by phoning 085 2108866


No Drama cannot be held responsible for split sides or sore faces from laughing, although we will be responsible for both!