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Workshops, Auditions & Workshop Auditions

Tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd) Noel Cahill will be running an audition workshop with a view to creating an entirely original piece.

The audition is in the form of an informal, loose improv workshop where everyone gets the chance to show their stuff.
It’s on the theme of ‘enemies’.

Six actors will be cast after the audition (3 male, 3 female) and from there we will write and improvise a piece on the above-mentioned theme with the intent of performing this piece in approximately two months in front of our peers at the main No Drama Workshop.

The actors will not be asked to write themselves, the writer/director will polish their words into a simple twenty minute piece which they will learn off and perform coming closer to November.
Please come along and audition if interested, no experience needed, just hard work and plenty of enthusiasm.

This audition workshop will be starting at 7pm sharp in CBS Synge Street alongside the usual No Drama workshop which is… all about auditioning!

Facilitated by Daniel O’Brien the workshop is titled “Auditioning: Face the panel! Be the panel! Fake audition competition in a real life environment.”
Learn how to deal with nerves, rejection, and preparation.

The Cast of Harvey

After many sleepless night by our casting panel, we are delighted to unveil the cast for our upcoming production of ‘Harvey‘ by Mary Chase

Elwood P Dowd – Greg Freegrove
Veta Louise Simmons – Su Hamilton
Myrtle Mae Simmons – Kate Cosgrove
Dr Lyman Sanderson – Dave McGowan
Nurse Ruth Kelly – Sarah Moloney
Dr William Chumley – Raymond Lynch
Duane Wilson – Paul McGrath
Judge Omar Gaffney – Johnny Shorthall
Mrs Ethel Chauvenet – Dorothy Godsil
Betty Chumley – Christina Krug
EJ Lofgren – Malcolm Bolton

Well done to all the cast and a big shout out to all those who auditioned and made the job that little bit harder.

If people want to get involved in the play in other ways we have just begun or recruitment drive for backstage. If you are interested in getting involved drop us a line at contact at nodramatheatre dot com.


Our next play will be “Harvey” by Mary Chase.

“Harvey” is the tale of Elwood P. Dowd whose best friend happens to be a 7ft tall talking rabbit.

The play is set on the East coast of America in the 1940’s-1950’s (accent not a major concern).

Director – Declan Ryan
Assistant Director – Louise Dunne
Production Manager – Adam Lowe
Venue – Boys School, Smock Alley
Dates – First week of December (TBC)

Synge Street School
3.30pm – 6pm

Synge Street School
7pm – 9:30pm

Call Backs: 06/09/15

Character Bio’s


Elwood P. Dowd: 30’s-40’s; Eccentric, Fiercely likeable alcoholic, whose best friend happens to be a 7 foot tall talking rabbit. Elwood has recently come in a fortune due to his beloved mother’s recent passing.

Dr William Chumley: Middle Aged; Head Psychologist at Chumley’s Rest, an institute he created, arrogant and conceited he fully believes there is no problem he can’t solve.

Dr Lyman Sanderson: 20’s; Brilliant, but naïve young doctor of psychology at Chumley’s Rest. He has been personally chosen by Dr Chumley to be a resident doctor in the institution.

Duane Wilson: 20’s; Orderly at Chumley’s Rest, enjoys strong arming the patients at the hospital, maybe a bit too much.

Judge Omar Gaffney: Middle Aged; legally represents the Dowd family’s efforts to have Elwood committed and take over his inheritance


Veta Louise Simmons: 30’s-40; Elwood’s older widowed sister, sees herself as a high flying figure in society, but comes across as being a bit too desperate, hopes to have Elwood committed in order to get his inheritance. Closest thing the play has to an antagonist.

Myrtle Mae Simmons: 18-20; Veta’s bratty spoiled daughter, wants nothing but a rich husband and life of unearned luxury, she despises her Uncle Elwood and his best friend Harvey.

Nurse Ruth Kelly: Competent member of Chumley’s Rest’s staff, has taken an interest in Dr Sanderson, but can have her head turned by another……

Supporting Characters:

Mrs Ethel Chauvenet: Elderly female, good friend with Elwood’s and Veta’s recently deceased mother – very well to do and ‘posh’.

Betty Chumley: 30’s-40’s Female; Dr Chumley’s wife, kind and friendly to all she encounters she is quite taken with Elwood when she meets him.

EJ Lofgren: a gruff but insightful taxi driver.

Anyone interested in auditioning, please send an email (with your preferable date for audition) to the following email addresses or

You will then receive an extract from the script to allow for audition preparation.

Please state if there is any character you would really like to be considered for or any you don’t want to be considered for. If this is not stated, it will be left up to the director’s discretion.

Directors Note:
“Don’t be put off by my age descriptions, this really is my interpretation of the characters on the page – I fully expect this to be challenged and my mind blown with the sheer level of talent that exists in this group.”


Bonsoir No Drama!

We are going to kick back on the beach for the next couple of weeks, so please don’t turn up at the workshops next tuesday because we won’t be there.

But in the meantime you can spend your time applying to be director, production manager or assistant director for our next production coming to Smock Alley in the first week of December. Our deadline for accepting submission is midnight tomorrow so if you are thinking about it now is the time to throw your hand up, type frantically with the other and send an email to contact at nodramatheatre dot com. More details on what we are looking for can be found here.

See y’all on August 18th when we’ll be showing off our awkward sunburn.

The Shindig is Here

No Drama Theatre is proud to present our favourite show of the year, The Shindig!

Join us for a great evening of theatre as some of No Drama’s finest gather in The Pearse Centre to give you the best selection of short plays in town! We’ve got 7 fantastic pieces for you:

“Rageroo” directed Noel Cahill
“Gooseberry” directed by Nikhil Dubey
“The Nursing Guide” directed by Dee O Shea
“Vengeance” directed by Chris O’Regan
“Alone” directed by Sarah Lynne
“Pretty Far Back” directed by Daniel O’Brien
“Vincent & Neil” directed by Robert Byrne

Doors open: 19:30
Start: 20:00
Admission: €5 (payable at the door)

Come see the show and hang around for our spectacular after party!

Summer Shindig 2015

No Drama Theatre wants you!

We are delighted to announce that No Drama Theatre is now accepting applications for the positions of director, assistant director and production manager for its forthcoming winter 2015 production!

As you will hopefully have heard, our next play is going to be staged at the Boy’s School in Smock Alley. It’s a terrific venue, a great location and we are suitably excited to be heading in there. If you’re not familiar with it, check out the picture attached or head to the theatre’s website to see a nice 360 degree picture.

We are currently scheduled to be in the theatre the week beginning 29th November. If you are interested, email contact at nodramatheatre dot com and tell us what role, or roles, you would like to apply for.

A certain amount of prior experience is required in order to be eligible to be considered for the director’s chair and so we would ask that you please include a quick summary of your past adventures in the theatre. Experience of having directed plays outside of No Drama is acceptable and welcome. If you have not directed outside of No Drama, you will have to have served your time as assistant director on a previous No Drama play and have directed a Shindig piece in order to be eligible.

Don’t have any experience in directing? Don’t worry! The roles of assistant director and production manager are open to all members of No Drama. Appointments to director and production manager will be made by the committee from the pool of applicants and the new director will then decide on his or her assistant in consultation with the committee. The director will also be invited to select a play from a shortlist prepared by our Reading Group.

If you have any reservations or just some questions to ask, feel free to drop us a line. Alternatively, hunt down one your friendly committee members at a workshop.
Closing date for applications is 31st July.

Smock Alley! It’s going to be great! Apply! Apply! Apply!

Smock Alley

AGM 14th of July

A dramatisation of a recent AGM

No Drama will hold its Annual General Meeting this Tuesday 14th of July in Synge Street CBS at 7pm.

This is a great opportunity for our members to have a say in how we go about the things we do, to find out what happens behind the scenes and also air any issues or ask the Committee any questions (eg. What’s with all the fancy crowns and sceptres?!?).

Because of the AGM there will be no workshop this Tuesday but we will still have a Shindig! and two more workshops before we break for Summer

‘Five Women’ Street Theatre

Five Women Poster

We are very proud and excited to announce that No Drama is partnering with At Large Theatre and ActionAid Ireland to produce a piece of street theatre (‘Five Women’ by Alan Flanagan) this May. ‘Five Women’ will be performed on the streets of Dublin over the evening of 18th-20th of May with a special performance in Filmbase.

We are also delighted that Gráinne Curistan has taken the reins as Director of the ‘Five Women’ and she will be ably assisted by Renée van de Schoor as AD and Noel Cahill as production assistant.

The cast for Five Women is:
Sarah Lynne as Camogie
Caoimhe Cooke as Bronzer
Kate Cosgrave as Plaid
Fiona Monahan as Pearls
Lesley-Ann Reilly as Bananas

The Power of Darkness

We are very excited to announce that The Power of Darkness is up, running and rehearsing and we can now reveal the cast that will take the stage in the Player’s Theatre on June 10th.

The cast is:
ELLEN NOLAN as Maggie King
ADAM WALSH as Oliver
PAT DEERY as Paddy

All directed by Johnny Shortall who is assisted by AD Keith Cooper with Production Manager Malcolm Bolton running the show.