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The Shindig is coming!

It’s that special time of year again folks, where we let you make the show.

The Shindig is back and perfectly timed to give you that lift before Christmas. We will be performing once again in the impressive confines of the Pearse Centre on December 14th.

For those of you unfamiliar with the shindig, it’s our bi-annual showcase night. A night of several short plays chosen, directed, acted, and many written by all you lovely, lovely people. We provide the venue and you do the rest! It’s a great chance to try something new or different, or take on a different role, so now’s the time to start thinking about what you might like to do.

The deadline for submissions for The Shindig will be Friday 14th November. If you have any questions about the shindig or if you are interested in putting on a scene at the Shindig, email Cathal at shindignodrama at

Here are the dates for your diary:

Registration Opens: Monday 3rd November
Registration Closes: Friday 14th November

To register, the director of the piece must email with the following:

  • Name of Piece
  • Writer’s name
  • Number of performers
  • Director’s contact details
  • Length of piece
  • Draft script of the piece

Due to the demand for spots in the Shindig, the above detail must be included in order to be considered. Depending upon demand for the places in the shindig not all pieces may be accepted.

Once you are registered and confirmed the following dates are of note:

Rehearsal Review: Sunday 7th Decemeber
Showtime!:              Sunday 14th December at 6:30pm

Support will be provided throughout the rehearsal process where required.

Now the T&C’s!

  • All performers and directors must be paid-up active No Drama Theatre members in November & December
  • Participants are permitted to act or direct or both, but cannot be involved in more than 2 pieces. Writing does not impact this requirement, therefore you can write as many pieces as you want!
  • The director is the main point of contact and is expected to liaise and coordinate with his team and committee as required.
  • The maximum permitted length of a Shindig piece is strictly 15 minutes or less.
    If your troupe’s piece is a copyright work, it is the director’s responsibility to secure performing rights. Performance rights can be secured via the Drama League of Ireland for most works.
  • Each piece is responsible for their own costumes, props and sets. All pieces are advised to keep their set, lighting and sound requirements to a minimum to facilitate a speedy change between performances.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the deadlines set out above or any instructions set out by the committee will result in your piece being removed from the show list.
  • All pieces and casts must be available on the date for the Rehearsal Review.
  • The selection process will be curated. We expect to have an average of 8 performances depending on timings.
  • If you are interested in performing or directing but unsure how to get involved, please let yourself be known at a workshop or post a message on our facebook page for other members to see!
  • The committee will support you along the way; don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice!
  • The Shindig is not a talent show, performance pieces only please!


The Cast of The Chalk Garden

We are delighted to announce that The Chalk Garden has now been cast.
Rehearsals have begun and we are looking forward to putting on a great show in November.
The cast is:

Ms. Madrigal – Louise Dunne
Laurel – Caoimhe Cooke
Ms. St. Maugham – Tríona Keane
Olivia – Elaine Reynolds
Maitland – Adam Walsh
Judge – Robert Byrne
Nurse – Fiona Monahan
2nd applicant – Deirdre O’Shea
3rd applicant – Tamryn Reinecke

No Drama’s next production is…

The Chalk Garden by Enid Bagnold.

We are delighted to announce that The Chalk Garden will take to the stage of the Sean O’Casey Theatre on the week starting the 24th of November with Dan McCormack as Director and Johnny Shortall as Assistant Director. Daniel O’Brien will act as Producer with Kieron Connolly taking the reins as Production Manager.

Auditions will be held at Synge Street CBS, Synge Street, Dublin 8, on the following dates:

• Thursday, 11th September, 7pm.
• Sunday, 14th September, 3pm.

There are some truly challenging roles for women and men in this production and we hope to see as many as possible at our auditions.

We would ask that all those interested please let us know by either sending us a message on Facebook or by emailing Please also indicate which audition you will be attending.
If you don’t get time to send an email, or if you end up making a last minute decision to attend, don’t worry! The audition doors will be open to all.

Texts will be provided at the audition. You won’t need to learn off the provided text, merely familiarise yourself with it. We want to see your understanding of the text and the tonal changes of the character in the given scene through your performance. Furthermore, good luck and enjoy it!

More details about the story and characters of The Chalk Garden can be found by following this link.


No Drama will hold its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 8th of July in Synge Street CBS at 7pm.

This a chance for our members to find out what happens behind the scenes and also air any issues or ask the Committee any questions.

Because of the AGM (and our Summer break) there will be no workshop next Tuesday (or any Tuesday until the end of August).