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The Shindig is Here

No Drama Theatre is proud to present our favourite show of the year, The Shindig!

Join us for a great evening of theatre as some of No Drama’s finest gather in The Pearse Centre to give you the best selection of short plays in town! We’ve got 7 fantastic pieces for you:

“Rageroo” directed Noel Cahill
“Gooseberry” directed by Nikhil Dubey
“The Nursing Guide” directed by Dee O Shea
“Vengeance” directed by Chris O’Regan
“Alone” directed by Sarah Lynne
“Pretty Far Back” directed by Daniel O’Brien
“Vincent & Neil” directed by Robert Byrne

Doors open: 19:30
Start: 20:00
Admission: €5 (payable at the door)

Come see the show and hang around for our spectacular after party!

Summer Shindig 2015

Theatre Lovett

Couple of announcements to kick off the final month of this term with a bang!

UPDATE: The Playground Showcase has been postponed until January.

A picture speaks a thousand words so..

December Agender

That’s right a Jam Packed few days of No Drama
14th is the Shindig,
15th is the Playground performance, POSTPONED until January.
16th is a special workshop. Louis from the fabulous will be running a workshop for us entitled “Playing for your audience”
their blurb below
Playing for your audience

This workshop will run from 7pm sharp through to 10pm and places are limited. If you are interested in taking part (and know you can make it) send an email with the subject ‘Lovett workshop’ to

For all those who don’t make the Lovett workshop, don’t worry, there will be a second workshop running in parallel.


Summer Shindig 2012

The Return of the No Drama Shindig – June 2012!!

It’s time for the Summer edition of the Shindig again. In Previous shindigs we have seen Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, tragedy, heroes, Super-heroes, Villains, exotic locations, monologues, dialogues, ghosts, devils, dancers and clowns. What will you bring to it this year?

For those who have been missing out to date (shame on you!), the Shindig is no drama’s showcase night where our members direct, rehearse, costume design, makeup design together their own short pieces (approx 15 min each) , these pieces can be almost anything and as the above teaser text might indicate, the potential is limitless.

We’re immensely proud of the Shindig and the opportunity it affords our members, it is always a great night.

In a grand tradition of upping our production values every year, we are holding the next Shindig in a brand new venue on Saturday 30th June in the Pearse Centre!

Submissions date is by 31st May @ 4pm and open to members only so start getting your acts together, see the next no drama e-zine for full details and requirements.

image courtesy of xkcd

Shindig Congratulations

Congratulations to all our shindig performers, Directors,Writers and organizers for making it a great night!

* Only Visiting
Dir: Shane Robinson
Cast: Justyna Koss, Sophia Isabella

Only Visiting
Only Visiting

* The Storm
Director: Jonathan Shortall
Writer:Christopher O’Regan
Cast: Keith Cooper, Sorcha Hennessy

The Storm
The Storm

* I’ll Never Tell
Director: Declan Ryan
Cast: Ruairi De Burca, Cathal O’Donovan, Stephen Ryan,David Ryan

Ill Never Tell
I'll Never Tell

* Pvt. Wars
Director: Brian Quinn
Cast: Brian Quinn, Dave McGowan

Pvt. Wars
Pvt. Wars

* The Bottle
Director: Neil Curran
cast: Neil Curran

The Bottle
The Bottle

* Inside It Feels The Same
Dir: Shane Robinson
Cast: Saskia Carrol, Erin Hug

Inside it feels the same
Inside it feels the same

* The Wedding Story
Dir: Keith Cooper
Cast: Lina Jalala, Keith Cooper, Ellen Hallinan

The Wedding Story
The Wedding Story

* Avengers Assemble
Director: Brendan Dalton
Writer : Erin Hug
Cast: Joe McCarthy,Sarah Jane Murphy, Damien Holmes

Avengers Assemble!
Avengers Assemble!

* Medium Sized Trouble In Little Big Land
Director: Stephen Ryan
Writer: Stephen Ryan
Cast: Declan Ryan, Maria Dillon, Erin Hug, Cathal O’Donovan

Medium Sized Trouble in Little Big Land
Medium Sized Trouble in Little Big Land

Christmas Shindig 2011

Resurrection Blues has completed a very successful run in the Theatre@36.

But no time to rest on our laurels, time is fast approaching for our second Shindig of the year.
Thanks all for your submissions!

Shindig Vintage Poster
The Christmas Shindig is now all booked up, we’ve got a bumper crop of 10 acts lined up!
Keep an eye out for details of the acts performing in the next E-zine.

We’ll also have the Gift exchange for the No Drama Chris Kindle( or Secret Santa or Kris Kringle depending on where you call home!) kindly organised by Damien Holmes, if you are not in there’s still time for you to join just follow the link !

If you are Directing in the Shindig, the next step is to make sure you attend the Directing workshop which will be announced shortly (If not already!)

The Show is on December 3rd in the Hall in the Teachers club. Opening times to follow.

Shindig Shindiggery!

We are delighted to announce the date of our second Shindig of 2010, on Saturday December 18th at 7:30pm! As always the Shindig is a showcase night, where members have the opportunity to perform short pieces for their choosing of up to 15 minutes in length in front of an audience. So if you have a script you have written or you would like to try to direct something or you just want a chance to perform on stage, then now is the time to get your act together! (excuse the pun!)

We encourage members to have a chat to your fellow ‘Dramites’ and work together on a putting something together, be it established or original. If you are unsure of what to do, please approach any of us on the committee and we may be able to recommend a suitable piece.

The closing date to register to take part is 1pm on Friday 12th November but we ask that you register earlier if possible. Please email If you are performing a piece with other people then there is no need to register individually, one registration is fine. When registering you need to include the following:

  • Your name (duh!)
  • Contact number
  • Name of piece and whether it is an original piece.
  • Author’s name
  • Other performers (where relevant)
  • Director (if known or put your own name in if you want to try directing yourself)
  • Duration
  • Please include a copy of the script where the piece is an original work.
    Each group will be assigned a mentor to assist them with rehearsals etc.

    We do have a few rules and guidelines to be aware of for the Shindig:

  • Shindig performers must be members of No Drama
  • Performers/groups are responsible for securing any performance rights relevant for their chosen pieces. We can assist where possible
  • Pieces must be no longer than 15 minutes
  • Remember to keep your set requirements to a minimum!
  • It’s a date for your diary folks, the Shindig will also be the night of our Christmas party!

    image from Seattle MunicipalArchives

    Shindig Performance

    This weekend we’re putting on a little thing we like to call the Shindig, our little showcase of the talent that can be found in no drama. It’s an opportunity for folks to put on a show for members friends and family.

    The final touches are now being put in place. And we’re proud to announce the acts you will be seeing (in no particular order)

    Cha Cha Cha – Dearbhla Lawlor , Joseph Kearney

    He who gets slapped – Shane Robinson, Harry Walsh, Noel Murphy

    The Sleeper in the ruins – Dan Scanlon, Neil Curran, Dave McGowan

    The Moves – Laura McGovern

    2 Gays and a Stray– Joe Kearney, Nigel Connor, Sean Markey