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The last two workshops of the month will not be held in the school. “But what am I going to be doing that day” we hear you cry. Well do not fret, for our most dedicated members, we have an excellent chance to give back to the group!

Tuesday 22nd of May, we are bringing you a very special seminar on facilitating workshops! How do you translate your idea into a workshop? How do you reach the goal of your workshop? What is a goal? What is a good warm-up? A warm-up?! How do I motivate the participants? What if I don’t like my participants?
We will guide you through all aspects of putting on a workshop on a theme of your choosing, from the initial planning stages right through to rounding everyone into an acting circle in a prompt fashion!


As a way to give back to those who are so willing to give back to No Drama Theatre, we will be treating all attendees of the facilitator’s workshop**, who commit to doing a workshop, a free ticket to Pan Pan Theatre’s production of “The Rehearsal Playing The Dane” on Saturday the 26th of May!

Interested? Sign up with our Head of Education:

22nd May | Location TBC | 7 pm **Sign up required**


Happy Tuesday Facebook! You might be currently in the thrall of the much dreaded post-bank holiday blues but do we have the perfect solution for you: the second of our linked workshops!

This week its the turn of the mustachio twirling villains! Antagonists: how do we make the compelling, fleshed out characters? How do we add nuance to a performance of their role? How can they be used to elevate the journey of the hero to the climax of their character arc? All of these questions and more will be answered tonight in CBS Synge Street School at 7 PM!

If you’re new then of course your first workshop is free free free!


Hey hey hey, it’s workshop announcement time!

This week we are very excited to introduce the first in a two-part series of workshops taking place over the first two weeks of the month! We will be looking at the conflicting ideas of protagonists and antagonists. First off its the good-two-shoes heroes!

From exploring the concept of what makes a protagonist so essential to the story, we will be examining their role in the narrative of a piece, constructing their story arcs and how to create an interesting lead man or woman. We will then delve deep into more complex ideas such as dual protagonists, heal turns and separating the protagonist and main character into different parts.

So please come on down this Tuesday night, and your first workshop is free as always!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7 pm | Synge Street CBS


We may have only one workshop left for the month but its certainly a doozey! Fresh of the heels of Gorgeous Theatre’s Alex And, Mr. Noel Cahill himself will be delivering a workshop on the ins and outs of putting a piece of theatre on stage.

This workshop will take a broad look at the mammoth task of putting on a piece of theatre. Where to start, how to approach and how to learn from your mistakes. No facette of theatre production will be left out in this whirlwind workshop. By the end of the two hours, everyone will have produced a small piece of theatre and have the process and a knowledge of the skills required to put on a tight piece of theatre.

Please note: Bring a pen and wear loose/comfortable clothing.

Your first workshop is free!

Tue 24th April | Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7pm | Synge Street CBS


Hey hey hey!
Its Sunday which means were only two days away from a new workshop!

This weeks workshop will be run by No Drama stalwart John Fox and will be focused on using your imagination. We will be looking at how it can be tapped into to help with building improvised scenarios, setting scenes and creating characters.
It is a very important tool for every artist to have and to keep it sharpened, this is not one to miss!

If it is your first workshop its free entry so no excuses not to drop down!

This Tuesday 17th April | Doors 6:45 | workshop 7pm | Synge Street CBS

See you there!


Pull up a chair and pour yourself a strong cup of tea. It’s nearly #WorkshopTuesday. And we promise you, this one is going to be EPIC!

– An introduction to stage combat –
This Tuesday your workshop will be facilitated by Guest Facilitator: James Cosgrave.
With a strong background in martial arts, James began training in stage combat in both unarmed and in several weapon styles with the Irish Dramatic Combat Academy (IDCA) where he later went on to become an instructor with the group. Over the last 10 years, he has worked on productions for theatre, film, and TV. And this Tuesday he will be YOUR facilitator.

Wear something that won’t prevent you from moving around and attacking your enemies.

Door 6:45 | Workshop 7 pm | Synge Street CBS.


Hey you, hope you had a fantabulous Easter!

First of all, we like to take the opportunity to congratulate Neil +1 & Bill and Bob on their amazing display of improvised theatre in Smock Alley last Thursday and thank you for giving them such a great audience. A great night was had by all.

Now, Tuesday is around the corner, and that means we have another workshop in store for you! Tomorrow we’ll leave you under the guidance of Chairman; Johnny Shortall. Who will guide us through a much-requested topic: working with scripts and translating them to stage.

By using short scenes, you’ll be learning a variety of different techniques to get the most out of the material given. From learning lines to working together on stage. This will be an ideal workshop for newer members or those of you looking to stage a piece in the upcoming shindig!

We look forward to seeing you there. And remember, if this is your first workshop, it’s on us!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7 pm sharp | Synge Street CBS.


Happy Theatre Day one and all! Unfortunately we have some sad news, as Neill Curran’s has had to postpone his workshop tonight. He promises to be ready for our spectacular improv show on Thursday however so please make sure to snap up a ticket while there still available!


Do not despair though! Our lovely Head of Education Renée van de Schoor has agreed to step into the breach. Renée will be showing you several ways of creating, researching and developing your character. We will research, physicality, background and inspiration material.

We hope to see you there!

And for our new No Drama friends, your first workshop is on us so get down here!

Doors: 6:45 Workshop 7:00 Synge Street CBS


Hey there No Dramians,
we hope your Sunday is going well! While we are knee deep in the auditioning process for She Kills Monsters, we still have a rocking workshop coming for you this Tuesday!

Mr. Johnny Shortall, aka chairman of No Drama Theatre, will be delivering the goods this week, in a workshop entitled
“The Gift: Working with others on stage”.

We will be exploring the fundamental nature of taking and receiving ideas from our fellow actors, as well working as a collective towards a common goal. In addition to his workshop, he will be bringing another one of his infamous carousel variations: IRON MAN CAROUSEL! (we honestly have no clue what to expect).

If this is your first time visiting our workshop, we’ll start with giving you the gift of the free workshop. It’s on us!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7:00 (Sharp) | Synge Street CBS.

We look forward to seeing you there!


It is workshop time! And we have quite the workshop lined up for you this week! Former chairman, future main production director and all round swell chap Dave McGowan will be preparing us all for the upcoming production tryouts!

In the run up to auditions for She Kills Monsters, we’re going to have a little run through a couple of key aspects of the play:

– Monstering! 
– Combat!
– Scene Transitions!
– Comedy!
– Dungeons and Dragons!

So if your at all interested in starring in or doing back stage work for the upcoming Smock Alley show, we highly recommend you come down and learn the ropes from the master! And if your new this is the ideal time to come down and find out what this group is about from one of our most long standing and beloved members (you also get in for free, hurrah!)

Synge Street School CBS Tuesday 6th of March from 7 PM sharp! See you there!