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“No Drama’s very existence gives the lie to the dismissive canard that online social contact is somehow antisocial…” Kathy Foley (The Sunday Times).
“Terry Pratchett surprised an amateur theatre group in Dublin last night by dropping in on their rehearsals”. Phantom FM
“Maybe it was the atmosphere – the opening night was sold out and there was a real excitement to the crowd. Or perhaps it was the play itself…………Whatever the reason, every few minutes I’d realise I was grinning like an idiot”. Dave Madden (
“From the very very start all 3 witches….had me hooked…and the three of them put something often missing from plays – a bit of divilment into their characters – a feistiness and personality that Pratchett has written into them but that the animated film of years ago just couldn’t capture” Darragh Doyle (Blogger).

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Phantom FM – “Dublin theatre group surprised by Pratchett.” – “Theatre Wyrd Sisters”

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Terrys First Act At Trinity : Sunday Times 7th Nov 2010

Are Friends Electric – Sunday Times Culture Magazine :

Ever Improv-ing   - Dubliner Magazine
Ever Improv-ing - Dubliner Magazine

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