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The simplest way to join No Drama is just to turn up…..”and the rest will be history!”

We currently meet for workshops every Tuesday night in Synge street CBS at 6:45 p.m.

Our members like a challenge so the school is a little hidden…probably best to print the map or directions before your first visit!

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And if you do happen to find the school, this is what it looks like:

Like all great things in life (and because we know you’ll come back) your first workshop is free of charge! See if you like it and then decide if it’s for you.

After that you can pay €10 for a drop in workshop or become a No Drama Member by paying our membership fee of €25 per month, which entitles you to entry to the regular workshops every Tuesday,various specialised workshops and other perks!

Unfortunately we can only offer our workshops to people aged 18 and over for legal reasons.

111 thoughts on “Joining Us”

  1. Hello! I’d love to join your group!
    I just saw your website, It’s too late to go today, but want to come along next tuesday.
    Could you guys tell me how I can get there by bus from city center, please?

  2. Hi Crisvanz . There are a number of buses that stop on camden st. just around the corner from Synge st. where the CBS is. (near the Bleeding Horse pub)

    The 16/16a/9/83 and 122 and a few others all stop there.

  3. Hi No Drama,
    Im delighted to have found your site.
    I would really like to come along next Tuesday 29th Nov!
    Hope thats okay.
    See you then

  4. Hi No Drama,I have recently moved to Dublin from Armagh and would love to join your society after Christmas,Could you let me know when you begin your classes in the New Year.Really excited about this 🙂

    Many Thanks


  5. Hi No Drama, I am very interested in joining the group. Would it be possible to come along for a workshop this week?



  6. Hi Ive always wanted to join a drama society but there arent many in meath and ive always been a bit nervous and shy. Is it really ok just to drop in on a tuesday?

  7. Hi Sorry I never got a chance to make that class. Would it be at all possible to come along next Tuesday?

  8. Hi guys, do you still run the workshop every Tuesday at 7 pm? Is it in the primary school of CBS?

  9. Hi, I was wondering if I could come along next Tuesday night, it’s at 6.45 isn’t it? I’ve never done acting before, does that matter?



  10. Hey there,
    I’d love to come along and see what you guys do. I can’t make tomorrow night but could I possibly come along next Tuesday? Thanks, Annie

  11. Hi,

    I moved to Dublin some months ago. I have some experience from when I was much younger. I used to attend Stage Coach in Malta and was in a couple of performances. This was a good 10 years ago so I’m very rusty. Do you have classes for beginners?

  12. Hi Elaine,

    We cater for beginners every week, come along to our next Tuesday workshop, besides it’s like riding a bicycle, you never forget!

    Hope to see you Tuesday!

  13. Hi, I was just wondering if you guys are still running and if so if its ok to tag along next tuesday evening??

  14. Hi Group,

    What is the date of the next class in January? I hope you are still welcoming new members and that your last production went well!


  15. @VictoriaC Apologies we missed your comment amongst some spam, yep we’re still running and along wiht Garret you are welcome to come tomorrow 8th Jan or indeed any Tuesday

  16. I saw a discussion on boards talking about setting up a drama club in Dublin and it led me to your website. Its brillant that there is a club like this out there. I only found out about your club literally now and have plans made tonight but defo next week Tuesday the 29th if you will have me!

  17. Hi, I would like to come to the workshop next week. However, I am aware that this year’s production is due to be released in November. On this basis, should I not be better off coming in December as I assume everyone will have their roles assigned by now. Please let me know. Very keen to join. Many thanks

  18. Hi Valentina,

    You are very welcome to come along any Tuesday at 6.45pm.
    Sorry to take so long to get back to you.

  19. Hi Butterfly,

    The workshops that we hold are independent of the production that we are putting on. It is just as good to join in November as it is in December. We are still looking for people to fill roles backstage, if you are interested.

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

  20. Hi,
    I would like to know when do your workshops restart in 2014? I’ve never been but would like to attend.

  21. Hi,
    I would like to know when do your workshops start in 2014? I’ve never been and would like to attend, but I m from Argentina and I don’t Know if my English is good enough.

  22. Hi,

    I would love to come to your workshops next week, I just wondered what parking is like around Synge St. as I will be driving there?,



  23. Hi, myself and a friend are very interested in joining up , however, due to work shifts some weeks we would only be able to get there at around 7:15, would this be an issue?

  24. Hi,
    Most weeks you’ll just squeak into the workshop around that time. Doors close at 20 past and the workshop may already have started.
    Certainly for your first workshop I recommend getting there at 7 I’d possible

  25. Hi,

    I am very interested in joining your theatre group and attending a workshop. Are they being held throughout the Summer and are you taking new members?

  26. Hi there,
    Are you meeting tomorrow at 7pm? I’m very interested in joining.
    Anne Marie

  27. Hi Cathal,

    I am interested in joining, Would it be ok to turn up next Wednesday?



  28. Hi Daria,

    We don’t have any workshops on Wednesdays but there will be a workshop next Tuesday from 7pm that you are more than welcome to come along to.


  29. HI Cathal
    im interested in joining your work shop . myself and 2 friends have just finished a year course in the Gaiety school and are look for a workshop to keep us fresh , i know your workshop in on Tuesday that’s not an issue for us , we are just hoping you’d have room for us ??
    Laura jane

  30. Hi Laura Jane,

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. There will certainly be room for you.

    However, you should note that tonight’s workshop is going to be the last for a few weeks while we break for the summer. We should be back again in mid August.


  31. Hi there. I’d love to join your group. I won’t be able to go to the first workshop mid August but would be able to start after that-would that be ok?

  32. Hi Gráinne,

    Yes, that’s no problem at all. We are always open for people to come along to our workshops at any time of year.


  33. hiya….would love to give acting a go…what date is your work shop open…is it Ok to just pop in??? (Mark)

  34. Hi Mark,

    We should be starting workshops again on Tuesday 19th of August. It’s perfectly fine to just drop-in to a workshop. We usually let people at their first workshop in for free so they can see how they like.

    Hope to see you there!

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