From 2009-2012 No Drama had a regular performing improv troupe Laughalot. Though Laughalot no longer exists, the members of Laughalot still perform in many of Dublin’s favourite improv groups (Kill The Monster, Poets of Penance & Neil + 1). Though we no longer actively perform improv shows as No Drama, improvisation forms the basis of many of our workshops.


The past:

LAUGHALOT IMPROV will have you laughing so much you’ll pee yourselves. Audience driven, uncensored and unscripted hilarity, LAUGHALOT IMPROV (No Drama Theatre’s Comedy Improvisation Troupe) is a comedy movement that is causing a stir about Dublin……

Expect a charismatic young troupe sharing theatrical backgrounds, immeasurable imaginations and the ability to never second guess…..

Expect theatre games that will conceive bizarre characters in situations real, imaginary and unimaginable!…..

Expect the unexpected……

With a regular monthly residency in The Duke Bar, Duke St. as well as performances at TedFest 2011 (Aran Islands), The Kilkenny Fringe Festival 2010 and The Panti Bar, to name but a few, these guys spread spontaneous laughter wherever they go. They perfect their skills and recruit new talent for their team through No Drama’s Sunday Improvisation Workshops (see “Joining Us” section).

Door fee for Duke Improv Night : €5!

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    Is there an entry fee for the Improv session? Is there a scample for seats?
    Just read about it on the internet and it sounds good.

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