Workshop – 07 January 2019

It’s a hideous Monday out there but here’s a little something to cheer you up… Workshop info!

Tomorrow’s workshop will be facilitated by the immensely talented Shane Robinson.

“The workshop shall cover the importance of being available to your scene partner and how to make them look good and in return it’ll do the same for you.

Creating an environment of play and discovery is vital to keep the work interesting so we’ll be working on exercises to take your out of your head and into whats truly happening in the moment with your scene partner. The present is a present to yourself so allow yourself to fail spectacularly and you’ll discover there is no such thing when you’re free from judgement. Sounds very biblical doesn’t it? I promise it’s not and it’ll heaps of fun so dive right in.”

Shane Robinson has been a professional actor for nearly over a decade. He teaches improv in Bow St., where he graduated from the full time programme for screen acting back in 2015. He’s been a member of No Drama since it’s very inception back in 2008 and has had the privilege of being cast in eight main productions.

His recent credits include ‘This Nan’s life’ starring Catherine Tate, Boyz on Top (a web series about a failed boy band produced by failsafe films), ‘Vikings’ Season 6 and ‘Jack Taylor’.

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7 pm | CBS Synge Street

€10 per workshop | €25 for the month | Free if it’s your first No Drama workshop

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