Workshop – 11 February 2020

Huzzah! Tomorrow is Tuesday! Workshop day!!

This week’s workshop will be facilitated by the fantabulous Theo Dennis.

Theo’s workshop will be based around experimenting with status on stage and exploring the spectrum as a group and interviewing some of those characters.

Theo Dennis has been experimenting with acting, directing, writing, improv, tango shows, music and stand-up comedy since 2004.

Theo studied method acting and improv at the Epi Kolono theatre in Athens (2009-2011). His acting experience includes playing Michael in Karolyi Sakoni’s “We now interrupt our programme due to technical reasons” (2004) and Mr Sirelli in “Right you are (if you think so) by Luigi Pirandello (2005).

Theo directed and played the assassin in Sergi Belbel’s “Morir” (2006) and also held 3 out of 9 roles (magician, Santa Claus, priest) in 2011’s Epi Kolono theatre’s original script production (2001).

In 2011 Theo was an actor and lead singer in “you are what you do” (international street theatre production, Linz, Austria, 2011).

In 2015 he worked on lights in “Harold and Maude” (Collin Higgins) with InPlayers Amsterdam and played Liberty Valance in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” with No Drama Theatre in 2019. Legend has it he was operating lights and music for the latest NoDrama production “Gaslight” but, since he was supposedly in the lights booth, nobody saw him so we cannot know for sure.

Theo has been doing stand-up comedy in Dublin since 2017.

Doors 6.45pm | Workshop begins 7pm
€10 per workshop | €25 for the month

If it’s your first No Drama workshop, you go for free!

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