‘Coppers Uncovered’

Our very own Colin O'Donnell wrote and directed the upcoming 'Coppers Uncovered'  and they have a commendable media blitz going on! Colin was kind enough to mention us in a recent interview on newstalk see the recording below https://soundcloud.com/tygerkrash/coppers-uncovered-edited Highly recommend y'all go see Colin's show, it's a cracker : https://www.facebook.com/CoppersUncovered?fref=ts

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The Man From Earth

We'd like to officially announce that our next production will be Jerome Bixby's "The Man From Earth" adapted by Richard Schenkman. This production will take place over the week starting the 6th of May and will Directed by Dave McGowan. Production roles  are still available, to register your interest please…

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Summer Shindig 2012

The Return of the No Drama Shindig – June 2012!! It’s time for the Summer edition of the Shindig again. In Previous shindigs we have seen Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, tragedy, heroes, Super-heroes, Villains, exotic locations, monologues, dialogues, ghosts, devils, dancers and clowns. What will you bring to it this…

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