Tinsel Kids and Jet Engine Joy – ‘Kate Crackernuts’ at Smock Alley Review

In this thoroughly modern piece, gone are the fairy folk and enchantments of the original tale, here replaced by rave-culture Tinsel Kids, and drug pushing seductresses. A headless sheep narrates, and interferes with, the action while the eponymous heroine struggles to find a cure first for her sister’s malady (waking…

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M45 Pleiades Nebulosity 6" F3.3 Takahashi Astrograph, 30 minute exp Sapello, NM Copyright 1996 John Chumack

All-Stars Workshop – 25 June 2019

And so here it is, the final workshop of the No Drama season (not the last one ever though! We're not cruel!) takes place today! And is is tradition, we shall be holding the All Star workshop where various facilitators will take you on a magical theatrical journey. And afterwards…

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No Drama Theatre presents ‘Kate Crackernuts’

Kate’s sister Anne, a ravishing beauty, wakes up one morning to discover a sheep’s head on her shoulders instead of her own. Thus begins the journey of the ever-practical Kate in her quest to return Anne to her former glory, a journey sidetracked by Kate’s obsession with saving a slim…

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Workshop – 11 June 2019

For this week's workshop we are beyond excited to welcome back the undeniably talented Tamryn Reinecke as workshop facilitator! Tamryn’s workshop will be focus on using improv and play to help find authenticity in character development. The class will focus on the fundamentals of improv as a tool for listening,…

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Workshop – 4 June 2019

The theme of the month is 'Techniques in Theatre'. Throughout our June workshops we shall be recapping and incorporating all that we have covered over the past year and exploring new aspects of stage craft. Tuesday the 4th kicks us off with understanding the physicality of a character and using…

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Workshop – 28 May 2019

To close out our 'stepping outside your comfort zone' theme, we are delighted to announce Siobhan Hickey as this week's facilitator. "While researching common themes that cause actors difficulties, three things kept cropping up; love, sex and comedy." Workshop participants will be given the opportunity to explore these themes in…

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Monologue Night – Storybook Edition, 27 May 2019

May is here, and that may mean only one thing! No Drama's next monologue night is near. The theme of the evening is the Storybook, in honor and aid of No Drama's upcoming production of Kate Crackernuts. So, gather round, friends, and prepare to let yourselves be transported into worlds…

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Workshop – 21 May 2019

We are excited to announce that this week's workshop (21st May) will be facilitated by Noel Cahill. This workshop will approach extremity in theatre, taking a look at the hows and whys of extreme acts, disturbing scenes and violence on the stage. The workshop will be of a physical, repetitive…

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Workshop – 14 May 2019

For next week's workshop (14/05/2019) we are delighted to be welcoming back the phenomenal Bryan Burroughs. Continuing with our theme for May (stepping outside your comfort zone) Bryan has detailed his workshop as being “A follow up workshop in how the physical theatre principles worked on in Workshop One can…

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