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Workshop -10 November 2020

Howyia Hansomes!

With the upcoming auditions for our next production: Seminars, we thought it was only appropriate to evolve this week’s workshops on auditioning!With the way the world is at the moment, and everything being very much virtual, it is now more important than ever to get your self-tape auditioning skills on point!

No better woman for the job than No Drama’s very own, long time working actor, the wonderful Sorcha Herlihy!

Sorcha has been working in the acting industry since 2002, with her very first-ever acting role in feature film “Evelyn” alongside Mr James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan, since then she has been in many feature and short films, TV shows and commercial campaigns, and playing many roles in theatre, one of which was her favourite, leading lady Miss Hallie Jackson in No Drama theatres “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (2018) this was Sorcha’s introduction into No Drama Theatre, and she is now part of the committee as our very own PR/Marketing Gal! (Hence a lot of lady gaga references lately😅)

“This weeks workshop will be considerating on the art of self-taping, and how important it is (now more than ever) to execute it to the best of your ability, giving you the greatest chance of getting that callback, or in the room with the director! We will also look into the things that hold us back most when auditioning and how we can use different skills to overcome the fear and struggles that come with putting yourself out there! We will do activities on getting to know a character quickly when necessary and getting the job done, as sometimes you are only giving a few hours to prep for last-minute auditions, especially in this industry!”

We also may have a special guest at the end of this workshop👀 so make sure and get yourselves on that zoom call 7pm tomorrow evening!

Join us on Tuesday on Zoom at 7pm! Link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Meeting ID: 667 788 2020

Leave your worries at the door and let’s make it good one!🎭

WORKSHOP – 3 November 2020

Guys, I know it’s miserable outside, but I have something that will cheer you up, the very beautiful Elaine Carroll will be facilitating this Tuesday’s workshop! YASSS QUEEN.

Elaine joined No Drama Theatre in 2017 to rekindle the dramatic flame from her school days. Since joining, Elaine has been involved in many productions both on and off the stage, including

“Anna” – The Virtuous Burglar (Winter One Acts 2017)

Propmaster – She Kills Monsters (Summer 2018)

Director – Windmills (Shindig Autumn 2018)

Stage Manager/Producer – The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Winter 18/19)

“Me” – “It’s Still Me” (Shindig Spring 2019)

Stage Manager/Producer – Kate Crackernuts (Summer 2019)

Co-host – (Shindig Autumn 2019)

Producer – Gaslight (Winter 2019)

“Ann” – The Human Dojo (Shindig Spring 2020)

Following on from last week’s workshop, Elaine will bring you through what you’ll need to put on a theatrical production including explaining everyone’s roles and even a bit of budgeting. There may be an organogram and spreadsheet involved, Elaine’s favourites!

Join us on Tuesday on Zoom at 7 pm! Link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020

Passcode: nodrama

This is going to be amazing! Cant wait see yall there🙌👏


Happy Banker dear friends!

Over the next coming months we will introduce you to the different facets of a production, from translating an idea to a concept, to budgeting, directing and producing.

With the talent, experience and knowledge No Drama has, we feel it’s time to spread the word.

Kicking off this block will be Mr. Jonathan Shortall, who will takes us to where all our productions start: the script. What are the components of a script? How do different authors approach creating one? What do we look for in a script were looking to produce and what do we do once we have one we like the look of? All these questions and more will be answered, with the usual games, chats and good times you’ve come to expect!

Join us tomorow on Zoom at 7pm! Link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama

Workshop 20 October 2020

Its Sunday morning, the sun is shining,birds are chirping, and we have a wonderful workshop guest to introduce to you!

This week Alejandro will be taking us on a virtual theatre journey, and how we can now adapt to our “new normal” while still letting the creative juices flow!

“We will explore virtual theatre and play around with some different approaches to online performance.
We will examine how to create a connection with other actors over zoom, the limitations we have in terms of space and physicality.”

This sounds Epic and somthing that will really help and guide us all right now!

Zoom details just below⬇️⬇️
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Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama

See you there gorgeous people

WOrkshop 12 October 2020

Now heres to you Mr Robinson..
…(had too)🤟

That’s right! Mr Shane Robinson, Actor, Director, Writer, Club pro and No Drama Podcasts first guest will be doing this tuesdays exciting and IMPORTANT workshop!!!

“It will be all things shindig! With the shindig fast approaching we’ll explore getting the most out of your performances on screen. Go into the basics of self-taping, editing and how can we transition our stories from the theatre stage to your home screen. If you’ve any questions do bring them along and we can tackle any issues you might have on acting for camera.” 

We all need this in our lives!
Y’all no the drill!!! TUESDAY 7PM
Zoom link and codes below

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Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama

See you there you wonderful humans!!🌟

WORKSHOP – 6 October 2020

Happy Monday Folks!!

This week’s workshop we reach the culmination of the murder mystery genre with an exploration of the endpoint for all murder most foul: the courtroom!

Recovering solicitor Jonathan Shortall will be using his professional experience to guide us through both the realities of a murder trial and its fictional counterpart in this deep dive into all things legalatrical (he assures us that its a word).

We will be first looking at the makeup of the courtroom, rules of evidence and advocacy before taking a close look at some key legal drama scenes to see how these elements are incorporated, before closing out with a full-on mock trial!CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ONE

Please join us on our usual Zoom Tuesday at 7pm

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Meeting ID: 667 788 2020

Passcode: nodrama

See you there!

Workshop – 29 September 2020

Good afternoon folks, Happy start of the week,and you know what that means?We have an amazing workshop for you tomorow evening at our usual time 7pm!

Our Wonderful Kate Cosgrave will be teaching us all the ways in which we can “Get to Know the character” (so well you can improv)

In this week’s Workshop, Kate Cosgrave will take you on a character journey.
We’ll touch on different moments in the process of getting to know your character as an actor, recognising how characters change throughout a story, and doing some fun, low-stress improvisation based on written roles.

Buzzing for this one! Join us tomorrow 7pm on Zoom details below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama

See you there!!!Tis gonna be whopper!

WORKSHOP – 22 September 2020

Good Morning and Happy Sunday folks!

You are cordially invited to a devilishly fun workshop! The medium, Zoom. The suspects, You. The murderer, Who? 

This Tuesday the wonderfully talented Ciaran Treanor will be Leading the workshop!

“We’ll further explore the theme of murder mystery with some interesting ways of playing with the audiovisual landscape of the video conference calls we’ve become so accustomed to. A night of revelations, shock, surprise, movement (yes!), and more. Bring a cup of tea with you if you like. It’s sure to be an eventful evening.” – Ciaran T.

This is definitely what we need in our lives right now! Join us this Tuesday on zoom, link and password below

⬇️⬇️Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020

Passcode: nodrama

See you there!!!


Workshop – 13 September 2020

Are you a fan of sleuthing? Deep and dark secrets? Creatively grisly murders?

If you’re itching to know more about what makes a great murder mystery, what brings a whodunnit to life, and what you can do to make your character unforgettable for an audience, Come join No Drama’s Sarah Lynne at 7pm tomorrow, on the Zoom.

Please see the log in details for tonight’s workshop below, the virtual doors will open at 06:50 pm and the workshop will begin at 07:00pm

Topic: No Drama Theatre Workshop (online)

Workshop – 8 September 2020

We’re back! We’re back! WE ARE BAAAACK!!

Yes… We’re only super excited to kick off the new term with this month’s theme: Weird and Wonderful. The workshops will continue to be facilitated through Zoom and will be shorter due to this. We’ve some superb facilitators lined up for you to explore this theme with you!

Tomorrow’s workshop will be facilitated by our new chair, Renée van de Schoor. We will be researching and examining theatre scripts, evolving around this month’s theme.

– – –

Renée van de Schoor is a graduate from the University of the Arts Utrecht, with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Education and currently working for the prestigious Abbey Theatre.

Before joining No Drama Theatre, Renée has been active as an actor, director and assistant director, and has appeared in over 20 productions.

She has been extensively involved in No Drama Theatre, since joining in 2015, and has been director, actor, producer, production- and stage manager for numerous productions. After directing a sell-out production of ‘And Then There Were None’, she produced ‘Closer’. Furthermore, she appeared as Woman in ‘The Virtuous Burglar’, Lilly and Lilith in ‘She Kills Monsters’ and in performance piece ‘Heed, to the Mound’ as part of Dublin Fringe Festival. Renée was production manager of ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ and directed ‘Haven’ as part of Scene + Heard Festival 2019.

Most recently, she directed ‘Mistaken’ as part of Short + Sweet Festival Dublin and was nominated for a price in the category ‘Best Director’.