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Workshop – 2 March 2021

Guys, its the 1st of March(*cue Nina Simone feeling good)

Have we got a spectacular month for you! Starting with tomorrow’s workshop!

Our facilitator this week is the insanely talented writer, actor, director -Mr. Johnny Shorthall!

“This week we will be looking at working as a collective remotely! How do we create scenes with multiple participants interacting simultaneously? What are the tricks to making a zoom call feel like a piece of theatre? All these questions and possibly more will be answered in this week’s workshop.”

See you all there at 7 bells, you know the drill, zoom link below⬇️⬇️⬇️

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama 

Workshop – 23 February 2021

MONDAY IS NEARLY OVER, That can only mean one thing…

TOMOROW is workshop day!!!

This weeks workshop will be facilitated by Renée van de Schoor. We will take all the wonderful things we’ve learned over the last couple of weeks and put the cherry on top of this months theme: characters.

Through background work, physicality and voice we will focus on the interacting between our characters. This will be a fun workshop with loooots of social interaction!

Renée van de Schoor is a graduate from the University of the Arts Utrecht, with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Education and currently working for the prestigious Abbey Theatre.

Before joining No Drama Theatre, Renée has been active as an actor, director and assistant director, and has appeared in over 20 productions.

She has been extensively involved in No Drama Theatre, since joining in 2015, and has been director, actor, producer, production- and stage manager for numerous productions. After directing a sell-out production of ‘And Then There Were None’, she produced ‘Closer’. Furthermore, she appeared as Woman in ‘The Virtuous Burglar’, Lilly and Lilith in ‘She Kills Monsters’ and in performance piece ‘Heed, to the Mound’ as part of Dublin Fringe Festival. Renée was production manager of ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ and directed ‘Haven’ as part of Scene + Heard Festival 2019.

Most recently, she directed ‘Mistaken’ as part of Short + Sweet Festival Dublin and was nominated for a price in the category ‘Best Director’.In September, she started her biggest challenge so far, becoming the Chair of No Drama Theatre in the midst of the current pandemic. Eager not to let it stop us from what we do best! Hope to see you all this Tuesday!

See you all there at 7 bells, you know the drill, zoom link below⬇️⬇️⬇️https://zoom.us/j/6677882020…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020

Passcode: nodrama

WORKSHOP – 26 January 2021

Howdy friends!

Happy last Monday of January 😅 Heres some good news, we have an amazing workshop for you tomorow, Facilitated by the ever handsome, ever talented Mr Shane Robinson!

This workshop will help people hone their ideas and navigate through the different elements of production for the No Drama Shindig. We’ll cover everything from coming up with an idea (it’s never too late) focusing it and getting it on the page, the pre-production phase, tips for actually shooting and directing and finally how we can put it all together in post production.

Looking forward to this one! What a way to start your week, we cannot wait to see you all there at the usual time of 7pm! Zoom link below 🥰


Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama

workshop – o1 December 2020

Tomorows Workshop!

The wonderful, the iconic, the talented, the one and only.. Siobhan Hickey!

Shivvy is a PR Marketing Guru and will be giving all the tips and tricks on ‘How to sell your show’. Siobhan ‘Shivvy’ Hickey is a writer and actor who has been involved with No Drama Theatre for over 10 years.

Throughout her time with the group, Shivvy performed in several No Drama main productions, has written and performed pieces for the No Drama Shindigs and Bring Your Own nights, and also directed ‘Closer’ by Patrick Marber (Teachers’ Club).

Shivvy was responsible for the marketing and promotion of No Drama Theatre for over two years and ran highly successful marketing campaigns for many of the group’s main productions; including the sell out runs of ‘Harvey’, ‘And Then There Were None’, ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ and ‘Gaslight’ all in Dublin’s illustrious Smock Alley Theatre.

As well as marketing and acting, Shivvy developed her own one-woman show ‘Dear Diary… And Other Notions Of A Romantic Nature’ (performed both as a stand-alone gig and as part of Dublin’s free fringe festival ‘Frayed’), joined the Got The Shift podcast network and published a collection of poetry (‘After Midnight’) which was partly performed as the spoken word piece ‘Voices’ in Smock Alley’s Scene+Heard Festival, February 2020.

Siobhan’s poetry and writings can be found on the ‘Whispered Words After Midnight’ Facebook and Instagram pages or on her blog – www.whisperedwordsaftermidnight.blogspot.com

Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/6677882020…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020

Passcode: nodrama

See you soon gorgeous folk!☘