Play Announcement!

Play announcement time!!

The play selected for the next No Drama main production (Director Renée Van De Schoor with Siobhan Hickey as Assistant Director) which will run in January (dates and location to be announced later because we love a bit of suspense) is…

*drum roll*

“And Then There Were None”

A play adapted from Agatha Christie’s novel of the same name.
Ten guilty strangers are trapped on an island. One by one, they are accused of murder. One by one, they start to die…

Audition dates to be announced next week.

Let’s start getting excited!

Workshop – 13th September

The next workshop (Tuesday 13th September at 7pm) will be run by Dave McGowan.

He’s all sorts of wise and talented and stuff. And if you talk “The Princess Bride” to him, you’ll have a friend for life.

The workshop will be based on delivering a monologues. We’ll be looking at vocal warm ups, projection, etc. but also specific aspects to look at in prepping and delivering a monologue.
his will not only be useful for those taking part in the monologue night in The Black Sheep next Monday, but will be useful to anyone preparing for monologue based auditions.

See y’all at 7pm tomorrow!

Monologue Night

When: doors open at 19.30 (show starts at 20.00), Monday 19th September
Where: The Black Sheep (downstairs), Capel St.
Entry: €5

We are delighted to announce that Monologue Nights is a go!

Never been on stage but would like to try? Register
Been on stage but never performed a monologue? Register
Written a monologue that you would like to perform? Register
Found a monologue that you, like, totally feel at one with but have had no opportunity to perform it? Register
Fancy a bitta Shakespeare, ya wannabe Macbeth? Register
Found a song that you would like to perform as a monologue? Register


In short, register!

This is an event for all No Drama members, new and experienced (Not old; the writer of this e-zine has an upcoming birthday and is not happy about the word old bein bandied about the place) members to try their hand at performing a monologue.

Register (I have said that word far too much here…) at or talk to one of your overly-friendly committee members at tomorrow night’s workshop.

The line for the monologue night is:
First half:
Johnny Shortall
Charlotte Keating
Triona Keane
Debbie MacLachlan
Willis O’Leary
Louise Dunne
Helen McGrath

*pint break*

Drew Schäffer
Malcolm Bolton
Jennifer Faust
Shivvy Hickey
Ciaran McCollum
David Breen
Declan Vincent Ryan


*all of the pints*

Workshop – 6th September

Tuesday’s workshop (6th September, 7pm, CBS Synge St) will be run by the director of our last production, Noel Cahill.

“Getting It Done”
A workshop focusing on how to create a piece of theatre.

We will focus on experimental actor-director relationships, role understanding and actual art production.
The text we’ll be working on is “Endgame” by Samuel Beckett. Actors will be asked to learn off their texts and put a chunk of the play on that is directed by the director.

This workshop is looking at lessons learnt from “The Trial” production of last June, trying to give back to the troupe and to share the knowledge and techniques acquired over the four-month period of production.

Workshop – 30th August

Hey guys,

I (Johnny) am running the show this Tuesday and we’re going to be staging a mock audition based on Caryl Churchill’s play Cloud Nine. The play is set in colonial Africa and explores the dual themes of gender issues within the family and imperialism during the Victorian Era. Everyone will be given a chance to audition and receive feedback on their performance.

The roles are posted below, I hope that everyone gets to go for two parts but this dependent on time. If you could please pm or post below stating your 1st and 2nd preference for roles that would be great as I get to co-ordinate better and you get to look at the script you will be using:

CLIVE: The model British aristocrat, at least at first glance. He puts his duty to country above all else and expects those that depend on him to behave according to his will. Played by a man.

BETHY: His wife, a beautiful homemaker. She relies totally upon her husband Clive to provide direction in her life. Betty remains caught between her duty to family and her yearning for romance. Played by a man.

EDWARD: Their effeminate young son. As the play progresses he discovers a proclivity for feminine things and an attraction to other males. However, he keeps his yearnings in check for fear of upsetting his conservative father. Played by a woman.

JOSHUA: Their black servant. Honest, reliable and dutiful, Joshua appears to be the perfect servant. He betrays his people to be with Clive. Underneath Joshua’s loyalty, however, anger ferments. Played by a white man.

MAUD: Bethy’s elderly mother. Maud adheres to the notion that women are meant to serve and honor their husbands by taking care of the home. She is a well intentioned mother and grandmother, but her values seem outdated as her guidance often falls upon deaf ears. Played by a woman

ELLEN: Edward’s governess. She possesses a strong sense of duty to Clive’s family. She is also dependent upon them and afraid of being sent away. Played by a woman

HARRY: A swashbuckling explorer. He represents British courage and discovery. However, Harry’s acclaim as an explorer masks a deviant sexual appetite. Played by a man

MRS SAUNDERS: A wealthy widow. She exhibits a unique sovereignty in a world where women are expected to be dutiful mothers and wives. She is unafraid to wield her sexuality, and she demands respect from the men with whom she comes into contact. Played by a woman

Please also note that this is a great opportunity for our more established members to push themselves in very unique roles. In particular, the parts of Bethy, Edward and Joshua are very challenging and we would encourage experienced members to put themselves forward for these roles. No one will be allowed apply for both the roles of Bethy and Clive.

One Act Festival!

No Drama will once again be entering the One Act Circuit in a fevered quest for glory, acclaim and good times. His chairness, Mr. Johnny Shortall will be directing a self written piece that appeared in a shindig some many moons ago, “Hardboiled”: a parody of old school detective film noire. The play will run in the Pearse Centre from the 5th – 8th of October, before being launched onto the campaign circuit in 5 select venues around the country in late October and early November.

Mr Declan Ryan will be retaining his role as the lead character “Frank” but the other 3 roles will be openly auditioned:

Donna: A sassy intern with a quick mouth and a quicker draw on her pistol.

Titania: A beautiful seductress, recently widowed from her wealthy husband.

Winston: An old apprentice of Frank’s with nothing but a grudge and gun to his name.

Auditions will be held on Sunday the 11th of September. If you are interested in auditioning then please drop us a line with which character you would like to go for and the audition script and proposed circuit dates will be forwarded to you.

It is envisioned that we will be performing in the following venues and dates:

  • Naas, 27/28/29 October
  • Goresbridge Kilkenny, 27/28/29 October
  • Skerries: 4/5/6 November
  • Cavan Town hall: 4/5/6 November
  • Mullagh, Co. Cavan: 11/12/13 November
  • Please confirm that you will be available over these weekends and tell us any dates that do not suit so that we can make arrangements.

    Our Next Director

    Announcement time!!

    The Director of the next No Drama production has been selected.
    The unbelievably talented Renée Van De Schoor will be stepping up to the directorial plate with Siobhan Hickey as Assistant Director.

    Details on the play selected and audition information to follow in the coming weeks.

    Get excited, people! It’s all go from here.