We’re Back!

Suffering withdrawals from having no workshops for the last couple of weeks?

Fear not as workshops resume tomorrow at 7pm, CBS Synge St with none other than the director of our upcoming production of “And Then There Were None”, Renee van de Schoor, taking the reigns.

Come one, come all and let’s get our drama on!

Bow chica wow wow, etc.

Monologue Night

There are still a few places available for the next No Drama Monologue Night on Monday 7th November in the Black Sheep.

Please register your interest by email shivvyban@gmail.com.

The No Drama Monologue Night is a great way to get yourself comfortable with being on stage.

We also arrange a day of rehearsal where you will be guided by your fellow performers and given directions to help your performance.

For anyone who wants to get experience prior to any upcoming auditions or before the Shindig (bi-annual showcase night) recruitment season starts, this is the perfect way to get valuable experience and get your name out there.


Step right up folks, ladies and Gentleman it’s nearly workshop time!! This week Johnny will be taking the workshop and basing it on the opposing genres of tragedy and farce! We are going to dive deep as we look at the inherent arrangements of each type of theatre, how they differ in terms of character’s status, pace and plot structure. We will then take the stage re-enacting classic tragedies from times of yore, before wiping away our tears and doing them again, this time with a more whimsical and capricious bend. Please feel free to bring your own custard pies…
Workshop begins at Tuesday 7.04 PM sharp (we mean that this time) at CBS Synge Street. If it’s your first workshop or you’ve had facial reconstruction surgery to the point that we can no longer recognise you from the last time you graced our hallowed halls you get in free!