Monologue Night

Well, our next Monologue Night
Will be…

Did we ever think we would see the day🙌 IN PERSON(outdoors and socially distanced and all that)

Monday 19th of July at Wellington Monument, Phoenix Park, Saint James, Dublin, 7pm

Whether it’s a Monologue, Duologue, poem, short story, ANYTHING goes(well within reason lol)
Submit your ideas/applications to



Not able🥺❤

Workshop – 29 June 2021

Tomorrow is the LAST WORKSHOP OF THIS TERM😭 can’t quite believe it.

It’s been quite the year and as it’s the last workshop of the season we’ve gathered a few workshop veterans to run some of their favourite exercises from the past year. Expect a lot of fun and laughter as we take you through the greatest hits of No Drama’s foray into online workshops!

Join us, we’ve come this far, now let’s have LOADS of fun shall we 💪🙌😊

7 pm Zoom details below!!…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama

Workshop – 22 June 2021

To be or not to be, that is the question?

Tuesday’s Workshop!

Tomorrow’s workshop will be a fun-packed exploration of everybody’s favourite thespian, Shakespeare! We will all be performing in a weird and wonderful improvised version of one of your favourite plays, performed like you have never seen before! Will Macbeth and his Lady live happily ever after? Will Juliet think poison is for losers? Drop by tomorrow and all will be revealed!

Faciliated by the spectacular Mr Johnny Shortall

7 pm Zoom details below!!…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama

Workshop -15 June 2021

Tuesday Workshop

We are continuing with all things Seminar this week(ticket link in bio😉)so…

Tomorrow’s workshop will be hosted by Mr Seán Coyle, the assistant director of Seminar and just an all-around man of talent he will be facilitating alongside some very special guests! Not to be missed, we PROMISE🤭🙌

Seán has been a member of No Drama since 2016 and has participated in several shindigs as a writer, actor, director and host. Since Autumn 2020 he has hosted NoDrama‘s podcast Curtain Call. Seán has also directed for the Short & Sweet Dublin festival, The Frayed festival & the online Quarantine Bake-Off and the Clare Drama/Scariff Bay FM drama radio festival. He currently hosts Urban Smooth a show dedicated to classic and contemporary soul music on Dublin South FM after years of volunteering with community radio.

Zoom details below!! See you all at 7pm 🙌…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode drama See lessEdit

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Curtain Call – Episode 16


New Curtain Call Episode Available now to stream and also on Dublin South FM tonight at 10:00 PM.
In this edition of Curtain Call, the cast of No Drama’s latest production Seminar sit down with Seán and give an insight into the roles they play and give us a teaser of this great piece by Theresa Rebeck which will be available to stream from the 17th-19th June 2021 – see No Drama Theatre for more details.

Joining Seán for a chat is:
Greg Freegrove
Jane Tuohy
John Lawler
Sorcha Herlihy
Andrei Callanan

The Guys will also be joining Seán tonight on Urban Smooth for a chat and to select some tunes 🙂 Check that out at 7 PM on Dublin South FM 93.9 or


Link in our Bio, hope you enjoy a Lil sneak peek into the characters you will be listening to 🙌

Workshop – 1 June 2021


Tomorrows workshop will be facilitated by the wonderfully talented -Mr Johnathan Shorthall

“Ready? FIGHT! This week’s workshop we’re all about conflict. Us vs them, man vs woman, you vs you, its the core element of nearly every plot, story and character arc in history. Johnny Shortall takes us on wild ride through all its forms and features.

YASSSS to all of the above, cannot wait for this one folks🙌🙌🙌

See you there at the usual time of 7pm zoom link below!!…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama

Workshop – 25 may 2021

Tomorrow’s workshop!
Our fantastic facilitator will be the amazing Alejandro Niklison!

“We are going to explore movement and voice, play with new sounds and movements outside of our comfort zone.

We are going to move from abstract sounds to written text, experimenting with words to break the union

between meaning and intention.

Use comfortable clothes and bring a short text (no more than a couple of lines) that you are very comfortable with and that you can repeat in a loop.
Have a piece of paper and colours at hand.”

Zoom details below!! See you all at 7pm 🙌…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama

Curtain Call – Episode 14


It may be a wet a windy one out there folks but we have not one but two radio plays to lift your spirits, whether it’s walking in the rain or chilling at home, these are sure to make you giggle🙊

Two for the price of one!

Written and Directed by Johnny Shortall, these two pieces offer up a brace of comedic moments to chase away those lockdown blues.

“The Best Policy”

Featuring Sorcha Herlihy & Renée van de Schoor


Featuring Malcolm Bolton & Jonathan Shortall

This week’s podcast is sure to leave you in stitches, so tune in, let yourself tune out of the real world, relax and enjoy 😎

Workshop – 18 may 2021


Melodrama Workshop

The wonderful and insanely talented Ciaran Treanor will be doing his workshop on Melodrama.

Melodrama, definitely not mellow drama. Heh heh heh.

In modern terms, melodrama is typically a dramatic work wherein the plot, which is often sensational and designed to appeal strongly to the emotions, takes precedence over detailed characterization. Bye-bye nuance! Melodramas typically concentrate on dialogue, which is often bombastic or excessively sentimental, rather than action. Melodrama acting styles tend to be overdramatic and unrealistic. But all of this, when done right, can be fairly entertaining.

We will be exploring some fun games and materials in the theme of melodrama. Gettin’ silly with it. That’s the plan. I look forward to seeing you fine folks there.

7 pm Zoom details below!!…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
Passcode: nodrama