‘Five Women’ Street Theatre

We are very proud and excited to announce that No Drama is partnering with At Large Theatre and ActionAid Ireland to produce a piece of street theatre (‘Five Women’ by Alan Flanagan) this May. ‘Five Women’ will be performed on the streets of Dublin over the evening of 18th-20th of May with a special performance in Filmbase.

We are also delighted that Gráinne Curistan has taken the reins as Director of the ‘Five Women’ and she will be ably assisted by Renée van de Schoor as AD and Noel Cahill as production assistant.

The cast for Five Women is:
Sarah Lynne as Camogie
Caoimhe Cooke as Bronzer
Kate Cosgrave as Plaid
Fiona Monahan as Pearls
Lesley-Ann Reilly as Bananas

The Power of Darkness

We are very excited to announce that The Power of Darkness is up, running and rehearsing and we can now reveal the cast that will take the stage in the Player’s Theatre on June 10th.

The cast is:
ELLEN NOLAN as Maggie King
ADAM WALSH as Oliver
PAT DEERY as Paddy

All directed by Johnny Shortall who is assisted by AD Keith Cooper with Production Manager Malcolm Bolton running the show.

Important Docs!

Taking advantage of the quick break between Auditions and Casting to bring you an important milestone for no Drama.

We’ve produced two documents which we’re hoping to ratify at our AGM (likely July) we present them here for comment

Mission Statement


The second doc is a bit elaborate, but we’d appreciate it if you could take the time to read over it.

p.s. we’ve had some debate over the term Mission Statement (while it’s absolutely accurate, it doesn’t quite feel punk enough!) feel free to suggest an alternative!

Audition Time!

We are delighted to announce that the decision is in and our next play will be The Power of Darkness by John McGahern. The Power of Darkness will run at the start of June in the Player’s theatre in Trinity College with Johnny Shortall as Director and Keith Cooper as Assistant Director.

And so that means Auditions!

Auditions will be held at Synge Street CBS on:

  • Tuesday, 24th March, 7pm
  • Sunday, 29th March, 3pm
  • We would ask that all those interested to please let us know by either sending us a message on Facebook or by emailing contact@nodramatheatre.com. Please also indicate which audition you will be attending. Callbacks are likely to be set for Tuesday 31st March at 7pm.

    If you don’t get time to send an email, or if you end up making a last minute decision to attend, don’t worry, the audition doors will be open to all. For those of you who might be a bit unsure of whether to audition or maybe haven’t auditioned before – we would really recommend that you give it a try. It can be a lot of fun as well as a great learning experience and you may very well be exactly what we are looking for! So go for it!

    The cast features three female and four male roles. The characters are:

    Peter King: A rich, successful farmer and horse breeder, laid low by disease he is now at death’s door. However, he does not spread his wealth to ease the lives of those around him or make things more comfortable for them now that he is in decline. He has remarried after his first wife passed away, but his new marriage shows no signs of affection or even understanding.

    Eileen King: His suffering second wife. She married at a young age into a loveless marriage where she would be taken care of. She is naive to the ways of the world both socially and sexually. She finds herself in a vulnerable position, with her husband dieing and her inheritance at stake, surrounded by her soon to be late husband’s hostile family.

    Paul: A young, handsome farmhand working for Peter King to pay off a loan to his parents. Feckless, workshy and irresponsible, he has a way with women that is ill at ease with the rest of society’s view on relationships. He has recently started having an affair with Eileen, which puts both their positions in the home under severe threat.

    Maggie King: Peter’s daughter from his first marriage, she is aware of the affair going on between Paul and Eileen, but does not act upon her knowledge. She is left, caring after a dying father that no one else truly cares for, surrounded in a house on all sides by people who do not have her interest at heart.

    Oliver: Paul’s god fearing and heavily religious Father. He disproves of his son promiscuity, and would denounce him if he knew the extent of it. He is heavily traditional and perhaps blinded by his religious beliefs, but is fundamentally an honest, kind and caring person.

    Baby: Oliver’s wife, ruthless, cunning and manipulative, their is no line she will not cross the secure the future of her family and those she loves. She understands the world in which she lives better than anyone and is not afraid to use that knowledge. Her amoral nature allows her to play all sides of a dispute.

    Paddy: A penniless workman who’s life has been blighted his alcoholism. He has seen the world and come back wiser than most, but does not have the discipline to apply his understanding to his own life. He is many ways the moral compass of the play, not having a stake in the action but still a keen observer out of circumstance.

    Any members who have paid their members fees for March are eligible to audition (we will accept fees on audition day). Should you be successfully cast you must maintain your membership for the duration of the production.

    No Drama’s Playground presents “Passion’s Journey Stills”

    The Playground presents “Passion’s Journey Stills” this Monday at the Harbour Playhouse

    This Monday 23rd March, No Drama theatre are very proud to present “Passion’s Journey Stills” in The Harbour Playhouse.

    The Playground was setup by No Drama Theatre as an initiative to give members a chance to devise a fresh piece of theatre from scratch. Using several methods of devising from ensemble, physical theatre and improvisation. Join our latest cast as they showcase “Passion’s Journey Stills”.

    This is a free performance but with limited seating so do come early to avoid disappointment. The kind folks at the Harbour Playhouse are going to keep the venue open after the performance so patrons can stick around for a drink, tea or chat, or all of the above.

    Performed by Kate Cosgrave, Nikhil Dubey, Cathal O’Donovan & Irene Ridone.
    Directed by Shane Robinson.

    June 2015 Production

    Hi All,

    Dave here, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve got a shortlist of plays (see them at the bottom of the newsletter!) for Summer and that I’ll be the Producer for the upcoming play. “What does that mean?” I hear you ask, well, I’m glad you asked that question!

    Basically it’s now my task to pull together the key members of the production crew and then liaise with those brave souls on behalf of No Drama to make sure the production gets the attention it needs and keep the committee up to date as necessary.

    So without further ado, It would make my job a lot easier if you would put your name forward for one the following roles – Just send an email to contact@nodramatheatre.com , include ‘Summer production’ in your submission and send it by Wednesday 25th of February.

    p.s. Please note the short summaries below are just indicative and are not intended to outline a complete list of responsibilities

      Production Manager

    As Production Manager, it’s your role to organise all the work that needs to be done and free your partner in crime (the Director) to focus on the creative stuff as much as possible – you organise people and put a plan together to match the Directors Vision.

    You are in short, ‘The Boss’ when it comes to managing the day to day activities of the production.

    Some of the responsibilities include:
    – Recruiting the crew and maintaining the crew roster
    – Preparing a budget for the play.
    – Ensuring that there are no ‘gaps’ in responsibilities.
    – Solving Problems!

    If you’ve got good organisational skills and can get people motivated then you’re probably a great fit for this role.

    Don’t worry if you don’t know what needs to be done for a play.. We’ve got plenty of experience and reference material – If in doubt you’ve also got the producer (aka me!)


    As the Director, you will choose the play itself from a shortlist selected by No Drama’s members. You will take those dry and dusty words and bring them to life! You are the creative force behind the production, you choose your cast to match your vision, you set the tone and are able to clarify what you want to see from the Set through to the Make-up. It’s entirely down to your own style as to how much or how little ‘Direction’ you actually give.

    likely goes without saying but some responsibilities are:
    – Interpreting the script
    – Selecting an Assistant Director
    – Casting
    – Running rehearsals

    There are a couple of additional criteria for director, we do require some experience here and we love to see that experience come from within No Drama, but all experience is considered.

    I’d like to see candidate directors submit a script or play that they’d like to see produced as part of their submission, This is to give me an idea of the kind of things you like and you might treat the pieces from the shortlist.

      Assistant Director

    The assistant director is a second set of eyes, ears for the director and their sole purpose is to help the Director execute their vision.. the role varies a lot and is really determined by the Directors own style. It might be a creative collaboration or simply a sounding board, to protect the Director from anything that might disrupt or to act as a coach to the actors.

    Typical responsibilities include
    – Assist in Casting
    – Maintain rehearsal notes
    – schedule rehearsals/ rehearsal planning.

    The Assistant Director role is a must for those considering directing. In my opinion there’s no better way to learn than to watch someone else direct and learn form their successes and failures.The choice of AD is first and foremost the Directors, so if you apply please there may be a slight delay in responses as we confirm the director first.

      The Plays

    The shortlist for the Summer 2015 production is:

    ‘The Power of Darkness’ by John McGahern

    ‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ by Annie Baker

    ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ by Agatha Christie

    ‘Blithe Spirit’ by Noël Coward

    Caveat – we’re still awaiting rights confirmation on some of these

    Happy New Year

    No Drama workshops are back from tomorrow.

    The workshop is entitled “Scene Creation 101″. For anyone new to acting or looking to join an awesomely amazingly brilliant Drama Group this is the ideal opportunity. And to all our current members, you know how much fun the first workshop of the year is so get yourself down!

    Workshops take place 7 PM every Tuesday at CBS school Synge Street. First timers get in for free so no excuse to not give it a go!

    Hope to see you all there!

    Happy Christmas from walrus santa ( and No Drama)

    Santa walrus

    .. Or indeed, happy winter festival of your choice from all at No Drama HQ!

    We’re finished up for the festive period, after a very successful Shindig and Theatre Lovett workshop (and of course our wonderful Chalk Garden!).

    On January 6th We will return with the first of our new year regular workshops, New members welcome (as usual!)

    As always questions, suggestions, requests, ideas, scripts, offers of help and cryptic comments should be directed to contact@nodramatheatre.com

    We know you probably can’t go for such a long period without your No Drama fix, so here’s a little collection of No Drama videos you can dip into while eat your christmas pudding..

    The Amazing Shindig!

    The Shindig is back and perfectly timed to give you that lift before Christmas. So put some thrill in this festive season of goodwill with our energizing, moisturizing, tantalizing, romanticizing, surprising, revitalizing Shindig!

    Join us for a great evening of theatre as some of No Drama’s finest gather in The Pearse Centre to give you the best selection of short plays in town! To celebrate another great year of madness come along to the Amazing Shindig! and the Stag’s Head for the afterglow of the evening’s performances.

    Doors open at 6.15pm and show starts at 6.30pm SHARP

    Admission is €5 and payable at the door
    The theatre is limited to 60 seats so please arrive early to avoid disappointment!
    More details about the event are available on the facebook event page

    The Amazing Shindig will feature:

    “Ring, Ring” – directed by Nikki Wong
    “Can’t Get Used To Losing You” – directed by Gráinne Curistan
    “Emily” – directed by Siobhan Hickey
    “Oo oo oo (As if everybody knows what I’m talking about)” – directed by Shane McGlynn
    “Hard Boiled” – directed by Jonathan Shortall
    “There’s Something About Mick” – directed by Raymond Lynch
    “Hungover” – directed by Cathal O’Donovan