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Terry Pratchett’s® ‘Wyrd Sisters’ Fundraiser Table Quiz

Magical paraphenalia and forests cost money and these days witches are requesting the latest labels…….

In light of this (and our need to boast about how smart we are) we’re holding a Table Quiz on Wednesday the 20th October in 4 Dame Lane at 7.30pm to fundraise for our next production Terry Pratchetts ® ‘Wyrd Sisters’.
Come along and show your support (€10 per person) There’ll be awesome raffle prizes (for the “not-so-clever-but-still-lucky” peeps) and you might even have some fun. Or just point and laugh at our MC Alan Rogers.
If anyone would like to donate any prizes you can drop any of us an email.

‘Terry Pratchett ’ and ‘Discworld’ are registered trademarks.

Terry Pratchett’s® ‘Wyrd Sisters’

NoDrama presents Terry Pratchetts ® Wyrd Sisters
No Drama Theatre presents Terry Pratchett's ® Wyrd Sisters

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Tickets have now gone on sale for No Drama Theatre’s amateur production of

Terry Pratchett’s ®

Wyrd Sisters

3rd – 6th November, 7:30PM.

Teachers’ Club, 36 Parnell Square West.

Adapted by Stephen Briggs.

Directed by Patrick O’Callaghan.

Asst. Director: Lisa Towell.

Allow us to escort you to a world beyond your wildest imagination……





Cover ups…..



Rustles in the forest……….


A funfair for Pratchett fans.

An awakening for newcomers.


ANN HOGAN as Granny Weatherwax


ELLEN HALLINAN as Magrat Garlick


DAVE FLEMING as Leonal Felmet

RACHEL BYNRE as Lady Felmet

DECLAN RYAN as Vitoller


JOE KEARNEY, as Tomjon




Tickets €15 (plus a tiny booking fee) available from

Come dressed as your favourite Discworld character to join us in the magic.

‘Terry Pratchett ’ and ‘Discworld’ are registered trademarks.

Latest News and changes to workshop schedules!

A quick but Important note.

In order to facilitate rehearsals and to allow us breathing room to prepare for an exciting new workshop proposal ( watch this space!)

We are temporarily suspending the regular Monday night workshops in Synge street.

Next weeks workshop 27th of September is the last Monday night workshop until further notice , which is likely to be after the current production is complete.

Tuesdays weekly workshop will continue as usual, as well as the new Improvisation workshop on Sundays.

(CC attribution: photo by Danielle Scott from Flickr)

Electric Picnic Show ——— Back On!

Unfortunately ‘Love, Hate, Whatever’ will not be perfomed at Electric picnic as advertised.

We have had word this morning from the organisers that they have had to cut a number of acts from the Theatre tent for organisational reasons.

While this is sad news, rest assured that we will arrange a public performance of Love, Hate, Whatever in the near future as soon as we can arrange a venue. Watch this space.

Forget what we said, We’ve just recieved confirmation from Electric Picnic organisers to say the Show Will Go On!

Audition Time Again!

Next Production [ subject to license]

No Drama is delighted to call to auditions for it’s next production: Terry Pratchett’s ‘Wyrd Sisters’ [subject to license]. These will take place next Tuesday, August 24th at our usual home, Synge St Boys CBS, from 6pm – 10pm.

Everybody interested in auditioning and who is also a full member* of No Drama Theatre then email to book your audition, receive the audition sheets and all other Wyrd related information. Call backs will be on Wednesday, August 25th.

If you can’t make it Tuesday, there will be some audition slots available before or after Monday’s workshop (the 23rd) but you must let us know by Sunday evening if you need to avail of them.

Rehearsals start next Sunday, August 29th and will run 2-3 days a week (between weekdays and weekends) until the productions starts on November 3rd – 6th. Potential cast must be available for the entire rehearsal schedule.

Go on, be WYRD! Continue reading Audition Time Again!

No Dramie Awards

The Categories for the No Dramie Awards have been announced!

1. Favourite Workshop Moment.

Who was involved and why, maybe it was a specific improv scene.

2. Best Male Rear!

Exactly what it says.

3. Best Female Rear!


4. The Alan Rogers Participation Award.

An award for those folks who take part in Everything, y’know like Alan Rogers..

5. Bravest Carousel Performer.

Maybe its that person who charges in headlong every time not knowing where they are going to go, or maybe its the one who only takes part occasionally but is terrified every time!

6. Best Accent (performing accent!)

Be it in a workshop, a play ( or just playacting), who’s got the vocal talents?

7. Most Likely to take their top off!

You know who they are…

8.Least Punctual Award.

Who can we always depend on to turn up… eventually.

9. Best on-stage kiss

Couple of candidates for this, there were several snogs in the last few productions, but if foks puckered their lips at a workshop ( as part of the workshop!) you can vote for them here too.

10. Best Laugh.

The loudest, heartiest most distinct or just the most prolific. Who has the best laugh

11. Most Likely to end up in prison after a night out.

No Drama nights out at particularly legendary. who is the life and soul of the party?

12. Most Likely to be the next James Bond

Suave, sophisticated and always ready with a witty retort. Which nodrama member is most likely to land a role as bond.

13. Most Likely to be the ‘next’ Cate Blanchett.

Elegant, talented and holder of a ring or power.. ( I mean an oscar). Who do you think could step into her shoes?

14. Most Likely to appear in Fair City.

Who could reach the heady heights of Carrickstown?

Thats it. send your nomination for each category to

The Categories for the No Dramie Awards have been announced!

1. Favourite Workshop Moment

2. Best Male Rear!

3. Best Female Rear!

4. The Alan Rogers Participation Award

5. Bravest Carousel Performer.

6. Best Accent (performing accent!)

7. Most Likely to take their top off

Laughalot Improv Comedy

When: Thursday, 01 July 2010, 21:00 – 23:00
Where: The Duke Pub, Duke Street
What: No Drama presents: Laughalot Improv Comedy @ The Duke!
NoDrama presents: Laughalot Comedy Improv

The first of our soon-to-be regular shows with our new format Improv Comedy Shows which run monthly in the Duke pub!

Come watch as our improvisation comedy performers play a series of unrehearsed games based around suggestions from the audience!

Show starts 9pm sharp, doors open 8:45pm.

Seats can be reserved in advance by phoning 085 2108866


No Drama cannot be held responsible for split sides or sore faces from laughing, although we will be responsible for both!

AGM and The ‘No Dramies’

No Drama is pleased to announce our Annual AGM which will be held Saturday 3rd July at the Teacher’s Club on Parnell Square. The AGM will start at 8pm sharp. We will review the year and discuss our plans for the new year!!

No Dramies
No Dramies

After the AGM, we will be celebrating the end of the of the Drama year with the first ever “No Dramies” Awards Night! We have selected PRESTIGIOUS categories where we will be accepting nominations in advance and awarding the winner on the night!

Directly after the Awards we will continue the celebrations till late with music and, er, alcohol!!

This promises to be an AWESOME night with tears of joy, mental dancing, hairy hugs and random I love you comments much later into the night!

Note that there is a dress code of ‘Smart’ for this event, it is an awards ceremony with photographers after all, so get your glad rags on!! (No Jeans or t-shirts!!)

* If you wish to attend, you MUST RSVP by emailing by Thursday July 1st. (Sorry but clicking attendance on this page is not a RSVP, you must send an email) *

Keep an eye on your inbox over the next week, when we will be emailing you details of how to give your nominations!

We look forward to seeing you there!