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All filled up, sugar rushed and ready to get back to the grind?

Well don’t worry, because no matter what, you have a workshop to look forward to tomorrow!

Got funky vocal octaves to spare?

No matter if your Stevie Nicks incarnate or someone who’d scream into the hills before the thought of singing, there’s something for everyone.

Tomorrow’s workshop, facilitated by Dylan Delaney and cohosted by Corinna Reichle, will be working on creating rhythms through sounds (for those who don’t want to sing). Jazz hands optional but Time Warps are compulsory.


No better way to start the week! Tomorrows workshop “Movement training for actors- using mind, body and spirit” will be facilitated by the always lovely Charlotte Keating.

In this week’s workshop we will explore the “Triadic Approach”, developed by Jean Sabatine (a specialist in movement for actors) which aims to combine these three elements through physical movement.

7pm, CBS Synge St.
See you there!


Howdy! Happy Monday (If we keep smiling the love for Monday will eventually become real…)

Tomorrow’s workshop will be facilitated by Mr. Noel Cahill.

Info on the workshop below:

Endurance and Stamina on Stage

Endurance and Stamina are key to all performers playing any roles.
Functioning as an actor in a project demands a lot of concentration, physical stretch and tedious repetition.
This workshop will push your ability to endure, both separately and together, the mundane and the physical within a scene. Based upon the career and theory of Marina Ambramovic, we will use her as our muse and inspiration to push our bodies and minds into a more toned place.
Sample Work:


Tomorrow’s workshop will be facilitated by David Breen.

“Getting into character and letting go”

Fresh from the first official rehearsal of “Closer”, he’s got big plans for you all.

Reminder – due to scheduling, workshops must begin at 7pm. If they don’t then you lose out on some valuable theatrical time so please try to make it on time to the workshops.

Workshop -7pm, CBS Synge St. (If you’re a newbie, your first workshop is free!)

Yizzer all only great and lovely!


Tomorrow’s workshop will be facilitated by Renée van de Schoor and the theme will be “Improv and the fun of failing”.

This workshop will be made up of some quick (fun) exercises which will help you learn how not to think about what you’re doing but to just go for it and see what happens.

So come on in and surprise yourself.

See y’all tomorrow.
7pm, CBS Synge St.