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WOrkshop – 12 January 2021

Good Evening No Dramies!

This Tuesdays workshop will be held by the ever-talented Peter Blennerhassett on-

Creating compelling characters.

Why do you care about a character? What is it about some of them that makes you want to spend time with them? What foundations have been put into them to make them feel real and engaging?

In this writing workshop, we’ll create characters, build on them and see what happens when they go out into the big bad world. Make sure you have a way of writing, be that keyboard, pen or ogham stone.

Peter has had the immense pleasure of being involved with No Drama Theatre for the last four years in capacities such as writing, acting, stage management and most recently running the No Drama writers group, the Scribblers.

We are so looking forward to this as usual!Join us on zoom at 7pm, details below!…
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Workshop – 5 January 2021


This Tuesdays(tomorrow) workshop will be facilitated by the wonderful Jonathan Shortall.

Narrative 101 What are the basic building blocks of a story? Why are plays structured into scenes and acts? How do you go about laying the foundations of a story?

We kick off a new No Drama term and a new year with a return to where it all begins. Johnny will be giving a workshop covering everything you could ever want to know about creating a compelling story that will have your audience gripped from curtain to close!

A recovering solicitor and former chair, Johnny has had the privilege of producing, writing and directing theatre for approaching a decade. He promises this workshop will be of service to anyone planning a production of any kind in 2021!

Please familiarize yourself with a story beforehand as you will be referring to one throughout the workshop! (Anything will do, even a Christmas film you enjoyed after one too many minced pies!)

Zoom Link below, Ya’ll no the drill! 🌟

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Guys, tomorrow will be our LAST workshop of 2020, I can’t believe we are saying this, and Jaysus, what a year it’s been eh? Everyone at No Drama, and in this industry, had to dramatically change their life this year, and the whole aspect of theatre, workshops, auditioning did a complete 180°, so lads, we THANK YOU for sticking with us, for keeping our mighty group going, even in the darkest times when another Zoom call made us go “UGHHH ZOOM” lol.

No Drama was an outlet that kept on giving, so we want to thank our extremely hard-working committee and members, WE PREVAILED 💪☘💚Please join us tomorrow for a No Drama ALL STAR workshop with:

Malcolm Bolton

Andrei Callanan

Johnny Shorthall

John Fox

Elaine Carroll

Alejandro Niklison

Renée van de Schoor

Bring some booze, bring high spirits, bring the laughter, let’s do this baby!!! 🎭💪🙌🍻Join us this Tuesday at 7pm on Zoom!

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workshop – o1 December 2020

Tomorows Workshop!

The wonderful, the iconic, the talented, the one and only.. Siobhan Hickey!

Shivvy is a PR Marketing Guru and will be giving all the tips and tricks on ‘How to sell your show’. Siobhan ‘Shivvy’ Hickey is a writer and actor who has been involved with No Drama Theatre for over 10 years.

Throughout her time with the group, Shivvy performed in several No Drama main productions, has written and performed pieces for the No Drama Shindigs and Bring Your Own nights, and also directed ‘Closer’ by Patrick Marber (Teachers’ Club).

Shivvy was responsible for the marketing and promotion of No Drama Theatre for over two years and ran highly successful marketing campaigns for many of the group’s main productions; including the sell out runs of ‘Harvey’, ‘And Then There Were None’, ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ and ‘Gaslight’ all in Dublin’s illustrious Smock Alley Theatre.

As well as marketing and acting, Shivvy developed her own one-woman show ‘Dear Diary… And Other Notions Of A Romantic Nature’ (performed both as a stand-alone gig and as part of Dublin’s free fringe festival ‘Frayed’), joined the Got The Shift podcast network and published a collection of poetry (‘After Midnight’) which was partly performed as the spoken word piece ‘Voices’ in Smock Alley’s Scene+Heard Festival, February 2020.

Siobhan’s poetry and writings can be found on the ‘Whispered Words After Midnight’ Facebook and Instagram pages or on her blog –

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See you soon gorgeous folk!☘

guest facilitator-Tuesday Workshop-ciaran mc mahon!!

Lads, 2020 is nearlyyyyy over, so let’s leave it laughing as much as possible shall we? weeks workshop is a very very special one……


On Tuesday, December 8th, we bring to you a very special guest facilitator: Ciarán McMahon. 

Ciaran has been running gigs, performing and hosting Improv and Stand Up Comedy for over 20 years. He has been teaching workshops in Prague, Germany and Ireland, for over 10 years.

This 2,5 hour once-off workshop will help you revitalise your stage persona and break out of your comfort zone by trying something different. You shall be peppered with little challenges that get you familiar with what you need to know, have ready and be prepared to deliver a good set. Use your experience and apply it to discover a new approach and style for an unscripted live comedy performance. Scary? Good! That’s where the fun starts.

For more information and to sign up for this workshop, please contact us at

There is only a limited number of spots available for this workshop.
All participants will be chosen by a random draw and payment of €10.00 is required (if successful). 

To participate in the draw:
Sign up through before December 1st.

If you have been successful in your draw, payment needs to be made in full before December 3rd, to secure your spot.

We are SO excited to bring Ciaran to No Drama Theatre, and even more excited to bring ALL THE CRACK 🙌🙌🙌🙌


WOrkshop – 24 november 2020

Morning folks, How gorgeous is it out there today! Just as gorgeous as this week’s workshop facilitator! Our chair, Renée van de Schoor. It’s not easy running a theatre group amongst a pandemic, in fact, its one of the hardest business to keep going! But thanks to this lady and a hard-working committee, we never want to let you, or this wonderful craft down.

We will be continuing to work on the theme of directing, diving into the rehearsal process, character building and the different acting and directing styles one can work with.

The character building element can be very interesting for those working on their self-tapes for our upcoming production of Seminar (deadline: Friday 27th of November!)

Renée van de Schoor is a graduate from the University of the Arts Utrecht, with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Education and currently working for the prestigious Abbey Theatre.

Before joining No Drama Theatre, Renée has been active as an actor, director and assistant director, and has appeared in over 20 productions.

She has been extensively involved in No Drama Theatre, since joining in 2015, and has been director, actor, producer, production- and stage manager for numerous productions. After directing a sell-out production of ‘And Then There Were None’, she produced ‘Closer’. Furthermore, she appeared as Woman in ‘The Virtuous Burglar’, Lilly and Lilith in ‘She Kills Monsters’ and in performance piece ‘Heed, to the Mound’ as part of Dublin Fringe Festival. Renée was production manager of ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ and directed ‘Haven’ as part of Scene + Heard Festival 2019.

Most recently, she directed ‘Mistaken’ as part of Short + Sweet Festival Dublin and was nominated for a price in the category ‘Best Director’.

In September, she started her biggest challenge so far, becoming the Chair of No Drama Theatre in the midst of the current pandemic. Eager not to let it stop us from what we do best! Hope to see you all this Tuesday!

Join us this Tuesday at 7pm on Zoom!

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🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 See less

WORKSHOP – 17 November 2020

Good Morning! How’s everyone doing? Would you like some fab news?

With our winter production announced and our quest to find our new Assistant Director, what better workshop to get the ball rolling than this week’s “Directing, from cradle to grave” with the very wonderful, very talented and No Drama’s very own directing extraordinaire – Mr Malcolm Bolton!

For our workshop this week, we have a no-holds bared introduction to the craft of Directing, by our previous production director, Malcolm Bolton. Following a sell-out run of Gaslight in Smock Alley last December, he will be discussing the ins and outs of directing, in a workshop he calls “Directing – From cradle to grave.” If you have ever wanted an in-depth look at the making of the production, then this workshop is for you. We will be covering everything, from the initial inception of an idea to opening night, and beyond!

Malcolm is an Application Support specialist with Zarion software who has been a regular member of No Drama for 7 years. He has performed in a wide variety of roles over the years, both onstage and off. This includes, but is not limited to:

Director – Gaslight (No Drama Theatre(2019))

Assistant Director – The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (No Drama Theatre(2019))

Production Manager – The Power of Darkness (No Drama Theatre (2015))

Props Master (Various)

Damus Halion -’Portia Coughlan’ (Martello Productions (2019))

Sean Og – ‘Across Blue Waters – An Irish Musical’ (Redmond Theatre Group (2017))

Winston E. Chesterfield – Hardboiled (No Drama Theatre (2016 – Present))

E.J. Lofgren – ‘Harvey’ (No Drama Theatre (2015))

Following his time as Secretary of No Drama Theatre, he has subsequently spent his time studying Improvisational Comedy and sketch writing with Mob Theatre Dublin while actively engaging in No Drama events, monologue nights and shindig pieces.

Join us this Tuesday at 7pm on Zoom!

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See you soon gorgeous folks!☘

Workshop -10 November 2020

Howyia Hansomes!

With the upcoming auditions for our next production: Seminars, we thought it was only appropriate to evolve this week’s workshops on auditioning!With the way the world is at the moment, and everything being very much virtual, it is now more important than ever to get your self-tape auditioning skills on point!

No better woman for the job than No Drama’s very own, long time working actor, the wonderful Sorcha Herlihy!

Sorcha has been working in the acting industry since 2002, with her very first-ever acting role in feature film “Evelyn” alongside Mr James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan, since then she has been in many feature and short films, TV shows and commercial campaigns, and playing many roles in theatre, one of which was her favourite, leading lady Miss Hallie Jackson in No Drama theatres “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (2018) this was Sorcha’s introduction into No Drama Theatre, and she is now part of the committee as our very own PR/Marketing Gal! (Hence a lot of lady gaga references lately😅)

“This weeks workshop will be considerating on the art of self-taping, and how important it is (now more than ever) to execute it to the best of your ability, giving you the greatest chance of getting that callback, or in the room with the director! We will also look into the things that hold us back most when auditioning and how we can use different skills to overcome the fear and struggles that come with putting yourself out there! We will do activities on getting to know a character quickly when necessary and getting the job done, as sometimes you are only giving a few hours to prep for last-minute auditions, especially in this industry!”

We also may have a special guest at the end of this workshop👀 so make sure and get yourselves on that zoom call 7pm tomorrow evening!

Join us on Tuesday on Zoom at 7pm! Link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Leave your worries at the door and let’s make it good one!🎭

WORKSHOP – 3 November 2020

Guys, I know it’s miserable outside, but I have something that will cheer you up, the very beautiful Elaine Carroll will be facilitating this Tuesday’s workshop! YASSS QUEEN.

Elaine joined No Drama Theatre in 2017 to rekindle the dramatic flame from her school days. Since joining, Elaine has been involved in many productions both on and off the stage, including

“Anna” – The Virtuous Burglar (Winter One Acts 2017)

Propmaster – She Kills Monsters (Summer 2018)

Director – Windmills (Shindig Autumn 2018)

Stage Manager/Producer – The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Winter 18/19)

“Me” – “It’s Still Me” (Shindig Spring 2019)

Stage Manager/Producer – Kate Crackernuts (Summer 2019)

Co-host – (Shindig Autumn 2019)

Producer – Gaslight (Winter 2019)

“Ann” – The Human Dojo (Shindig Spring 2020)

Following on from last week’s workshop, Elaine will bring you through what you’ll need to put on a theatrical production including explaining everyone’s roles and even a bit of budgeting. There may be an organogram and spreadsheet involved, Elaine’s favourites!

Join us on Tuesday on Zoom at 7 pm! Link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020

Passcode: nodrama

This is going to be amazing! Cant wait see yall there🙌👏


Happy Banker dear friends!

Over the next coming months we will introduce you to the different facets of a production, from translating an idea to a concept, to budgeting, directing and producing.

With the talent, experience and knowledge No Drama has, we feel it’s time to spread the word.

Kicking off this block will be Mr. Jonathan Shortall, who will takes us to where all our productions start: the script. What are the components of a script? How do different authors approach creating one? What do we look for in a script were looking to produce and what do we do once we have one we like the look of? All these questions and more will be answered, with the usual games, chats and good times you’ve come to expect!

Join us tomorow on Zoom at 7pm! Link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020
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