Curtain Call – Episode 3

Good afternoon fellow dramatics, what a beauty of a day, you know what else is beautiful? Are new No Drama Podcast Episode available RIGHT NOW streaming on all major podcast platforms, perfect Sunday listening as your strolling around the park or wherever your 5k radius may be!!

In this episode, Sean Coyle (our host) speaks to actor Noel Murphy about the craft of monologue acting. We discuss advice and methods for participants who wish to perform for No Drama’s Bring Your Own Nights and who wish to partake in the audition process for upcoming productions.

Join us for the upcoming Bring Your Own Night on Monday 16th of November.
Curtain Call is a podcast designed by Dublin’s No Drama Theatre. A drama group based in the City Centre of Dublin, Ireland. We discover the do’s and don’ts, exchange knowledge and dive into all things theatrical. A podcast for theatre lovers, practitioners and beings.

For anyone who would like to get involved in our next Bring Your Own Night, email your pieces to contact@nodramatheatre.com!

Now tune in to this exciting new episode, and tune out of the real world for a while!


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