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It’s Sunday!

So that means we have a new curtain call episode for you, perfect for your Sunday stroll in the sun!

In this episode of Curtain Call Seán has a conversation with award-nominated Actor/ Writer/ Director – Alejandro Niklison.

They discuss all things acting, surrealism, writing for radio and theatre and touch upon Alejandro’s progress in the field. They also discuss Alejandro’s recently published book “El hombre Artificial” and his most recent radio play Games. Games debuted 2 weeks ago on Curtain Call and are available for streaming now.

Alejandro is one of No Drama’s brilliantly diverse writers and actors and has several radio, stage and online credits to his name having most recently taken part in the Clare Drama Radio/Scariff Bay FM Festival where his play Wine from Greenland was nominated for overall performance.

Now available and streaming on all major podcast platforms!

Tune in, relax and enjoy the episode! 🎙


Happy Easter beautiful friends, hope you all had chocolate for a breakfast!
Looking for something to listen to on your easter stroll? Look no further as our new Radioplay “Games” is available to stream RIGHT NOW

– Games –
Written By Alejandro Niklison and Directed by Terry Kenny, While a storm roars outside the window, Daniel dwells on the past. A voice guides him through visions of his mother, his father, and Tim. But memory is uncertain and, as the images contradict themselves, he starts to doubt his sanity and to wonder: what is this place, and to which point we can trust that what we remember is what happened?

Games is a play about abuse, guilt, and the uncertainty of memory.
Directed: by Terry Kenny

Cast: Alejandro Niklison, Andrei Callanan, Daniel O´Shea, Lisa Gallagher, Stephen Madden.

Written and produced by Alejandro Niklison.

It’s so brilliant friends, don’t believe me? LISTEN NOW and see for yourself 😘
And have a glorious day! 🐇🐰🙌🥳

Curtain Call – Episode 11

Happy Saturday folks!

Looking for something to listen to on your daily walks? Look no further than our fantastic new Curtain Call episode!

This episode of Curtain Call Seán has a conversation with actor and poet Andrei Callanan.

They discuss all things acting, writing, theatre and delve into the foundation of inspiration, actor-director relationships, overcoming shyness, adapting to acting for the radio, poetry, the implication of words into monologues and the writing process and much more.

Andrei is one of No Drama’s diverse talented actors and valued members, and has several radio, stage and online credits to his name and is one of the main characters in our summer production of Theresa Rebeck’s Seminar.

This is such a delight of a listen, two of No Dramas finest! Tune in, relax and enjoy the show🎙

Curtain Call – Episode 10

Guys its Sunday, so you know what that means! We have a new Curtain Call episode to share, and this weeks is a wonderful Radioplay by are very own No1, Mr Sean Coyle himself 💫🤘

Fresh from inclusion in the Scariff Bay/Clare Drama Radio Festival is 4 Wacky Tales of Dublin, The Past, Present and Hopefully Not The Future – A Satire By Seán Coyle.

A satirical look at the lives and loves of some wacky characters and their ongoing shenanigans whilst living in Dublin’s fair city.

This play contains strong language and a sense of ridiculousness only people with a good sense of humour will get – it’s a Dublin thing! 😉

The wonderful ensemble cast:

Michael McCormack
Paula Nash
Seán Coyle
Lana Camilli
Loui Vangelder
Theo Dennis
Alex O’Neal
John Fox
Andrei Callanan

Need something to listen to on your glorious Sunday stroll?? Look no further!!

Steaming on all major podcast platforms right now!

CURTAIN CALL – Episode 9

Happy Valentines day you beautiful humans!
Sending all the love and virtual kisses your way! 

Why not take a lil stroll and pop on our new episode of Curtain Call!

On this edition of Curtain call Seán is talking with the talented directors Declan Ryan, Malcolm Bolton, Ciaran Treanor. The Guys were kind enough to sit down and give us an insight on ways to enhance the directing process for stage and film. They give helpful tips and advice and we talk all things theatre with the use of some great metaphors’. 

Streaming on all major podcasting sites right now!
Tune in, Relax, and enjoy the show!


What is everyone doing on this rainy Sunday evening? Well we have a gorgeous treat for you and your ears!  

“It’s Still Me” 
Written and Directed by Kieron Connolly
Performed by Elaine Carroll
Sound by Peter Blennerhassett
Poster by Louise Dunne.  

“We’re taken on a leisurely stroll through the highways and byways of what once was, memory soon fading”  

Sit back, Relax, Tune in, and enjoy this beautiful piece, streaming on all major podcast platforms right now!



On this edition of Curtain call Seán is talking with the talented Director, Writer, Producer, Comedian and Actor Tamryn Reinecke. Tamryn was kind enough to sit down and give us an insight on way to enhance Acting, Writing and Improvising with comedy for stage and screen.
We will also be discussing the other side of the coin Directing and Producing and ways to get started in that field.

Now sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy this fabulous listen on a Sunday evening! Gewwwan!

Streaming on all major streaming platforms right now🎧🎛🎙

Curtain call – episode 6

Dear friends,

As we approach the end of 2020, we have a gorgeous Christmas treat for you all, a simply magnetic and wonderful play, performed for the first time as a radio play, written by Peter Blennerhassett and directed by Siobhán Hickey.

“Arrivals can stir up things. Feelings you didn’t know you had or that you wished you didn’t. The paths and stumbles we take write our stories but sometimes it takes a complete stranger to help bridge the chapters.”

A sensational cast:

Shane Robinson

Declan Ryan

Kate Cosgrave

Megan Carter

Live and available on our No Drama Podcast Curtain Call. Start your week right, delve in, grab a coffee, grab a mulled wine and – ENJOY

CURTAIN CALL – Episode 5

Our Dear Friends! New Episode!! No Drama Podcast Curtain Call!

In this episode, Sean Coyle (our host) speaks to Alejandro Niklison and Johnny Shortall about the essence of a radio drama. We discuss advice and methods for participants who wish to write, direct, act in a radio theatrical piece. We also reflect on our guest’s previous radio plays and discuss what it takes to make them intriguing and pleasant on the ear. We also look ahead to what is coming next and our love for all things theatrical. Curtain Call is a podcast designed by Dublin’s No Drama Theatre. A drama group based in the City Centre of Dublin, Ireland. We discover the do’s and don’ts, exchange knowledge and dive into all things theatrical. A podcast for theatre lovers, practitioners and beings.

Streaming on all major podcast platforms right now! Tune in and tune out of this crazy world!

Curtain call – episode 4

We are SO excited to announce that our No Drama Podcast Curtain Call, will be broadcasting the next radioplay “Wine from Greenland” written and directed by the super talented Alejandro Niklison!!
Streaming Live on ALL major platforms from Sunday, 29th of November!!!

Coming soon at Curtain Call – a podcast by No Drama Theatre.

As Anton and Ian wait to be seated at a restaurant, a seemingly ordinary conversation leads them to a mutual realization about life and society: man is a caged animal, chained to social conventions, roles and relationships. But beyond married life, affairs, jobs and obligations lies a land where one can start over and rediscover themselves.
Will they find freedom or will they fail in their quest?
“Wine from Greenland”, an audioplay that explores the meaning of society and identity in the search for absolute freedom.
Performed by Andrei Callanan, Lisa Gallagher and Rahul Dewan Dewan
Written & directed by Alejandro Niklison

Tune in & tune out of the world for this bad boy its gona be awesome!