No Drama’s next director

We have sooooome news for you!!

We are thrilled to announce to you, the directorial team of this year’s winter production. Welcoming the wonderful Ms. Corinna Reichle to the director’s chair. She will not go along without her partner in crime, please join us in welcoming the Assistant Director Mr. Sean Coyle to the team!

Together they will whether the pandemic and bring to us….. Seminar!!! A wonderful production that will be presented to you in early 2021.

Four aspiring writers paid $5,000 each for a ten-week writing seminar with international literary figure Leonard. His unorthodox teaching style soon pits the classmates against each other: some flourish under his version of tough love, while other flounder with self-doubt. As tensions arise and romance falls, they clash over their writing, their relations and their futures.

Round one auditions are held through self tape! Deadline: 27th of November 2020.

Message us at: for more info! x

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