No Drama Theatre is delighted to invite you to the 2017 winter production!

This time around we have not one, not two, but three (!!!) plays going back to back to back for your viewing pleasure! We have the intense and haunting Five Kinds of Silence, directed by Tamryn Reinecke, the riotous Virtuous Burgler, directed by John Fox, and last but not least the intriguing, ever twisting Problem, directed by John Lawler!

This wonderful One Act Event is taking part in the Teacher’s Club, this December. And is truly a show not to be missed, whether you’re a No Drama newbie or a seasoned veteran, we hope to see you all there, to support this amazing talent!

Date: Tuesday 12th – Saturday 16th December

Time: Doors from 7:15 PM with plays starting at 7:30 PM sharp!

Location: Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1

Concession tickets available for OAP and unemployed.

Tickets here!


Awwwww we can’t believe it either but it’s true. This Tuesday, the 4th of December, sees our workshop term come to an end. But we intend on going out in style! Johnny will be leading us through an examination of story and narrative: what compels us to create stories for people’s pleasure? How do we build a cohesive and compelling one? Which kind of a structure should we employ to get the most out of it? All these questions and more will be explained and explored with more than a twinge of the festive in the mix!

So please come one and all to hallowed halls of Synge Street CBS for what will be a cracking send off to the workshop calendar. And if you have never attended a workshop before and are reading this post then your in luck your first workshop is free!!!

Actually you know what? Seeing as its officially Christmas everyone gets in for free! THAT’S RIGHT, YOU GET A FREE WORKSHOP! AND YOU GET A FREE WORKSHOP! EVERYBODY GETS A FREE WORKSHOP!!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!


It’s workshop o’clock!
Because tomorrow it’s #workshoptuesday!!!

And this Tuesday, the workshop is facilitated by No Drama Legend Chris O’Regan. We’ll be working on character archetypes and pantomime acting!

What makes panto different from regular theatre?

To give you a hint, it starts with archetypes and breaking the fourth wall. And from there on it absolute banter!

So put on your funny pants and we will see you tomorrow!

Your first workshop is free!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7pm | Synge Street CBS.


Tomorrow Colin O’Donnell will be making his facilitating debut!

Colin is a long term No Drama member, with many successful stage plays on his name.

In this workshop we will be focusing on using every day life experiences to engage with a character on stage. We will explore status and working towards goals during scenes.
This workshop promises to be challenging and a lot of fun.

We hope to see you all tomorrow!

If you’re new, your first workshop is free!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7pm | Synge Street CBS.


Tomorrow’s workshop will be facilitated by Renée van de Schoor, graduate from University of the Arts Utrecht and our own Head of Education.

She will take you back to the basics of High and Low status. In this workshop we will discover how to convince someone of our status.

Were gonna work on your physique, voice and presentation to show your status. We will challenge eachtohers ideas and figure out how do you switch between high and low status.

Basic ideas, which can give you a huge advantage as an actor.

Your first workshop is free!

Tuesday 14/11/2017 | Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7pm | Synge Street CBS.


Another Tuesday another workshop day!

Today’s workshop “All In The Game” is facilitated by Mr. Chairman a.k.a Johnny Shortall.

The workshop is about finding the game of the scene.
What is the Game? How do we find it and most importantly: What do we do with it when we do?

All these questions and more will be explored in what promises to be a fun and playful workshop for all experience levels.

Newbies get their first workshop for free!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7:00 | Synge Street CBS.

No Drama Monologue Night – The Spooky Edition

We’re delighted to present our next monologue night, Monday, 6 November,  the second night under the wings of the fantastic Lesley-Ann Reilly.

This monologue night the theme will be “Spooky”.
So whatever paranormal devilishness turns you on, you’ve got a few weeks to muster and channel it all into a monologue of your choice.
If you want to participate (which we highly encourage) please contact our Lesley-Ann, and she will put your name down on the list.

If you’re more of the observing kind, we’d love for you to come along and support our actss for only €5! It’s guaranteed to be a highly entertaining night!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!


Being back in work after a bankholiday Monday is hard on all of us… Luckely, it’s Tuesday, which means WORKSHOP DAY!!

Today we have a special one! This workshop is facilitated by Noel Cahill, who is gonna take you on an adventure in: Jerzy Grotowski – Towards a Poor Theatre.

There is only one element of which film and television cannot rob the theatre: the closeness of the living organism. Theatre is just actor and spectator.

In this workshop, we will focus on that, strip it all back, make it ‘holy’ as Grotowski (see picture) puts it. We will be devoid of all the frills of theatre and focus solely on the human organism in front of an audience of one or more.

The workshop will look at the body, the voice and the breath of an actor. The workshop will be rather physical so please wear comfortable/loose/suitable clothing.

For our new members, your first workshop is free!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7:00 | Synge Street CBS.


Tuesday is nearly here and that means we have a workshop for y’all! This week sees our resident dynamic duo Fintan and Alex taking to the hallowed halls of Synge Street to deliver what promises to be quite the workshop: “The Emotional Centre – Exploring Your Character’s Body and Psychology”.

We’ll be learning to bring depth to your character through physicality and tapping the actor’s emotional reserves. We will be learning tools to keep your character psychologically and physically authentic, and not be overtaken or overwhelmed by a scene.

We hope to see you all there tomorrow.

And if you’re new, your first workshop is free!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7:00 | Synge Street CBS.




Nearly everyone in Ireland has got the day off and we hope you’re all save and inside!
While the hurricane is finding it’s way towards Dublin, we thought we might as well entice with details of our workshop.
Tomorrow we have no one less then one of the founding members of No Drama Theatre, Dave McGowan, who is also super awesome and nice, facilitating our workshop!

About the workshop..

WHERE are we going? We’re going to work on creating convincing places for an audience. Aircraft hangar? Boutique cake shop? That space under your stairs? No sweat and all without a sheet of plywood in sight!

We hope to see you all there tomorrow.

And if you’re new, you’re first workshop is free!

Doors 6:46 | Workshop 7:00 | Synge Street CBS.