Summer Shindig

It’s that time of the year again – time for a hefty helping of Shindig-goodness, this time around we have a packed schedule full of thrills, spills and epic excitement, and all for the princely sum of €5, sure what else wold you be doing with your Saturday night?

No Drama at Hobocon Iron!

We’ve teamed with the delightful team at Hobocon for a special D&D themed improv workshop which is going to take place on the sunday afternoon @3pm in The Teachers Club (an old haunt of ours)
Evelien Hofhuis and Kiefer Brink are going to show folks some improv techniques to add to your gaming experience!

Lots of other great gaming events going on at the con too.. see their timetable here


Tomorrow’s workshop will be facilitated not by one, but both our beloved interns! Kiefer Brink and Evelien Hofhuis!

Their workshop will focus on acting, without acting.

During this workshop they will help you rediscover the circumstances that are already there: the space and your fellow actors. The power of just being on stage.

Synge Street CBS. 7 PM Sharp.


Tomorrows workshop will be facilitated by the one and only Ciaran Treanor.

In this workshop we’ll focus on devising theatre, by using different techniques and tools. We’ll focus on developing a connection with your peers and using this to create theatre together.
Hope to see you all there.

7pm sharp. Synge Street CBS.

An Experiment is on Sale!

Check out the amazing poster (created by the insanely talented Louise Dunne) for our upcoming summer production of “An Experiment with an Air-Pump” (written by Shelagh Stephenson, directed by Louise Dunne).

July 4th to 8th, No Drama take to the main stage in Smock Alley.

Tickets are available from – Smock Alley

It’s real, people.

No Drama. Main Stage. Smock Alley.

Shindig Registration

Hey folks!

Its that time of the year again – that’s right the Shindig, our bi-annual showcase night is coming to the Pearse Centre on June 10th – if anyone has a 15 minute play they’ve written or what to perform please get in touch with me (Declan Ryan) at ryan.declan5@gmail – looking forward to hearing from y’all


So…how bout that post-bank holiday Tuesday? Well don’t fall into despair its workshop time here in No Drama Land! And we have quite a doozy for you tonight the man of chairs Mr Jonathan Shortall will be guiding you through a workshop based around the foundation of all theatre and indeed life as we know it, communication! We will look at how we communicate on stage, with our fellow players, audiance and ourselves.

But whats that? There is more? Yes indeedy tonight will see the debut of our two new fabulous Dutch interns! We have a prestigious history of showing our internees a good time so please come on down and make their night with a big gathering.

Workshop kicks off at 7 PM in Sygne Street CBS School. €10.00 for this week or €25.00 for the entire month! Newbies come free so please bring along a co-worker/friend/commuter!


All filled up, sugar rushed and ready to get back to the grind?

Well don’t worry, because no matter what, you have a workshop to look forward to tomorrow!

Got funky vocal octaves to spare?

No matter if your Stevie Nicks incarnate or someone who’d scream into the hills before the thought of singing, there’s something for everyone.

Tomorrow’s workshop, facilitated by Dylan Delaney and cohosted by Corinna Reichle, will be working on creating rhythms through sounds (for those who don’t want to sing). Jazz hands optional but Time Warps are compulsory.