Woman in Mind

We would like to announce that No Drama’s next production is Alan Ayckbourn’s Woman In Mind. The show runs from the Wednesday the 4th to Saturday 7th of December in the Sean O’Casey Theatre.

The production will be directed by Gráinne Curistan with Dominik Turkowski as Assistant Director and Cathal O’Donovan taking the role of Production Manager.


  • Susan – Sarah McMullan
  • Bill – Adam Walsh
  • Gerald – Pat Deery
  • Muriel – Jane Martin
  • Rick – Damien Holmes
  • Andy – Daniel O’Brien
  • Tony – Tom Hughes
  • Lucy – Caoimhe Cooke

Just a reminder

Workshops returned last week, great to have everyone back after the break. We announced a few things which we’re sharing here now.

– We’re looking for submissions for Director, Production Manager and Assistant Director for our November Production

– We’re introducing a few changes to the way workshops are run to ensure everyone gets the most out of them including split workshops and re-introducing specialised workshops.

– There’s now a submission form for your suggestions to no drama  (there’s also a permanent link at the top of the site)

That’s it for now , more to come in the next E-zine welcome to No Drama (or welcome back as the case may be)and hope to see you all next week!


Gone Fishin’

After the excitement of the five year anniversary bash, we’re on our holidays for the summer. I leave you with an example of the creativity the group inspires!

5 year anniversary Cake..

We’re returning from our summer break for the first workshop of the second half of the year on the 13th of August 7pm in Synge st. CBS.


The Man From Earth Wraps

Our run of ” The Man from Earth” is over, the last pieces of the set have been removed from the theatre and there’s  very little left to do to close it out.

Thanks to everyone who participated  and especially to the audiences who made it a success!

We’re back to a normal workshop schedule from this Tuesday – do come along7.45 in Synge St. CBS.

Cast and Directorial team

The Man from Earth Casting Announcement

We are delighted to announce the cast for The Man From Earth.

Rehearsals are now underway and we’re looking forward to putting a great show together.

See you in the theatre in 8 weeks time!

John : Daniel O’Brien

Sandy: Aisling Morgan

Art: Stephen Graham

Will: Arni Haraldsson

Edith: Paula Madden

Harry: Tom Hughes

Dan: Joe Feldpausch

Linda: Sarah McGee

Mover/Cop : Mareaid Heffron

Mover/Paramedic: Samuel Soto

The Man From Earth

We’d like to officially announce that our next production will be Jerome Bixby’s “The Man From Earth” adapted by Richard Schenkman.

This production will take place over the week starting the 6th of May and will Directed by Dave McGowan.

Production roles  are still available, to register your interest please send a note to the production Manager, Ruairi De Burca, by sending an email to  contact@nodramatheatre.com with the Subject line :”Production Interest”

To register your interest in auditioning and get the Audition pack send a note to the director by emailing contact@nodramatheatre.com with the subject line “Audition Interest”

Watch this space for more details!

No Drama’s production of “The Man From Earth” is Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

We’re back for 2013

Hope the festive season has treated you all well and you have had your fill of turkey, mince pies and quality streets! This is a quick announcement to let you all know workshops are resuming after the Christmas break from tomorrow, Tuesday January 8.

If you’re toying with a new years resolution to do something creative, why not pop in to a no drama workshop, your first one is free so you literally have nothing to lose but a little time!

It’s a  great year to join us too ,  we’ll be five years running  this year and we mean to celebrate!