Oh yes!! We’re back! And tonight’s workshop, will be facilitated by no other than our own Head of Education; Renée van de Schoor.

Every workshop is different.
Sometimes it is all about improvisation, sometimes it is all scripted work and sometimes you are working as a collective, trying to be the scariest six-headed monster you can be.

However, no matter what you do. You are always showing us a scene. A scene with a beginning, a middle and an end.

In this workshop “Building scenes in a closed dramaturgy”,
(A what? Closed dramaturgy? No worries, all will be
we are going to explore scenes, how these are build up and how we communicate where, who and what we are to our audience. From installing a space, to introducing a conflict.
From a closed dramaturgy to a clear beginning, middle and end.

Back to the basics, with Scene Building 101.

So please come one and all to hallowed halls of Synge Street CBS. And if you’re new, we’d like to offer you your first workhsop for free!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

Doors 6:45 | Workshop 7pm (SHARP) | Synge Street CBS.

Important Announcement:
Please note that our workshops will now start at 7.00 PM SHARP. No entry will be allowed for members arriving after 7.15 PM at the very latest, arrive any later than this and you will be turned away. We apologize if this is disruptive to your usual schedule.

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