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We are really, very, excited to announce to you, this Tuesday’s workshop!

To conclude our Character Building and Story Telling block, we have a fantastic workshop for you: Storytelling with Aron Hegarty of Candlelit Tales.

The world is a story, we just need to know how to tell it best. Beginning with warm-ups to loosen the artist within, we will set off on a journey through narration and find your own unique style of telling your tale. We are all storytellers, after all, we are brought up on stories, we create stories and we frame the world through stories, so join us to find the storyteller within you and who knows what stories you might tell.
If this is your first No Drama workshop, it’s on us.
No Drama will facilitate the introduction and Aron will be joining us from 7.30pm.
Tuesday 6th November | Door 6.45pm | Workshop 7pm | Synge Street CBS

No Drama Monologue Night: Famous Last Words

Our next Monologue Night will take place on Monday 12th November. In our new location… upstairs in Bison Bar on 11 Wellington Quay! This Shindig is themed: Famous Last Words.

If you want to participate (which we highly encourage) please contact Ms. Monologue herself, Lesley-Ann Reilly at If you’d like to participate, but you don’t have a monologue, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will help you to find a monologue of your choosing.

On Sunday 11th of November, we have organized a rehearsal space and coaching, from Chairperson Louise Dunne and Monologue Veteran Noel Murphy, for you to avail of, to get final direction on your monologue.

If you’re more of the observing kind, we’d love for you to come along and support our acts for only five euro a head.

Monday 12th November | 7 pm | Upstairs in Bison Bar | Wellington Quay | €5.00

WORKSHOP – 30 October

Hope you’re all enjoying your bank holiday Monday! We are delighted to inform you about tomorrow’s workshop, based on active listening.

In this modern age, so much is communicated throughout the day it can be hard to siphon the important information from the chaff. Listening is a skill that needs to be trained and exercised, especially for actors. Learning to communicate on stage begins with paying careful attention to what others are saying to us.

If this is your first workshop, it’s on us!

Tuesday | Doors 6.45pm | Workshop 7 pm | Synge Street CBS


While we hope you’re enjoying the week’s end, we are thrilled to inform you about Tuesday’s workshop theme!

In this workshop, you will learn to use your present awareness to create a character and discover your point of view to facilitate a real connection on stage. You will understand that focusing on listening to the truth of the present moment is the only thing you need to create compelling, smart, truthful, and surprising scenes.

If this is your first workshop, it’s free!

Tuesday 23rd October | Doors 6.45 | Workshop 7 pm | Synge Street CBS


Happy No Drama Tuesday everybody!!

In this week’s workshop, we will focus on devising a story and developing relationships from movement. Adapting this with character work, we will gain an understanding of stage presence; how to command and hold attention on stage, how to let go and be a generous actor.

If this is your first workshop with us, it’s free!

Doors: 6.45pm | Workshop 7pm | Synge Street CBS


No Drama Theatre biannual Shindig is coming our way. On Saturday 3rd of November, we will gather in The Pearse Centre for an evening of short pieces written, directed and/or performed by our members.

Only a short few weeks from now and we are giving you a chance to get your piece, cast, and crew ready for this showcase night.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure, the shindig is your chance to get up on stage and act in a scripted (or improvised) piece in front of a welcoming audience as part of a collection of pieces from members. Ask anyone who has performed in one before and they will tell you how much fun it is!

To secure your spot, get in touch with us at and tell us your brilliant idea or how you would like to partake, acting, directing or helping out backstage.

Please Note: all written submission must be in via email by no later than Friday 19th October for consideration of a place in the Shindig.

3rd November| €5.00 | Pearse Centre | 27 Pearse street.


Creating a character through physicality – starting from the outside, working our way to the inside.

In tomorrow’s workshop, we will be working on the creation of characters through our own physicality. We will explore different physical attributes to make our character’s unique, real and significantly different from your own physicality. Using the physicality as a starting point, we will develop the inner motivation and history of your character.

If this is your first workshop, it’s free!

Tuesday 9th October | Doors 6.45 | Workshop 7 pm | Synge Street CBS



We must regretfully declare that tonight’s workshop is canceled. But do not fear, the auditions are still going ahead if you are feeling that Tuesday no drama itch!

Auditions scheduled for tonight will be held in the Lantern Centre, just next to the school, on Synge Street.

If people would like to join in the audition process in lieu of a workshop we totally encourage that!

No Drama Theatre Presents: The Writers Group

We are thrilled!

Last night, No Drama Theatre’s first ever Writers group, had their first meeting, including members: Kieron Connolly, Kate Cosgrave, Peter Blennerhassett, Andrea Bolger, Sean Coyle, Megan Kelly, Dan Binchy, and Andrew Norton.

These talented individuals will be gathering regularly putting pen to paper and collaboratively bringing new writing to our wonderful Theatre Group.

We are very excited to see what emerges.


We are really excited to inform you about tomorrow’s workshop “Improv for Actors” facilitated by one of No Drama Theatre’s founding members Neil Curran.

When most people think of improv, they often (incorrectly) think of fast-paced comedy. However, improv is one of the most powerful tools at the actor’s disposal. In this workshop, we will focus on the slow art of improvised theatre. We will learn how to let go and be in the moment and discover, rather than create, characters and scenes through honest and authentic connection with our stage partners.

Participants will learn to read their stage partners and let go of any pressure to have to be funny or interesting.

If this is your first No Drama Workshop, it’s on us!

Doors 6:45pm | Workshop 7pm | Synge Street CBS