Happy Tuesday!!

The Breathe of an Ensemble.

“Each person must become an ingredient in the mixing and making of a piece. There is no place for manners or mannerisms. Social conventions, routine habits of impolite daily life, suppress the sensory and imaginative world from which this work begins. Normal social selves must be shed and attention re-directed to the work as a whole. Individuals become a group. ”

With every performer comes the contribution of a different energy. In this week’s workshop, we will be looking at embracing diversity in the creation of an ensemble. We will research how to tune into one another and the space, in a bid to work as a collective and move as a unit.

This workshop is about action, we will be embracing stillness, silence, and the empty space, as a blank page into which we can pour expression and meaning.
Creating a narrative of discovery with the freedom not to seek for resolution.

If this is your first workshop, it’s free!

Tuesday, Sept 18th | Doors 6.45 | Workshop 7 pm | Synge Street CBS

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