Goodbye bank holiday weekend, hello workshop! Its that time of the week again folks and we just cannot wait to be back in the loving embrace of Synge Street CBS! So what do we have in store for you?

To help ease you back into the swing of things after the welcome break we will be going back to square one with some foundational work entitled “Seven Fundamental Principles of Theatre Work”. We will be examining several intrinsic and practical attitudes that you can adapt to instantly improve your presence on stage, recharge your creativity and most importantly of all, make sure every time you step up on stage you enjoy yourself.

Are you intrigued? So are we! We’ve had a lot of interest lately from new members looking to drop in and have a go and this will be the perfect opportunity to do so if you are! For our veterans too looking to wear off some stage rust before shindig season would do well to get stuck in as well.

This Tuesday from 7 PM, Synge Street School CBS looking forward to seeing you there!

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