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What some good news on a rainy day??

The next No Drama production will be “Seminar”, a dark comedy by Theresa Rebeck that was first performed in 2011.

The play is set in present Day New York and follows four aspiring writers – Kate, Martin, Douglas and Izzy – who have paid $5,000 each for a ten-week writing seminar with international literary figure Leonard. Leonard’s unorthodox teaching style soon pits the classmates against each other: some of them flourish under his version of tough love, while others flounder with self-doubt. As tensions arise and romance falls, they clash over their writing, their relations, and their futures.


– Kate – 30s to 40s, American accent (Upper West Side, New York) preferred.

– Martin – 30s – 40s, American accent (generic/ New York) preferred.

– Leonard – mid 40s – mid 60s

– Douglas – late 20s – mid 40s

– Izzy – 20s, possibly ethnical

We purposefully don’t give much information about the characters, as this is a play about “normal” people, and we really want to see and give each actor the chance to interpret their role on their own. The age is more a guideline as to the age gap between Leonard and the class (and Izzy and the rest of the class) is kind of important. But don’t be thrown off, if you feel you are right for the part, please do audition for it. There is makeup and costume after all.

Audition Process

As we’re still in the midst of a lock-down, auditions will be via self-tape and call-backs possibly through zoom.

Everyone who is interested in auditioning please send an email with your preferred character to, and we will be sending you the full script and further audition notes.

Reading the full script is not mandatory at all, but certainly helps to form the character.

You can audition for as many characters as you wish but have to send a separate tape for each of them, each tape should not exceed 8 minutes.

Couple Auditions

Though through Covid regulations we will have to keep the social distance on stage, there are some intimate scenes in the play that can possibly go to a real-life couple or people who live in the same household and are comfortable portraying a couple on stage. (Kissing is scripted but definitely not mandatory for the parts!) Possible Couple Auditions are Martin/Izzy



But of course, everyone can audition for these parts, couple or not.

Deadline for Auditions is Friday, the 27th of November.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at either or

We are super excited for this production and looking forward to receiving your lovely tapes


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