VOX by Alejandro Niklison is now Casting!

VOX will be a virtual zoom play to be streamed live in the last week of July.

Auditions will be provisionally held on Sunday 16th of May, between 3 pm and 6 pm, through zoom. If you want to audition, please send an email expressing your interest to: and we will send you the audition pieces.
In your email, please include:

– Name.
– Email address.
– Phone number.
– Are there any dates during the rehearsal period you will be on vacation/unavailable?
– Role preferences.
– A summary of your experience in theatre


Character descriptions below:
Note: All characters can be male or female.
MARTIN: One of Tristan´s (protagonist) inner voices. For him/her, art demands nothing less than perfection. He/she has no patience for symbolism, absurdism, or any of those weird schools. Theatre should be naturalistic, and the goal of theatre is to imitate and recreate our reality. He/she is a non-bullshit, to the point kind of person, and demands the same from everyone else. Especially from Tristan.

NOAH: One of Tristan´s (protagonist) inner voices. The optimistic one. He/she adores everything Tristan writes, maybe a bit too much. All ideas are perfect. He/she simply doesn´t understand why anyone would suffer for their art. Art should be fun, beautiful and light as a feather.

Exciting times ahead!💫🙌

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