You are currently viewing Casting Call – The Buried/Changeling – 3 & 4 November 2023

Casting Call – The Buried/Changeling – 3 & 4 November 2023


No Drama Theatre are seeking actors for an upcoming dark horror drama show, on 3rd and 4th November.

This halloween double-bill of 2 shows (The Buried, and Changeling) will be run in conjunction with Arcane Theatre.


In THE BURIED, a successful writer returns to his home town in Appalachia, a town ravaged by poverty, to find his missing childhood friend. He unravels a dark secret and is stalked by a malevolent presence.

In CHANGELING, a family holiday becomes a nightmare as Alison believes her brother Sean has been replaced by an inhuman imposter. Is she losing her mind, or has something reached up from the netherworld to prey upon them?

Please send your expressions of interest to, and CC Dave the writer/director on


Con (age 16-18*), a troubled young outcast from a broken home. Toughened by years of neglect and bullying, he masks his vulnerability with cynicism and a sharp humour. Con is the tragic heart of the story.

Doctor Glenn Finlay (45-55), a trusted small town doctor, discovering something evil spreading in his community. He has a sense of fairness and calls it like he sees it.

Rick (age 16-18*), a loud, insecure bully with a quick wit, who excells at smelling weakness.

Sammy (17-19*), a streetwise, fast-living tough kid with an eye for the ladies and who has more brawns than brains.

Randall (30s-50s), a simple fella, spent his whole life working in the coal mines, don’t complain much and likes the hard liquor.

*actors dont need to be the correct age but should be able to pull it off realistically on stage

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