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VOX by Alejandro Niklison is now Casting!

VOX will be a virtual zoom play to be streamed live in the last week of July.

Auditions will be provisionally held on Sunday 16th of May, between 3 pm and 6 pm, through zoom. If you want to audition, please send an email expressing your interest to: and we will send you the audition pieces.
In your email, please include:

– Name.
– Email address.
– Phone number.
– Are there any dates during the rehearsal period you will be on vacation/unavailable?
– Role preferences.
– A summary of your experience in theatre


Character descriptions below:
Note: All characters can be male or female.
MARTIN: One of Tristan´s (protagonist) inner voices. For him/her, art demands nothing less than perfection. He/she has no patience for symbolism, absurdism, or any of those weird schools. Theatre should be naturalistic, and the goal of theatre is to imitate and recreate our reality. He/she is a non-bullshit, to the point kind of person, and demands the same from everyone else. Especially from Tristan.

NOAH: One of Tristan´s (protagonist) inner voices. The optimistic one. He/she adores everything Tristan writes, maybe a bit too much. All ideas are perfect. He/she simply doesn´t understand why anyone would suffer for their art. Art should be fun, beautiful and light as a feather.

Exciting times ahead!💫🙌

Fundraiser – 26 March 2021

On Friday the 26th of March at 7 pm, we will be hosting a Pub Quiz (zoom) for our upcoming production of Seminar!

Join us for Fun, Prizes and Surprises

Tickets €7.50 through Eventbrite

We cannot wait to see you there and greatly appreciate your support as always!

Let the game begin!

Shindig – 13 march 2021

We are so excited to invite you to our second virtual Shindig, as we had such fantastic feedback from our first virtual Shindig last year, We are beyond thrilled to have another fantastic show lined up for you all! Keep an eye on our socials, where we will be sharing a link to the YouTube premiere for this year’s Spring Shindig on Saturday, March 13th, 2021!

7.30pm kick-off with a continued zoom after-party après show!

We also have some surprises throughout the night😏

The PHENOMENAL Design/Poster/Artwork by the insanely talented -Terry Kenny

Cast announcement – seminar


Lads it has been a year, let’s be honest, it really has, and we have so very badly missed our productions and giving you a show, so…

Without further ado, we are so delighted, excited and GIDDY to announce to you the insanely talented cast for our next production of “Seminar” written by Theresa Rebeck, directed by Corinna Reichle and assistant director Sean Coyle.

Due to the ongoing situation – that we shall not talk about – we couldn’t take a current photo of times when people actually touched each other, so we had to use one from the archives…when group photos were a thing, imagine that.

(From left to right)

Jane Tuohy

Greg Freegrove

John Lawler

Sorcha Herlihy

Andrei Callanan

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, you all did an amazing job, considering the unprecedented circumstances.

Keep an eye on our socials and website for more info on “Seminar”

Date & Venue – TBC but rehearsals are underway, so wear your masks, get your vac’s so we can all see you on the stage!

No Drama’s next director

We have sooooome news for you!!

We are thrilled to announce to you, the directorial team of this year’s winter production. Welcoming the wonderful Ms. Corinna Reichle to the director’s chair. She will not go along without her partner in crime, please join us in welcoming the Assistant Director Mr. Sean Coyle to the team!

Together they will whether the pandemic and bring to us….. Seminar!!! A wonderful production that will be presented to you in early 2021.

Four aspiring writers paid $5,000 each for a ten-week writing seminar with international literary figure Leonard. His unorthodox teaching style soon pits the classmates against each other: some flourish under his version of tough love, while other flounder with self-doubt. As tensions arise and romance falls, they clash over their writing, their relations and their futures.

Round one auditions are held through self tape! Deadline: 27th of November 2020.

Message us at: for more info! x


What some good news on a rainy day??

The next No Drama production will be “Seminar”, a dark comedy by Theresa Rebeck that was first performed in 2011.

The play is set in present Day New York and follows four aspiring writers – Kate, Martin, Douglas and Izzy – who have paid $5,000 each for a ten-week writing seminar with international literary figure Leonard. Leonard’s unorthodox teaching style soon pits the classmates against each other: some of them flourish under his version of tough love, while others flounder with self-doubt. As tensions arise and romance falls, they clash over their writing, their relations, and their futures.


– Kate – 30s to 40s, American accent (Upper West Side, New York) preferred.

– Martin – 30s – 40s, American accent (generic/ New York) preferred.

– Leonard – mid 40s – mid 60s

– Douglas – late 20s – mid 40s

– Izzy – 20s, possibly ethnical

We purposefully don’t give much information about the characters, as this is a play about “normal” people, and we really want to see and give each actor the chance to interpret their role on their own. The age is more a guideline as to the age gap between Leonard and the class (and Izzy and the rest of the class) is kind of important. But don’t be thrown off, if you feel you are right for the part, please do audition for it. There is makeup and costume after all.

Audition Process

As we’re still in the midst of a lock-down, auditions will be via self-tape and call-backs possibly through zoom.

Everyone who is interested in auditioning please send an email with your preferred character to, and we will be sending you the full script and further audition notes.

Reading the full script is not mandatory at all, but certainly helps to form the character.

You can audition for as many characters as you wish but have to send a separate tape for each of them, each tape should not exceed 8 minutes.

Couple Auditions

Though through Covid regulations we will have to keep the social distance on stage, there are some intimate scenes in the play that can possibly go to a real-life couple or people who live in the same household and are comfortable portraying a couple on stage. (Kissing is scripted but definitely not mandatory for the parts!) Possible Couple Auditions are Martin/Izzy



But of course, everyone can audition for these parts, couple or not.

Deadline for Auditions is Friday, the 27th of November.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at either or

We are super excited for this production and looking forward to receiving your lovely tapes


the next director

Good evening beautiful people, just in case you missed our winter production announcement at our Shindig after-party- here it is…in writing!

A woman of such talent, wit, humour, intelligence and comedic timing like no other needs no introduction, but here it is anyway because dammmn we are beyond excited for this! This year’s winter production, will be directed by the one and only – Corinna Reichle! Hi – it’s me. she’s natural.she’s approachable.she is just like one of you.

Corinna has been a member of No Drama Theatre for the past 4 years. She started out as a loyal workshop-attendee (and the pub-after-goer… remember the pub after a workshop?); then soon began helping out backstage at No Drama Shows.

She has written, directed and performed in several of the Shindigs and the (BYO) Monologue Nights and had the pleasure of facilitating a couple of the No Drama Workshops. In 2018 she developed her 10-minute Shindig piece „Insomnia“ further and took it to Smock Alley Theatre’s Scene + Heard Festival.

Outside of No Drama Theatre, Corinna has worked as (Assistant) Stage Manager and Assistant Director for several productions around Dublin and just came back from Assistant Directing two plays in Berlin. Before they locked down.

She finished the Advanced Performance Course in the Gaiety School of Acting and an Introduction to the Meisner Technique and is currently in her third and final year of studying Theatre Performance in Inchicore College for Further Education.

After having been Assistant Director for No Drama’s last main production „Gaslight“ in winter 2019 she is now super happy to have been selected Director for this one. In such strange and unprecedented times, too.

It’s going to be a bit different, but she is up for all the challenges the Corona-Pandemic will be throwing at this production and is looking forward to get her amazing crew and euphoric cast assembled.

There you have it folks, get excited, get involved, get READY.

Because we definitely are 😉

The show will in fact, go ON!🎭

‘Gaslight’ – Review

By Ciaran Milton

No Drama’s Gaslight at Smock Alley is highly recommended.

In one sense the staging of this play could not be more timely, given that its title has now become a byword for gender-skewed manipulation and bullying. In another sense it is a treat to watch a straight up stage-thriller from the forties performed so adroitly and, in a wise choice, without any ironic winks to the modern audience.

The cast are so game and committed that Patrick Hamilton’s plot mechanics are allowed to ratchet to their inevitable conclusion.

Elizabeth Ann Doyle is excellent as Bella Manningham, vulnerable to the exploitations of her husband – a schemer of mysterious intent who from the outset undermines her sense of worth and sanity – but maybe not as vulnerable as we think.

Philip Arneill as her gimlet eyed husband (and our evening’s antagonist) eyes his surroundings and anyone in his orbit with the right balance of entitlement, greed and, inevitably, fear.

Declan Ryan brings levity and charm to the occasionally oleaginous role of Detective Rough, the spanner in Mr. Manningham’s works.

The production is a huge success, and a wonderful thriller to be engrossed in for the evening.

And No Drama stalwarts Helen McGrath and Siobhan Hickey make sure-footed work of the roles of the maids caught in the proxy snares of the house – Elizabeth meaning only to work for both their benefit, but Nancy clearly eyeing the sides for her advantage.

Tickets: €15 | €12 student/OAP/unwaged concession

Tickets available from

No Drama Theatre presents ‘Gaslight’ by Patrick Hamilton

​The lights go down…the truth comes out!

Set against the backdrop of Victorian London in the late 19th century, Gaslight tells the tale of Bella Manningham: a gentle, devoted wife who believes that she is slowly going mad.

Each night, as her husband leaves the house to attend to business, she hears strange noises in the attic…

A gripping tale of suspense, thrills and the pursuit of truth!

Written by: Patrick Hamilton
Directed by: Malcolm Bolton, Corinna Reichle

Cast: Declan Ryan, Elizabeth Ann Doyle, Helen McGrath, Philip Arneill & Siobhán Hickey

Producer​: ​Elaine Carroll
Production Manager​: ​Jonathan Shortall

Tickets: €15 | €12 student/OAP/unwaged concession

3 – 7 Dec | 8pm | Boys’ School
3pm Matinee | 7 Dec | Boys’ School

Tickets available from