Curtain Call – Episode 8

What is everyone doing on this rainy Sunday evening? Well we have a gorgeous treat for you and your ears!   "It's Still Me" Written and Directed by Kieron ConnollyPerformed by Elaine CarrollSound by Peter BlennerhassettPoster by Louise Dunne.   "We’re taken on a leisurely stroll through the highways and byways of what…

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Curtain Call – Episode 7

NEW EPISODE IS LIVE! On this edition of Curtain call Seán is talking with the talented Director, Writer, Producer, Comedian and Actor Tamryn Reinecke. Tamryn was kind enough to sit down and give us an insight on way to enhance Acting, Writing and Improvising with comedy for stage and screen.We…

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Curtain Call – Episode 6

Dear friends, As we approach the end of 2020, we have a gorgeous Christmas treat for you all, a simply magnetic and wonderful play, performed for the first time as a radio play, written by Peter Blennerhassett and directed by Siobhán Hickey. "Arrivals can stir up things. Feelings you didn’t…

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Curtain Call – Episode 5

Our Dear Friends! New Episode!! No Drama Podcast Curtain Call! In this episode, Sean Coyle (our host) speaks to Alejandro Niklison and Johnny Shortall about the essence of a radio drama. We discuss advice and methods for participants who wish to write, direct, act in a radio theatrical piece. We…

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Curtain Call – Episode 4

We are SO excited to announce that our No Drama Podcast Curtain Call, will be broadcasting the next radioplay "Wine from Greenland" written and directed by the super talented Alejandro Niklison!!Streaming Live on ALL major platforms from Sunday, 29th of November!!! Coming soon at Curtain Call - a podcast by…

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Curtain Call – Episode 3

Good afternoon fellow dramatics, what a beauty of a day, you know what else is beautiful? Are new No Drama Podcast Episode available RIGHT NOW streaming on all major podcast platforms, perfect Sunday listening as your strolling around the park or wherever your 5k radius may be!! In this episode,…

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Curtain Call – Episode 2

Episode 2: On this episode of Curtain Call we are proud to present the wonderful radio play Hardboiled written and directed by the one and only Jonathan Shortall. We couldn't be more excited and if that's not enough, in will include all original cast members: - Declan Ryan as Frank O'Hara. - Kate Cosgrave…

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