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Dracula, No Drama’s Winter Production 2022 – Thank Yous

And so that’s a wrap for Dracula!

We have so many people to thank for making our first production in 3 years such a wonderful experience!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who came to see the show! A production would be nothing without its audience, and you were one hell of an audience! Thank you for fully jumping on board with our little world, and bringing such wonderful energy every night! ❤️

To our incredible director, Dan McCormack, thank you for trusting us with your passion project, and for your endless vision, hard work and guidance throughout the process of bringing it to life. You pushed the limits of what was possible with this play and the results were magical!

To assistant director Theo Dennis, thank you for your enthusiasm, passion, continuous insightful advice, and unmatchable scheduling skills! Thank you for organising an unforgettable fundraiser, and for the amazing work you did operating sound during the show! You are an unstoppable force!!

To Jacqueline Carroll, production manager extraordinaire, thank you for playing an absolute blinder! You managed the mammoth task of bringing together so many different elements and individuals, and you did it with so much energy and poise. You made it possible to bring this complex story to the stage, AND you made it look easy!

To Rahul Dewan, our stage manager, thank you for keeping everything running perfectly smoothly for 5 nights straight, and for keeping us all sane! Not only did you run the tightest of ships, but you did it with more positivity and infectious enthusiasm than we could ever have asked for!

To Cian Doherty, thank you for your amazing work keeping track of countless props and scene changes, battling through illness and catching up with changes without even being phased (and extra special thanks for your coffin assistance!).

To Jane Tuohy, thank you for jumping on board with any and every backstage task to ensure 100% smooth running scenes and transitions, and for bringing such a positive energy to the room at all times!

To Susannah Conroy, our lighting designer and operator, thank you for your endless patience and creativity in bringing the visual aspects of this show to life. You charted out a visual masterpiece, making one of the most intricate aspects of the show run seamlessly!
To Terry Kenny, we cannot put into words how in awe we are every time we look at your poster artwork! We will be admiring the Dracula poster for years to come. Thank you, you are an incredible artist, and a truly cherished No Drammie.

To Malcolm Bolton, our beloved Chair and Dracula’s Producer, you oversaw this whole process with a level of professionalism and approachableness that made the whole cast and crew feel like they were in incredibly safe hands. Thank you for being the glue that holds every one of us together!

To Elaine Carroll, our resident expert and Executive Producer, thank you for taking care of No Drama HQ while most of the committee were wrapped up in the show, and thank you for your continuous guidance and support throughout the process of putting it together. We would be lost without your wisdom!

To Ivan Bolton, thank you for our beautiful headshots, and for being an absolute gent! You were a pleasure to work with, and produced headshots even the most self-conscious of us could be proud of!

To Fionn Fitzpatrick, thank you for your support throughout the show, and your incredible shots of the cast in action! We can’t wait to look back through them and reminisce!

To Dave Curran, thanks for your input throughout every stage of putting together the show, and for organising a hell of an afterparty!

To Martin Casey, beyond being a spectacular performer, you brought us some incredible prop woodwork which added so much to the show! Thank you for sharing your talent with us and for all the extra work you put into bringing the physical aspects of the story to life!

To Lana Camilli and Elaine Carroll, thank you for all the behind the scenes work running PR for the show, and a big thank you to everyone else who spread the word, making this the fastest ever sellout of a Smock Alley performance in No Drama history!

A huge thank you to Smock Alley Theatre for hosting us in their beautiful space. Dracula could not have found a better home than the gothic, regal-looking Boys’ School, which opened up unique possibilities to play with space. It truly added something to the show that would have been impossible anywhere else. Thank you to all the Smock Alley staff who supported us throughout the past week!

And finally, to the cast… Each one of you put on the most beautiful, memorable performance, and you were an absolute pleasure to work with. From the way you tenderly portrayed feelings of romance, familial love, friendship and loss, to the fear you struck into our hearts through your unique interpretations of malevolence, madness, desperation and seduction, to the moments of humour you so effectively delivered. Each one of you put such intense commitment and enthusiasm into this play, and this absolutely shined through this week! So thank you, Liam Murphy, Una Ni Chanainn, Sorcha Herlihy, Ciarán Treanor, Grace Moore, Carl Fitzpatrick, Sarah N, Carla Foley, Andrei Callanan, Sarah Walsh, Martin Casey and Lana Camilli! We can’t wait to see what each one of you does next!

All our love to everyone mentioned above and the countless other people who have supported us over the past few months as we’ve brought this beast of a show together. A heartfelt thank you, from all of us here at No Drama Theatre.

See you for the next one, you fang-tastic people!

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