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‘Perfecting your Performance’ Month, Workshop 3: The Speed Play

Our theme for the month of May is “Perfecting your performance” and this week’s workshop topic is “The Speed Play”.

This week’s workshop will be facilitated by your chair extraordinaire, Malcolm Bolton.

What better way to learn the ins and outs of putting on a show, than a Speed Play!

In this workshop, we’ll be taking a play from inception to performance. (Meaning that we are going to write, cast, direct, rehearse and perform a full 3 act piece in a singular workshop!)

This will most likely be chaotic, and, like a real production, things may not always go to plan…however, this workshop promises to be an opportunity to touch upon the main elements of a production, in a friendly, collaborative environment.

So, whether it’s your first workshop ever, or your 500th, it should be a fun time!

We can’t wait to see what y’all create!

Join us this Tuesday in Bunscoil Sancta Maria, Synge St. Doors 6:45pm, workshop starts at 7pm sharp!

10€ drop-in fee / 25€ per month (both cash and contactless accepted). If it’s your first workshop, it’s on us!

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