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Smock Alley’s Scene + Heard Festival, from 13 February – 3 March, is back. And for the third year in a row, No Drama Theatre is entering a piece!

Last Shindig a uniquely dark and very funny piece stole our audience’s hearts and imaginations: Insomina. For Scene + Heard 2018, this piece will be expanded, and we want you to audition!

Auditions for “Insomnia” will be held on Wednesday the 6th of December at 6 pm in the CBS on Synge Street. Play dates yet to be confirmed by the festival.

„I kind of wish now I had offered him a cashew nut instead of my leap card, just to see if his little squirrel fingers would have gone for it.“
–„I figure you have come up with a solution?“
„I have. Though now I seem to have forgotten what the problem was…“

HER has managed to capture those annoying little voices in her head that keep her up all night and tied them down. What to do next – she has absolutely no idea.

We are looking for TWO people. Preferably, one man and one woman, to embody the irritating voices in the head of character HER and the persona of Insomnia. The director is looking for chemistry between the two actors and tt is important to have a sense of physical comedy.
Any other talent, from beat boxing to tap-dancing, are mostly welcome too!

If you want to audition, please email our director: corinna.reichle at web dot de and she will make sure to send you a copy of the audition script!

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