You are currently viewing ‘Speed Play: Electric Boogaloo’ Workshop – 21 May 2024

‘Speed Play: Electric Boogaloo’ Workshop – 21 May 2024

This week’s workshop will be facilitated by our one and only chairman extraordinaire, Malcolm Bolton!

After a chaotic attempt at a speed play last year, he’s back, with the second instalment: ‘Speed Play: Electric Boogaloo’ (no previous speed play experience required).

What better way to learn the ins and outs of putting on a show, than a speed play?!

In this workshop, we’ll be taking a play from inception to performance (meaning that we are going to write, cast, direct, rehearse and perform a full 3 act piece in a singular workshop!).

This will most likely be chaos, and, like a real production, things may not always go to plan…however, this workshop promises to be an opportunity to touch upon the main elements of a production, in a friendly, collaborative environment.

We can’t wait to see what you all create as a group!

See you on Tuesday, in Bunscoil Sancta Maria, Synge St. Doors 6:45pm, workshop starts at 7pm!

12€ drop-in fee / 30€ per month (both cash and contactless accepted). If it’s your first workshop, it’s on us!

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