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Summer Production Cast Announcement

We are excited to announce the cast of ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’, No Drama’s Summer Production 2024!!

Rosencrantz – Shane Robinson
Guildenstern – Ellen Corby
The Player – Jamie Doyle
Ophelia – Morven Cameron
Polonius – Declan Ryan
Hamlet – Carl Fitzpatrick
Claudius – Maurice Collins
Gertrude – Jane Tuohy
Horatio – Andrei Callanan
Tragedian – Sally Keogh
Tragedian – Jacqueline Carroll
Tragedian – Richard Neville
Tragedian – Gabriela Lima
Tragedian – Oscar Monaghan
Tragedian – Grace Moore
Tragedian – Bronagh Donaghey

Congratulations to all cast members, we can’t wait!!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. The calibre of performance was incredibly impressive as always!

‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’, by Tom Stoppard, will run from Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th June 2024, in Smock Alley Theatre Boys School. Directed by Shivvy Hickey and Assistant Directed by Lana Camilli.

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