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Winter Production 2023: The Memory of Water – Thank You

Last night saw the final run of ‘The Memory of Water’. We’d like to thank everyone who made this production such a success!

Firstly our incredible director, Jacqueline Carroll, who led us all through this project with a great deal of vision and hard work, and inspired the same in the entire cast and crew!

Thank you to our assistant director, Timo Sommer, for your guidance and enthusiasm throughout this process.

To our production manager, Cormac Fitzpatrick, thank you for ensuring everything came together, and all people, props, and plans were in place!

Thank you to our stage manager, Vonnie Durran Jones, for ensuring everything ran smoothly throughout every show and for bringing such enthusiasm to the backstage goings on!

Thank you to our stage assistants, Melissa Benson, Cormac Fitzpatrick, Oscar Monaghan, Donagh Lynch, Kieran Leen and Martic Casey, for all your brilliant work keeping track of props, set, and the general smooth-running of the show!

To our lighting and sound technicians, RC Bates and Theo Dennis, thank you for your usual high standards and creativity in bringing the stage to life through lights and sound.

Thank you to Wayne O’Connor for the gorgeous poster artwork, it’s just so mesmeric and beautiful.

Thank you to our producer, No Drama chair, and the glue that holds us all together, Malcolm Bolton, for keeping things ticking along and jumping into every role as needed!

Thank you to executive producer Andrei Callanan, for ensuring everything is successfully delivered while still allowing the cast and crew room to make this project their own.

Thank you to Fionn Bowes Fitzpatrick for the beautiful cast and crew headshots!

Thank you to Colum McDaid for supporting director Jacqueline in bringing together a gorgeous set, truly adding to the immersiveness of the piece! Thank you also to Sorcha Herlihy for your support with the set! Thank you to Hannah Twomey for your support with prop sourcing!

Thank you to Saorla O’Dowd for the costume design! You have absolutely knocked it out of the park for two productions in a row!

Thank you to Maeve McLoughlin for hosting our production fundraiser quiz!

As always a huge thank you to Smock Alley Theatre for hosting us in their beautiful Boys School space, and to all the Smock Alley staff who supported us throughout the week!

Thank you to the amazing cast. You made us laugh, cry, and everything in between! Thank you Conor Hackett, Dave Curran, Lizzie Gill, Rachel Walshe, Sarah Noll and Una NĂ­ Chanainn.

And last but not least, thank YOU, everyone who came to see ‘The Memory of Water’! You brought open hearts and enthusiasm to every show, and showed us such support throughout the last few weeks and months! You made all the hard work worthwhile!

Huge love to everyone who has supported us in bringing this piece to the stage! It was a pleasure as always!

All our love,
No Drama Theatre

Thanks to Dave McGowan for the fab group photos!

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