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The Father of my Daughter

Escaping grief by taping over your past

Following the suicide of her partner, Eileen struggles to accept her reality. Instead she opts to consume herself with old tapes of the past and the memories of that day. But the truth is creeping in. And Eileen’s daughter, Grace, needs her Mammy to come back home.

Written and Directed by Ciarán Treanor

Cast: Abi Dunne, Andrei Callanan, Greg Freegrove, Helen McGrath, Jane Tuohy

Produced by Andrei Callanan & No Drama Theatre

Artwork by Sara Vidmajer (@saravidmajer)

Show Times: 20:30 , 15th and 16th February, The Boy’s School, Smock Alley Theatre

As part of two show Block paired with ‘Dear Death’ by Siobhán Hickey

Tickets available at the link below

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