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Winter Production Auditions – 17, 18 & 20 September 2023


Audition notice for No Drama Winter Production 2023!!! ❄️

‘The Memory of Water’ by Shelagh Stephenson, directed by Jacqueline Carroll.

The play will run December 5th – 9th, in Smock Alley Boys School!

Audition dates:
Sunday 17th Sept (from 4pm)
Monday 18th Sept (from 6.45pm)
Wednesday 20th Sept (from 6.45pm)

The deadline for applications to audition is Saturday 16th September.


It’s the dead of Winter… the snow is falling heavily outside and ‘The Memory of Water’ by Shelagh Stephenson joins three sisters and their significant others as they reunite and gather in their childhood home in Yorkshire on the eve of their mother’s funeral. It shows how they each deal with her death. They soon revert to their family roles and bicker over their differing remembering of the same events.  As they go through their mother’s things and discuss making the necessary arrangements, feelings are running high, revelations are uncovered and some of the old hurts and resentments rear their heads (sometimes with the help of a little weed or whiskey) and results in each of them being forced to confront their past. And present.

The play explores family relationships, bereavement and of course running through the play constantly is the theme of memory – how each character remembers the same events differently or indeed, not at all. Vi, the mother, suffered from Alzheimer’s in her final days. It’s remarked none of the women are like their mother apart from Mary. However the memory of Vi is like a trace element through the sisters.

This comedic tour de force is about life and loss, identity, disconnection, self-deception, and isolation and of course, love.

There are really meaty roles in this piece and the dialogue is truthful, hilarious and heartbreaking – riches abound for the prospective cast. The play is set in Yorkshire –  if you can do the accent, please do use it in audition.  This is a character piece and demands much of the cast – you will need good comic timing and interpretation, ability to deliver big emotional scenes, go for broke and embrace the ridiculous and make it all feel believable and natural. 

The ages listed are playing ages – the main thing is that there a clear difference between eldest, middle and youngest sister and that partners look age appropriate for each other. These characters are family – their interaction will need to be natural and chemistry is the most important element of the casting.

Teresa – playing age mid – late 40s – the eldest sister who stayed at home and carer to Vi in her illness. She’s steady, the organiser and runs her own business. Strong comedic ability required for this one – she is very drunk in one of the key scenes. 

Frank – playing age mid -late 40s – Teresa’s husband and her business partner. No-nonsense, dependable and solid, supportive to Teresa but can make his point when he wants to. Man of the people type of guy who puts people at ease and gets on with everyone. 

Mary –  late 30s –  the middle sister and lead character. Independent, intelligent and earnest – she’s a respected doctor who lives in the city. Dry and witty. Mary comes to realisations about herself, her relationship with her Mum and Mike and has to make a tough choice.

Mike – playing age  late 30s early 40s – Mary’s boyfriend, also a doctor.  As well as working in the hospital, he’s a celebrity doctor on TV.  Charismatic and charming. Mike is married, he and Mary have been having an affair for 5 years. 

Catherine – playing age early 30s –  the youngest of the three. Wild, non-conformist, childlike. She’s a bit lost and struggles with self-worth.  Strong comedic ability required for this role. Note also:  this character is high for some of the scenes

Vi – playing age 40s – Mother to Teresa, Mary and Catherine. Sexy, glamorous, admits that she prefers the company of men and it’s clear she was never cut out to be a mother. Vi appears only to Mary in the play – in the form of herself when she was a younger woman – she is either a ghost or an extension of Mary’s subconscious.

To register your interest in audition please fill in the form in the link below and I’ll be in touch with audition pieces and date/time of audition. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best of luck all! 


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