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‘Work in Progress’ – 7 & 8 April 2023

After a stint this February in Scene + Heard,’Work in Progress’ is back, as a FULL PRODUCTION!!! 🥳

We’re proud to announce that we’re collaborating with Capitol Theatre Company to bring ‘Work in Progress’ to the stage in its full form this April!!! ❤️

With an imminent deadline fast-approaching, Wilson Reynolds is unable to complete his project for his theatre company, no matter how hard, or how long, he tries. Although his trusted, but somewhat peculiar, friend is sat by his side, the muses just won’t budge and Wilson feels like he’s staring at a blank page. What exactly is it that’s preventing him from completing this work in his small, strange apartment?

‘Work in Progress’ is a two-act-play that explores the subjective experience and the illusion of choice while examining the nature of theatre and raising questions about what it really means to be free.

Cast: Alejandro Niklison, Jane Tuohy, Terry Kenny

7 & 8 April / 8pm /€15
8 April / 3pm matinée / €10


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