Workshop – 13 April 2021

Happy Monday dear friends!

We are back, and let me tell you we are back with a BANG!

I am referring to tomorrows workshop facilitator, the one and only, everyone’s favourite, Mr talent himself: Andrei Callanan.

Andrei has been a member of No Drama for over 2 years and has been involved in many different areas of our fantastic group, from being cast in Shindigs and main productions to staring in many recent radio plays, becoming a vital role in our committee and to most recently booking one of the leading roles in the upcoming production “Seminar”.Is there anything the man cannot do?! The answer is no, no there is not, therefore he will be facilitating his first workshop for us and we cannot wait!! This weeks workshop will be “

Accents: An introduction”

We’ll be diving into accents this time. While a good accent doesn’t automatically mean good performance, a bad accent can ruin a good performance. I’ll take you through some of the theory behind accents and maybe teach you a little bit about linguistics too. Using examples we’ll break down the intricacies of an accent which you can use to begin practising for yourself. We’ll also have a bit of fun with it because why not!

Join us tomorrow at 7 pm on zoom for what will be a fantastic evening. The workshop duration will be 1 hour, from 7 pm-8 pm so please try and arrive in our zoom waiting room a few minutes early and we will be ready to rock!

Links below, see you there 🥳…

Meeting ID: 667 788 2020

Passcode: nodrama

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